Kim Il Sung is the leader. He has all kinds of magical powers. If he comes near the non war zone and the armistice zone of the 38th degree line, there will be heavy fog, which makes the US military unable to aim at him. Sometimes there are storms on the sea. As soon as he appears, the waves will stop and be very calm. Even now he died. At that time, there was a film in North Korea, which told that if the people all over the country continued to cry and mourn, and the mourning was sincere enough, he would come back.

on December 24, 2010, the following is the transcript:

Liang Wendao: I once saw a documentary about an international medical organization that specializes in treating patients’ eyes. Some ophthalmologists voluntarily went to North Korea to help local patients, because local medical support technology is relatively lacking, Then the documentary filmed these foreign doctors working together to cure a series of patients. Then one day, a ceremony was arranged for them to open the gauze on their eyes at the same time to see if their eyesight had recovered. As a result, more than a dozen patients recovered their eyesight. It was a very touching scene. But something strange happened. After these patients found that their eyesight had recovered, they really felt very moved and cried bitterly. However, what they did was not to thank the foreign doctors in front of them, but to rush to the school auditorium to cry bitterly in front of the portrait of Kim Il Sung and the photo of Kim Jong Il, saying thank our father, Thank you, our dear leader, for making our eyes better. This situation is a bit like a believer who is treated by a doctor. After his disease is cured, he doesn’t thank the doctor, but thanks the Lord. What’s the matter? Are these people really crying or fake crying, really moved or fake moved, really grateful or fake grateful?

today we introduce a book to you, which may give us some answers. This book is called nothing to envy. The author is Barbara Demick, a senior foreign journalist based in the Korean Peninsula. This book has been widely praised since its publication in 2009. Why? This is because this book rarely touches the daily life of the North Korean people in Western publications. He tells about six North Koreans who have lived under North Korea for more than ten years and all kinds of experiences in their lives. In order to answer the questions I raised at the beginning, I would like to introduce to you a very important day mentioned in one chapter. History should remember that this is July 9, 1994. Why? Because Kim Il Sung died on this day, and Kim Il Sung’s death is a historical coordinate in the eyes of many North Koreans, as if the economic life of the whole society can start from there. How to say? That is, almost every one of them can clearly remember the moment. When you heard this sad news, what was the state of your first immediate reaction?

for example, it is mentioned here that there was a Mrs. song who cried at that time. How can we live? Is it over? Can we live without our Marshal? She said so. But this sentence sounds like a momentary excitement, but it also has some practical basis. Why? In fact, looking back on that year, peace on the Korean Peninsula was called the dawn of the way out. At this time, it was unfortunate that Kim Il Sung died, and just after Kim Il Sung’s death, North Korea’s economic crisis became more profound, and the shortage of food and energy became more serious. So when many North Koreans look back, they really feel that it was a good time when the old marshal was there. At that time, our socialism was really strong. Indeed, in the 1960s, North Korea’s economic GDP was better than that of South Korea at that time.

we just talked about how people at that time were excited to commemorate their dear commander and their dear father. Maybe you will think whether it was because they were brainwashed too much? For example, there is a song sung by North Koreans from childhood to metropolis. This is a very famous children’s song. The title of this children’s song is “we have nothing to envy the world above”. This is the English translation. It happens to be the name of our book, that is, we don’t envy anything in the world. Why? Its lyrics are like this: our father, we have nothing to envy in the world, our house is in the embrace of the workers’ party, and we are all brothers and sisters. Even if the sea of fire comes towards us, our sweet children still need not be afraid. Our father is here, and we have nothing to fear or envy in the world.

their education is also very interesting. For example, it says how to give the math problems in primary school and the math problems in grade 2 of primary school, including such problems. Eight little boys and nine little girls are singing in praise of Kim Il Sung. How many children are singing in total? A girl was working as a messenger. As a messenger of the patriotic army, she was going to run to the occupied area of Japan. A message she brought included five apples, but he was stopped by a Japanese soldier who stole two apples from him. How many apples did the little girl have left? Three soldiers came out of the Korean people’s army and killed 30 American soldiers. How many American soldiers were killed by each of them? The questions are all such questions. I’ll give you political education from mathematics. This education can be said to be quite complete.

but this thing doesn’t count. We went back to the scene on July 9, 1994. From that day on, North Korea arranged ten days of mourning. This ten days of mourning, one of our characters, this is an alias. He was teaching in a kindergarten at that time. He went to the square to mourn the dear Marshal twice a day, Why go twice? One is to take his students, the other is to go with his colleagues, because those ten days of mourning are allPeople have to go to these assembly places again. Why go to the assembly places? Everyone has to cry, and this crying scene is observed by someone. For example, see how you cry and how your tears flow? If you behave suspiciously, it’s very dangerous. Then he cries twice a day. Even if he is sad, he feels that after ten days, he cries twice a day and 20 times a day. He cries so painfully on the ground, as if he’s a little uncomfortable. Then he notices that he’s taking a child, who is only five years old and is crying like a horse on his back, He was very moved. Later, he chatted with the child. It seems that you are really sad. Who knows that the child is also innocent. He said that my mother told me that if you don’t cry at this time, it must be a bad person, so I must cry well.




also describe the crying reaction of several other people at that time, but you must not think that this is pure hypocrisy, that is, being grateful by the leader is a hypocritical thing. It is not hypocritical at all. Why? Because it also contains a lot of real religious feelings. We know that there are various legends in North Korea. For example, when it comes to Marshal Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Il Sung, he has all kinds of magical powers. If he comes near the non war zone and the armistice zone of the 38th degree line, there will be heavy fog, which makes it impossible for the US military to aim at him, Sometimes there is a storm on the sea. As soon as he appears, the wave will stop and be very calm. Even now he died. At that time, there was a film in North Korea, which told that if the people all over the country continued to cry and mourn, and the mourning was sincere enough, he would come back.