said that

took posters about Kim Jong Un in North Korea last year and published the photos on the website of civil society organizations organized by overseas Koreans. The poster reads the words


of “the glory of our nation who enjoys the blessing of generals and generals, and the young general Kim Jong Un who inherits the blood of wanjingtai and Baitoushan”. The photos of Kim Jong Un at all ages spread all over the world, but no one can confirm which photo is really Kim Jong Un. Our newspaper’s data picture

□ our reporter Qin Xuan’s

■ Korean street poster, with the words “Comrade Kim Jong Un, a young general who inherits the blood of wanjingtai and Baitoushan”.

■ the song “footsteps” praising Kim Jong Un was written to him by his father Kim Jong Il when he was 9 years old.

■ Party organizations at all levels are required to actively carry out the “loyalty song rally” starting with the chorus of “footsteps” on the occasion of Kim Jong Un’s birthday.

when Kim Jong Il visited China last month, the media all over the world were concerned about whether he would go with his third son Kim Jong Un. A meeting of representatives of the North Korean workers’ party will be held early this month. It is speculated that Kim Jong Un may get a political post at this meeting and embark on the road of Kim Jong Il’s successor, just as Kim Jong Il embarked on the road of Kim Il Sung’s successor.

Kim Jong Il is nearly 70 years old. Rumors about his poor health have been going on for three years. The generals around Kim Jong Il are generally over 76 years old. North Korea’s political institutions urgently need new parts, and it is urgent to train successors in North Korea.

“inherit Wan Jingtai blood and Baitoushan blood”

according to South Korean intelligence agencies, the name of Kim Jong Il’s third son is Kim Jong Un. Kenji Fujimoto, a Japanese chef who cooked for Kim Jong Il, said his name was Kim Jong Un. At present, the international media generally believe that the more accurate version of his name is Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is a post-80s generation, but the specific birth year is unknown. American military scholar Andrew Schobel thinks he was born in 1983, which is the same as that of Japan’s NHK TV station, but some media say he was born in 1982 or 1984. His birthday is undisputed and is usually recognized as January 8.

although the debate over who will inherit the power of Kim Jong Il’s three sons has been inconclusive for several years. But since last year, there have been more and more rumors about Kim Jong Un’s succession.

at present, the strongest evidence to support this is a North Korean poster. Last year, a photographer surnamed Huang photographed a poster about Kim Jong Un in North Korea and published the photo on the website of dailynk, a civil society group organized by overseas Koreans. The poster reads “the glory of our nation, who enjoys the blessing of general and general, and the young general Comrade Kim Jong Un, who inherits the blood of wanjingtai and Baitoushan”, as well as the lyrics of the song “footsteps”, which is speculated to promote Kim Jong Un.

but in North Korea, the leader’s family has always been a topic that ordinary people avoid. Che douxuan, head of the North Korea Research Office of the South Korean National Defense Research Institute, told reporters at Nanfang Weekend that many North Koreans do not know Kim Jong Un at all.

according to the official political theory of North Korea: the Kim Il Sung family is the revolutionary family of North Korea and has the blood of the supreme leader. In the biography of Kim Jong Il published by Pyongyang in 2001, it is mentioned that Kim Jong Il’s family, from his high grandfather and great grandfather to his grandfather Kim Heng Ji, his grandmother Kang Panshi, his little grandfather Kim Heng Quan, his uncle Kim Zhezhu, his uncles Kim ki Joon and Kim ki sung, fought against foreign invaders, for the independence of the motherland and the freedom and liberation of the people.

the biography of Kim Jong Il also mentioned that Kim Jong Il was the son of the guerrillas who inherited the blood of this revolutionary family. However, the biography only records Kim Jong Il’s revolutionary history, without any information about his personal family.

Kim Jong Il’s adopted daughter, Li Nanyu, now lives in South Korea. In an interview with US media, she said that Kim Jong Il has always wanted his private life to be far from public view.




over the years, the outside world has learned that Kim Jong Il has had children with at least three women: Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son with Cheng Huilin; And Gao Yingji gave birth to two sons Zhengzhe, Zhengen and an unknown daughter; Kim Young Sook gave birth to Kim Jong Il’s daughter Kim Xuesong.

Kim Jong Il’s eldest son, Kim Jong Nam, was born in 1971. A few years ago, Kim Jong Nam was considered a popular candidate for Kim Jong Il’s successor. In 2001, Kim Jong Nam was exposed to enter Japan with a fake passport. The scandal is believed to have directly prevented him from becoming an heir.

Kim Jong Un’s second brother, Kim Jong Il, was born in 1981. The two brothers are similar in age. In March last year, Swiss media revealed that Kim Jong Un studied under the pseudonym of “Park zhe” at Bern International College, Switzerland, with a companion. But then it was said that this person was called Kim Jong Il.

“enterprising spirit”: the only visual description of Kim Jong Un

last June, the Japanese media disclosed a video of Kim Jong Un’s suspected participation in extracurricular activities in Switzerland, which was shot in February 1998.

according to Kenji Fujimoto, the only Japanese chef who has seen the Kim brothers, after watching the video, he confirmed that this is general Kim Jong Un. “I still remember the way he looked with his eyes wide open. The probability is 99.9%.” Fujimoto said.

