In the European football world with

strong players, Ukraine is not the top, even though it reached the quarter finals of the 2006 World Cup. However, during the “World War II”, a “friendly match” with the Nazis was staged in Ukraine, which made the majority of fans remember Ukraine forever. At that time, on a football field in the occupied city of Kiev, the former Soviet football players and the Nazi team had a game full of hatred and danger. If the home team won, they would be greeted by the concentration camp and death??

the football team

in the bakery joined the Soviet Republic of Ukraine at the end of 1941, and Kiev has been in the hands of the German army for more than three months. Football fan josif kordiko saw the famous Soviet goalkeeper Nikolai trasevic in the street. He played for Dynamo Kiev. Kordiko often cheered and applauded his excellent performance in the stands.

cordico found that trasevic had just been released from a German prisoner of war camp. After Kiev fell into the hands of the German army, 630000 Soviets were locked up by the Germans, and trasevic was one of them. Like many Ukrainians, trassevic after his release can only roam the streets. He is slightly relieved that his wife and children of Jewish descent have safely left Kiev and been transferred to relatives’ homes. However, he knew that even if he would not starve or freeze to death, he would be arrested again, sent to Germany as a slave or sent back to the prison camp. After




met cordico, trasevic’s fate took a turn for the better. As the owner of the largest bakery in Kiev, cordico had some privileges. He provided trasevic with a job opportunity. The goalkeeper of Kiev Dinamo football team soon found that he was not the only player in the bakery. Cordico is a sports fan. The war makes it possible for him to summon his heroes.

cordico has always dreamed of organizing a football team. After discovering trasevic, he finally found a chance. When cordico put forward his ideas to trasevic, trasevic immediately showed skepticism, but cordico finally won his support.

trasevic began to look for his old teammates. The first one he found was winger markel gonzalenko. Few of his other teammates still lived in Kiev. Many people went to fight in other cities and several died in concentration camps. Fortunately, cordico found several excellent football players in the bakery.

in the spring of 1942, the Germans decided to establish a football league. At that time, most people in Kiev were starving. The Germans mistakenly believed that hunger could produce obedience, and the fear of death would make the local people accept Germany. The Germans want Ukrainians to believe that living under the rule of the Soviet Union is happier than living in the big family of the Soviet Union. On June 7, the new season began. Cordico immediately formed a team, and he decided to call his football team fcstart (the team name means “Russia” in Russian).

“our colors will not be defeated”

at that time, many members of the start team thought that playing football in the German Football League was tantamount to collaborating with the enemy, but trasevic’s advice convinced them that if they participated in the game, it would bring some joy to the Kiev people. In fact, the decisive factor for them to agree to play football is the football shirt. The football shirt is as red as the flag of the Soviet Union, which was found by trasevic in an abandoned warehouse.

trasevic said: “we don’t have any weapons, but we can fight on the football field and win our victory. We play in the color of our national flag. Those fascists should know that our color will not be defeated.”




start played their first game against Rukh, which was composed of Ukrainian nationalists supporting the German invaders. As a result, start won 7-2. At that time, the team members of start worked hard in the bakery and worked in shifts 24 hours a day, while the team members of Rukh, because they were nationalists, had a fixed job and regular working hours, so they could practice in their spare time. The material conditions of the start team are also very poor. The players have no special football shoes, so they have to wear their usual shoes or boots to play football, which was only found by patchwork.

in the second game, the start team won Hungary 6-2. A few days later, they made persistent efforts and defeated Romania by 11-0. Both teams were jointly formed with the Germans, and each victory greatly boosted the morale of the people of Kiev.

more and more Kiev people gathered to talk about “our team”. At this time, the German government also tried to separate politics from football, but they suddenly realized that the conquered nation had found another exciting point. The extraordinary appeal of the start team inspired the Ukrainians, and the victory on the pitch aroused their national self-esteem.

victory under coercion

in order to prevent the supporters of the start team from coming to watch their game, the authorities decided to levy an admission tax of 5 rubles, which was really a large amount for the Ukrainians at that time, but the supporters of the start team still came to watch, and some people sneaked in when they couldn’t afford tickets. Soon, the start team killed the PGs team composed of the German army 6-0. Within 10 days, they beat another Hungarian team twice.

the Germans founded the football league to entertain people. Unexpectedly, they established a center for the Ukrainians to resist aggression. They can’t shoot these footballers or send them back to prison. At the same time, they believe that the only way to destroy this myth is to let start play a game with Germany, and start must lose.

the” weapon “found by Germany is the flakelf team of the German air force. Their football players are the best players that Germany can find and have the reputation of” invincible in the world “, but the start team defeated the best team in Germany 5-1.

the next day, hundreds of posters appeared on the windows and walls of Kiev stores, telling everyone to reschedule a game on August 9, 1942, with the same big word” revenge “under the word” football “. No one doubted that the Germans were going to win the upcoming game.

