Section V “Palestinian Israeli sacrifice” – Introduction to

of Beirut Massacre

Beirut – the beautiful capital of Lebanon, located on the west coast of Lebanon and the largest seaport on the east coast of the Mediterranean, has long been the gateway of Central West Asia and the center of Commerce, transportation, finance and cultural publishing in the Middle East. Facing the eastern Gulf of the Mediterranean with green waves and white sand, water and sky, and backed by the towering and undulating Lebanese mountains, it is a beautiful coastal city. There are many restaurants with national characteristics and Mahara Street comparable to the Champs Elysees in Paris. However, such a beautiful place had a tragic accident that shocked China and the world in 1982. “Spkds” “spekds” “spkds” “spkds” “spekds” “spkds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekds” “spekd. Palestine is located in the west of Asia and the east coast of the Mediterranean, covering an area of about 26000 square kilometers. It is the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa, and has extremely important strategic value. In this extremely important and narrow region, the Jewish nation and the Arab nation have been in conflict for a long time. As the Palestinian region occupies a sacred and irreplaceable position in the religions of both Palestinian and Israeli peoples, the issue of sovereignty and land ownership in the region has become the core of the debate between the two sides and the root cause of the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

Islam and Judaism originated in Palestine. The two religions have become an important part of the historical development of the Arab and Jewish peoples respectively. There are great differences between the two religions in religious belief, religious etiquette, organizational system, lifestyle and so on. There are constant conflicts and even wars between the two sides. After the rise of the Zionist movement, the historical resentment between Islam and Judaism broke out in Palestine and continued for a long time.

the conflict between Palestine and Israel was initially launched in the form of conflict between Arab countries and Israel. On May 15, 1948, the day after the establishment of the state of Israel was announced, Arab countries launched the first 14 month Middle East war against Israel, namely the Palestinian war. Since then, large-scale wars have broken out four times. Through the war, Israel rapidly strengthened its military strength, occupied the whole territory of Palestine and a large area of land in Arab countries, and led to a large number of refugees in Palestine.

in the long process of Palestinian Israeli conflict, Arab political organizations aimed at opposing Israel have gradually developed and expanded. In 1964, Arab forces opposed to Israel in the Palestinian region jointly established the Palestine Liberation Organization, with Arafat as chairman. The ultimate goal of the organization is to completely liberate the whole of Palestine from Zionist occupation and establish a democratic Palestinian state without religious and racial discrimination. At the beginning of its establishment, the Palestine Liberation Organization insisted that armed struggle was the only way to liberate Palestine, and has long pursued the “three noes” policy, that is, no recognition of Israel, no reconciliation and no negotiation, with the purpose of armed elimination of Israel. On November 15, 1988, according to the principle of “divided governance” 40 years ago, the Palestine Liberation Organization issued the declaration of independence, announcing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. In April 1989, Arafat was elected president of the state of Palestine, which was recognized by the vast majority of countries in the world. Since then, the Palestinian Israeli conflict has intensified.

darkness came

at 4:10 p.m. on September 14, 1982, an important meeting was being held in the headquarters building of the long gun party in Beirut. Suddenly, with a loud bang, a 200 kg pre placed bomb exploded, and the host of the meeting, young Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel, fell in a pool of blood.

as early as June 1982, that is, three months before the explosion, Israel launched a large-scale armed invasion of Lebanon, occupied 13 of its territory, and heavily besieged Beirut. At the same time, a mysterious plan was formed in the Israeli cabinet, and the Palestinians in Beirut were the target of the plan. At that time, the Palestine Liberation Organization in Beirut will withdraw in August, but there are still more than 2000 guerrilla fighters left. For the Israeli government, these people will undoubtedly pose a serious threat. Removing these residual “fighters” has become their top priority. However, the Israelis were afraid of being condemned by world public opinion, so they made as few public appearances as possible in this operation. Now, the death of the Lebanese president provides them with a “legitimate” opportunity to kill Palestinians living in Beirut refugee camps under the guise of extremists in the Lebanese right-wing militia. Israel also used the pretext of “restoring and maintaining order in Beirut” to search for residual Palestinian guerrilla fighters.

at 2 a.m. the day after the explosion, the Israeli army quickly entered Beirut and surrounded the two Palestinian refugee camps of Shatila and Sabra in the southwest of Beirut. These two areas are overcrowded, full of humble houses, tents, underground holes and underground shelters built for refugees since 1948. Now there are more than 20000 people living here, including 5000 Palestinian refugees, including the remaining guerrilla fighters. These two areas have become a base for Palestinians. Israel was resisted by Palestinians at the beginning of the attack. After learning this, Israeli Defense Minister Sharon, who was in Jerusalem at that time, sent a team of Lebanese right-wing militias into the refugee camp to arrest “Palestinian terrorists”.