Fujimoto himself released the head picture of young Kim Jong Un. This photo is still considered to be the most reliable photo of Kim Jong Un.

in April this year, a picture of Kim Jong Il’s inspection of jince iron and steel plant spread widely. On the left side of the photo, there is a young man who is slightly fat and looks similar to young Kim Jong Il. This was once considered to be the first public photo of Kim Jong Un in North Korea. But then, some netizens took photos of Kim Jong Il’s previous visit to the factoryThe film comparison found that the young man was only a senior official of the factory.

at present, the only visual description of Kim Jong Il and Zhengen brothers is still only from Fujimoto. In Fujimoto’s memoirs, Kim Jong Un is more enterprising than Kim Jong Il, especially on the basketball court. He called Kim Jong Un a “Little Prince” and Kim Jong Il was like a little girl.

according to South Korea’s “Chosun Ilbo”, North Korean officials began to publicize the song “footsteps” praising Kim Jong Un last year. Fujimoto said that Kim Jong Il wrote this song for Kim Jong Un when he was 9 years old. The lyrics of




write: “we, Kim Jong Il, will follow the powerful footsteps and inherit the great cause of February…” Kim Jong Il’s birthday is February 16, so the “Kim Jong Il” in the song should refer to Kim Jong Un.

in the past year, the media of South Korea, Japan and other countries reported that in addition to the “general”, Kim Jong Un has won the titles of “young general” and “star general”.

according to dailynk, at the beginning of this year, various places in North Korea conveyed the “instructions on the deeper commemoration of Comrade Kim Jong Un’s birthday” issued by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Korean workers’ party. The instructions of




mentioned that January 8 is the birthday of Comrade Kim Jong Un, the “eternal future”, which should be “formalized”. At the same time, the instructions stressed that Kim Jong Un is “another mentor who has completely inherited the blood of Baitoushan”, organized learning and lectures on Kim Jong Un’s greatness, loyalty to Kim Jong Il and excellent leadership, and required Party organizations at all levels to actively carry out the “loyalty song rally” starting with the chorus of “footsteps” on Kim Jong Un’s birthday.

at the end of August, Kim Jong Il mentioned that the DPRK China Friendship “passed down from generation to generation” in his speech during his second visit to China this year. “This may happen,” Cui Chunqin, a senior researcher at the Korean Unification Research Institute, said in an interview with this newspaper Zhang Liangui, a scholar at the Central Party school, also analyzed to our reporter that Kim Jong Il visited the places where Kim Il Sung fought and studied in China, and did not rule out the possibility that he took his son to pursue the revolutionary deeds of his ancestors.

however, at the press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs, spokesman Jiang Yu replied that “Kim Jong Un is not on the list invited by China”.

in the history of China DPRK relations, Kim Jong Il, as the successor of the Korean regime, met with Chinese leaders for the first time in 1982. Kim Il Sung and his son greeted Kim Il Sung at the railway station during his visit to North Korea. At that time, it was nearly 10 years since Kim Jong Il officially stepped on the political stage of North Korea.




researcher Cui Chunqin, two possible important assistants of




, analyzed to our reporter that Kim Jong Un may be elected as a member of the Central Committee, a cadre of the propaganda department or the organization department at the upcoming Korean workers’ Party Congress. “Just like Kim Jong Il.”.

at the Eighth Plenary Session of the Fifth Central Committee of the Korean workers’ Party in 1974, Kim Jong Il was elected as Kim Il Sung’s successor.

in fact, since Kim Jong Il entered the core of power, the large-scale organizational life of the Korean workers’ Party has rarely been carried out. The Party Congress is the first large-scale party member meeting since the Sixth National Congress of the Korean workers’ Party in 1980.

according to North Korean law, the Central Committee decides whether, when and how to hold the party representative meeting. At the beginning of June, the North Korean cabinet made a major adjustment. Prime Minister Kim Young Il was replaced and Choi Ying Lin succeeded; In addition, Zhang Chengze was nominated by Kim Jong Il as vice chairman of the National Defense Commission. Then, at the end of June, North Korea announced that it would hold a labor party representative meeting in early September.

according to Zhang Liangui, Zhang Chengze, 64, will become an important assistant to the next generation of leadership core in North Korea. Zhang Chengze himself is Kim Jong Il’s brother-in-law. South Korean scholar Cui Chunqin said that Zhang Chengze is willing to open up and support economic reform, so he is more vulnerable to the support of the international community. At the same time, another important assistant of the “spekds” and “spekds” of the North Korean military will also be introduced by the “spekds” and “spekds” of the North Korean military.

in July this year, North Korea held a central report meeting on the 100th anniversary of the birth of revolutionary comrade Wu Zhongcha. Wu Zhongcha is Wu Kelie’s father. At the report meeting, another member of the National Defense Commission and the first deputy director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean people’s army, Kim Jong Il, made a report. In the report, Kim Jong Il mentioned that Kim Jong Il regarded Comrade Wu zhongqia as his revolutionary predecessor and respected Comrade Wu zhongqia’s heroic life.

, while Wu Kelie was appointed Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission in February last year. Previously, Wu Kelie served as director of the operations department of the Central Committee of the Korean workers’ party. According to a report of the intelligence committee of the South Korean parliament in 2006, senior general Wu Kelei has independent military command and can mobilize well-equipped elite troops, so he is considered to be a person who may play a key role.

the DPRK law stipulates that the National Defense Commission is the highest military leading organ of the country, and the chairman of the National Defense Commission is the supreme commander of the national armed forces. As North Korea pursues the political proposition of pre military politics, the National Defense Commission has become the core Department of domestic politics.

according to the RAND Corporation report “power change in North Korea”, in the 1970s, Kim Jong Il organized a “youth team” of 40000 people as his own support force. Zhang Liangui said that if Kim Jong Un is announced as his successor, he may also have to face checks and balances with other people in power.

Che douxuan, a researcher at the Korean National Defense Research Institute, said that North Korea has put forward the grand goal of becoming a powerful country in 2012. This means that the situation at home and abroad in North Korea will change in 2012. If Kim Jong Un can succeed smoothly, there is not much time left for him to adjust North Korea’s internal affairs.