When people walked into the stadium, the streets of Kiev were filled with a strange atmosphere. Although they wanted their team to win, they realized that if the Germans lost again, they would not give up. It might not be just a football game. The seats in the stands of the stadium had long been occupied by German soldiers, and Ukrainians had to sit by the lawn The more people gathered, the more confidence people had in winning. Ukrainian folk songs were heard everywhere in the stadium.

before the game, the door of the locker room of the start team was knocked, and a young SS officer came in – I’m the referee, you’re a very good team, but don’t break any rules. Pay tribute to your opponents in our way before the game. The players knew that meant they had to salute their opponents. After the German officer left, there was a commotion among the team members and someone wanted to boycott the game.

start team members still decided to participate in the competition. They lined up into the competition field and stood in front of the front viewing platform, which was full of German dignitaries and protected by the German Nazi SS. The German flakelf team member stamped his heel and stood at attention, stretched out his right arm and shouted “Hi, Hitler!”

the crowd waited to see what the start team members did. They stretched out their arms slowly, but when they were about to reach the highest point, their arms suddenly slapped on their chest and shouted “fitzculturehura!” (meaning “Sports” in Russian), a burst of cheers broke out among the Ukrainian crowd, because “fitzculturhura!” was traditionally shouted before sports were held in the Soviet Union.




the subsequent matches were extremely cruel to the Ukrainians. The Germans kept lifting their feet high, with the soles of their shoes facing up, and kicked the start team members’ legs with the spikes of their soles. They fell to the ground and were injured one after another. The German referee turned a blind eye to any mistakes made by the Germans. Even so, at the end of the first half, the start team took a 3-1 lead. There were cheers in the Ukrainian crowd and began to laugh at the Germans.

at half-time, the second SS officer walked into the locker room of the start team – you played well and impressed us, but you don’t want to win the game. I hope you think about the consequences.

at the beginning of the second half, both teams seemed to be trembling with the progress of the game. German players are afraid of Kiev fans, while Ukrainian players are afraid of German soldiers. In the end, the start team won 5-3. At the end of the game, the players left the court with uneasy hearts.

Nazi retaliation

a week passed and nothing happened. Suddenly one day, the Gestapo broke into the bakery. All the members of start were called out, one at a time. Then they were tied up, stuffed into the car and brought to the Gestapo headquarters. The Germans want them to admit that they are agents or guerrillas, no matter what, as long as it is a reason enough to put them to death.

team members were held in a separate place and interrogated three times a day for a total of three weeks. The time of each “court session” was different. At the same time, the imprisoned team members are often beaten black and blue and hungry. They live in a room with a light on all the time and will be woken up as soon as they go to bed.

all the players resisted except one named Nikola kulokiko. The player’s sister informed the Germans that he was a Soviet intelligence officer and was tortured to death 20 days after he was taken away. The rest of the team was taken to the hilez concentration camp near babiye on the outskirts of Kiev.

after the players arrived at the concentration camp, the environment was worse and the disease was prevalent. The members of the start team are younger and stronger than other prisoners. They did not die of disease, but they are frightened every day. No one can predict whether the disaster will fall on them.

on February 24, 1943, trassevic was shot and killed together with two other players and some other prisoners. The Germans will not kill the players together, but one by one, which is their usual way of revenge. In the end, most of the players of Kiev team were slaughtered by the German army and Gestapo successively because they violated the German pre match instructions. In 1981, the tragic story was adapted into the film “the great escape”, starring Hollywood star Stallone and star Bailey, which reproduced the bloody history of that period. (source: Beijing Youth Daily, March 15, 2001)

link: Swiss team PK “German Austrian coalition army”

on March 12, 1938, Nazi Germany annexed Austria. The German and Austrian heads of state have three months to join the German and Austrian World Cup, and only the German and Austrian heads of state have decided to join the German and Austrian World Cup. The move was strongly opposed by Austrian players and denounced by the international football community, but Hitler ignored it and went his own way.

on April 3, the Austrian team and the German team staged a “fraternal friendly” in ViennaMatthias sindera, the “football” of blood, disobeyed the Nazi order that they were not allowed to win and scored a goal to beat Germany 1-0. Then he refused to represent Germany in the World Cup held in France that year. A year later, sindra was found dead in her apartment. At that time, it was widely rumored that he was assassinated because of the German invasion of Austria. The police denied this and thought that he turned on the gas to commit suicide.

on June 4, the Swiss team and the “Aude coalition” met in the 18th finals of the Third World Cup. Under coercion, eight Austrian players wore clothes printed with fascist words and entered the competition venue in the sound of the German national anthem. “Austrian German allied forces” combined the exquisite footwork of Germany and the dexterous skills of Austria, and drew 1-1 with Switzerland after overtime. Subsequently, the “Austrian German coalition” played a semi-finals with Switzerland. Due to the negative combat of Austrian players, the “Austrian German coalition” could not play together at all. In the end, the Swiss team convincingly defeated the so-called powerful “Aude coalition” 4-2. This immediately made headlines. The whole city of Paris celebrated the Swiss team. At that time, public opinion generally believed that it was a symbol of victory over the fascist dictatorship with football.