more than 30 years ago, a 7000 page secret Pentagon document on the truth of the Vietnam War was exposed, causing a wave of anti war in the United States, forcing the U.S. government to completely end the Vietnam War and withdraw the last soldier stationed in Vietnam.

in 1971, Daniel Elsberg successfully leaked more than 7000 pages of inside documents about the truth of the Vietnam War from the Pentagon to the New York Times, which led to a nationwide wave of anti war and forced the US government to completely end the Vietnam War; More than 30 years later, Elsberg, now 71, was interviewed by British journalist duccan Campbell at his home in Berkeley, California. The “government traitor” who was almost sentenced to 115 years’ imprisonment by the Nixon Administration told reporters how he obtained top secret documents about the US government’s Vietnam war lies that year, How to expose it and how it was framed by the US government. His disclosure of confidential documents ended the Vietnam War. Elsberg’s “disclosure” in that year directly led to the complete end of the Vietnam War. He called on the officials of the Bush administration to bravely stand up and do the same thing as he did in that year and expose the lies of the Bush administration. He believes that one person’s sacrifice may prevent the whole war against Iraq and save the lives of many American soldiers. It’s a sunny day in Berkeley, California. More than 30 years ago, a 7000 page secret Pentagon document on the truth of the Vietnam War was exposed, causing a wave of anti war in the United States, forcing the U.S. government to completely end the Vietnam War and withdraw the last soldier stationed in Vietnam. The person who risked his life to publish these secret documents was Daniel Elsberg, 71, a former commander of the US Marine Corps, who served on the front line of the Vietnam War. After returning home, due to his personal understanding of the Vietnam War, he was employed as a military analyst of the famous American military analysis organization “Rand Corporation”, which was specialized in analyzing the situation of the Vietnam War for the US Department of defense and the US State Department at that time. As one of the senior analysts, Elsberg learned a large number of top secret documents of the US Department of defense through the company. He was shocked by the truth of the Vietnam War described in these documents. The documents revealed how senior officials of the former government pulled the American public to the war step by step for political achievements and personal interests, It reveals the fact that the Vietnam War killed 1 million Vietnamese and 55000 American soldiers. The document also reveals how the successor Nixon Administration continued to deceive the American public and cover up the truth of the war. As a Vietnam War witness who had lived and died under the front-line artillery fire, Elsberg was angry when he remembered those young comrades who had died in foreign lands, and his conscience prompted him to publish all the inside information. He began secretly photographing these Pentagon documents. When more than 7000 pages of top secret documents were photocopied, he began to contact some U.S. congressmen to try to persuade them to publish these documents in Congress, so as to warn the government. However, his effort obviously failed. After seeing these documents, those congressmen threw them away like hot potato, and Elsberg was wanted by the FBI since then. In desperation, he handed the photocopies of these top secret documents to the New York Times, the most daring newspaper in the United States. In June 1971, the new york times did not live up to its high expectations and published the top secret documents in full. After the publication of the top secret file of the Vietnam War, it immediately caused an uproar in the United States and led to the tide of anti war in the United States. The Nixon administration was even more angry, and the FBI began a big hunt for Ellsberg, which was called “the FBI’s largest hunt since Lindbergh’s kidnapping”. Ellsberg was arrested in late June 1971 and charged with 12 felonies by a US court, facing 115 years in prison.

presidential tapes such as “Mafia dialogue” in Ellsberg’s autobiography “secret”, Ellsberg revealed how then US President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger tried to stink his name through the media. Ironically, Kissinger was one of the people who most admired Elsberg’s military analytical mind. In 1968, he said to others at Rand: “I got more knowledge about Vietnam from Elsberg than from anyone else.” Elsberg’s background at Harvard University has increased this trust. However, Kissinger never expected that it was this highly trusted think tank that stabbed them in the back. A declassified tape about Nixon’s request to “punish” Elsberg sounds almost suspicious. It’s a conversation between a group of “Mafia members”. Nixon’s voice said, “let’s put this son of a bitch in prison.” “We’ve got him,” kisinger said Nixon continued, “don’t worry about his trial… We’ll try him with the news media and kill him with the media… Understand?” Kissinger and Attorney General John Mitchell said in unison, “I see.” Finally, they agreed to tell the media that Elsberg was a playboy raised by women. Nixon’s “revenge action” Nixon can be said to have carried out a series of crazy revenge actions against Elsberg, including sending his men to secretly sneak into Elsberg’s psychologist’s office to see if he can find a “private recording” about Elsberg, and then publish it to the public to discredit his reputation. It’s best to force Elsberg to commit suicide in disgrace. It was Gordon riddy and Howard hunt who performed the main tasks in the notorious Watergate incident. At the same time, Nixon summoned a group of thugs to try to break Elsberg’s legs, and Elsberg’s phone was tapped. During the trial of Elsberg in 1973, the judge in charge of the case won the post of director of the FBI, which he coveted for a long time. However, man’s calculation was not as good as heaven’s. Nixon miscalculated the whole calculation. With the “Watergate” soon