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is taken from “looking for the German soldiers in World War II”. Author: Zhu Weiyi Publishing House: Tongxin Publishing House

. When it comes to war, haustman has a very simple nostalgic mentality. He said: “the right and wrong of history are very clear, and I don’t want to repeat the summary of others. I look back on that life because it left an indelible memory for me all my life. I am afraid of heights but not afraid of hanging in the air. Standing on the roof, I will be afraid, but I am relaxed and happy when flying in the vast blue sky.

Mr. haustman of Huashan city said when introducing himself: “my birthday is very easy to remember. You just need to remember 2211. I was born on January 1, 1922.” I asked him, “do you know the date of Marx’s birth?” He said he only remembered the early 19th century. I said, “many Chinese remember his birthday. What if a child doesn’t cry when he is born?” The old man said, “give him two slaps on the ass.” I said, “by the way, it’s called ‘slap, slap, whine and cry’ in Chinese. Old Ma’s birthday is May 5, 1818.” The old man laughed heartily. He asked me why the Chinese believed in Marx so much. I explained it according to the most classic Chinese saying, and then told him that Chinese revolutionaries used to call Marx their ancestor and were often willing to say that their death was to see Marx. His words made him more and more confused, and he muttered: “Marx’s books were written for western workers. As a result, he was forgotten by western workers, but he was regarded as a mentor by Chinese farmers. I don’t understand, I don’t understand…

I was driven to his house by haustman. His home is located in a residential area in the hilly area outside the city, with an elegant and quiet environment. The small building on the second floor is not big, but it has a unique shape and is renovated. Although it is the Spring Festival in China, the grass in the courtyard is green and trimmed like a carpet. Obviously, what lives here is an old couple who pays attention to the taste of life.

like the families of many veterans, this small building once accommodated a lively and warm big family. But now he and his wife are alone. The children moved away one by one after they got married, and they are old. Perhaps it was the lack of waves in life that was too dull. Haustman was excited to hold a Veterans’ Symposium in Huashan city. He also wrote down his war resume on a typewriter and brought it to the symposium in advance. “When people get old, memories become the main content of life,” he said

our topic changed from birthday to Marx, from Marx to Jews, from Jews to anti Semitism and “World War II”, and finally to our topic. “Although I’m a pilot, I’m afraid of heights. I’m even afraid to stand on a ladder and change a light bulb,” said haustman, who once worked in the air force

I asked him, “how can you do the air force?”

he said: “that’s two different things. Although I’m afraid of climbing on the ground, I’m not afraid of how high I fly once I get off the ground.

“I volunteered to join the air force in 1940. First I went to Vienna for intensive training, and then I went to the air force school in Dresden. After graduation, I was incorporated into the 8th squadron of the 30th flight brigade of the air force as a bomber pilot and stationed at the airport in the coastal area of Italy, about 80 kilometers north of Rome. My first battle was from Sicily to North Africa Led the British Expeditionary Force.

“in many bombing operations, I escaped from the enemy’s anti-aircraft fire net again and again and threw the bomb at the predetermined ground target. My plane was shot down twice, but I parachuted twice to escape. After retirement, I wrote down my most impressive combat experiences in words and named them” my war experience ” 。 But… There are few readers. I have one son and one daughter, two grandchildren, two grandsons and one great grandson. Except for the daughter who is a teacher, other children have no interest in this kind of writing full of military terms and no legend. So, this is my memoir for myself. ”

I read his war memoirs. The content is really boring. The records of each action are nothing more than when to assemble and take off, how to fly in formation, how to avoid the enemy’s searchlight beam and throw the bomb to the ground, and how to return safely. When I came back, I found how much sweat was in my flight suit.

he seems to have guessed how I feel, Take the initiative to explain: “The bomber pilot’s combat experience is like this. He can’t see the enemy. He can see the earth, fire and searchlight. He can’t fight with his opponent like the army. Some young people who like the excitement of war always want to hear me talk about the situation of the bomber when it encounters the enemy fighter aircraft coming to intercept, and also want to know the cabin after the bomber is hit by ground artillery What is the situation. But these people do not know that there are few bomber pilots who can tell them about their personal experience, because most of them are afraid to die if they encounter this situation.

“For example, you must know that Eagle day was on August 13, 1940. On that day, Goering wanted to completely defeat the RAF and dispatched 1500 aircraft. According to the practice that each bomber in Germany was escorted by two fighter planes, there were about 500 bombers, and 110 were killed by the RAF that day. In two weeks, the RAF was not defeated, but we were one A total of 167 bombers were lost, including more than 40 dive bombers. Stupid Goering, he wants to dominate the sky in Europe, but he doesn’t prepare the best air force equipment. The self-defense capability of our bombers is too poor. There are only a few machine guns that can rotate freely. It is impossible to repel the attack of enemy fighters.

“our Junker 88 crew consists of four people. I am a pilot and captain; there is also a navigator who is responsible for calculating and monitoring the flight route; a radio transceiver who is responsible for communication and enemy aircraft observation; the other is