on the afternoon of September 15, right-wing extremists in Lebanon began to move trucks from Dongbei one by oneLute headed for the International Airport at the southern end of West Beirut. At the same time, soldiers of major Hadad, another faction split from the Christian spear party earlier, who first allied with Israel, also headed for the airport along the road already controlled by Israel. They set up a headquarters called “operation room” in the airport. Here, the commanders, including the commander of the northern Israeli command and three other senior Israeli officers, as well as the chief of staff of the Lebanese right-wing militia and the head of intelligence, discussed in detail the plan to enter the refugee camp, and finally decided to take “purification” action against the Palestinian refugee camp. Then, according to their plan, the Israeli forces surrounding the refugee camp began to carry out intensive artillery shelling on the refugee camp until an entrance was made at the southern end of the Shatila refugee camp.

at 5 p.m., the Lebanese right-wing extremists gathered with major Hadad’s team, and then they began to advance along the road sign leading to the refugee camp until they gathered at the location of the Kuwaiti embassy, which is just in front of the refugee camp. At this time, Israel’s deployment in the west of Shatila refugee camp has also been completed, and a bloody massacre plan is ready.

bloody massacre

at 6 p.m. that day, a group of right-wing extremists entered from the gap of the refugee camp destroyed during the day and launched a bloody massacre. At the beginning, the Israeli army used artillery as support, and countless dilapidated houses collapsed in the sound of gunfire. Half an hour later, the sound of gunfire began to gradually replace the sound of gunfire. Countless flares were fired into the air, and the whole massacre scene was illuminated as bright as day. One after another, civilians fell into a pool of blood. People cried and cried for help in despair, but they did not get the slightest sympathy from the Israeli soldiers.

the massacred people

the brutal massacre lasted all night. The two refugee camps became large-scale massacres, and the bodies of thousands of men, women, old and young fell on the street. Some people were tied together, then tied to a moving truck and dragged to death. Others had their throats cut off, their heads cut off, their stomachs ripped open, and even doctors and bedridden patients in hospitals were killed. The faces of all the victims showed a painful expression of sudden death.

on the morning of September 17, the massacre continued, the terrorist atmosphere in the refugee camp continued to spread, and groups of refugees ran out of the Gaza hospital and fled north. At this time, the executioners’ attention shifted to another hospital – aka hospital. Four doctors had just come out of the hospital under a white flag, but they could not escape bad luck. A grenade flew face-to-face, and three doctors were killed on the spot. Crazy Israeli soldiers searched for refugees everywhere. They ate snacks and smoked cigarettes while killing for fun.

after destroying most of the Palestinians in the refugee camp, the killers began to cover up their crimes. They drove bulldozers to shuttle between the streets and houses in Shatila. Many more people were crushed to death and killed by collapsed houses in the process. A large number of bodies were piled up at the entrance of the refugee camp, which was also mixed with gravel and broken bricks. At this time, several bulldozers outside the west wall of the refugee camp had dug out a huge grave. Piles of bodies were pushed into the pit and then buried.

the crazy massacre lasted until about 10:30 a.m. on September 18, when almost all the people living in the refugee camp had been killed. The 40 hour Massacre by the Israeli army has hardly encountered any strong resistance, and the death toll is still unable to be accurately counted. According to later speculation, thousands of people have been killed. In addition to the 2000 guerrilla fighters in Israel’s mouth, countless unrelated civilians have become sacrifices to this disaster. After the




massacre, after the news of the




Beirut massacre, the whole world was shocked, and the actions of Israeli expansionists were condemned by people all over the world. On September 25, more than 400000 Israelis held a large-scale demonstration in Tel Aviv, the capital, to denounce the Holocaust. However, in the face of these accusations, the heads of the Israeli government at that time refused to admit it and denied the sophistry in every way. However, some conscientious journalists and Holocaust survivors exposed the truth with the facts they had witnessed. The “evidence” given by Israeli officials in the face of interrogation is also full of loopholes.

former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon

a bloody massacre has passed. In the face of the condemnation of public opinion all over the world and the continuous protests of the broad masses of the Israeli people, the Israeli government was forced to investigate the massacre. However, the result of allowing the murderer to investigate his crime was also obvious. In the following years, the investigation of the massacre did not make substantive progress until it was finally settled.

on June 17, 2001, the BBC suddenly broadcast a documentary, which more truly reflected the situation at that time and claimed that Sharon should be responsible for the inhuman massacre. On the 18th, 28 Holocaust survivors sued Sharon again in Belgium, accusing him of “crimes against humanity and war crimes”. However, it is well known that Sharon later became the Prime Minister of Israel.

“for thousands of years, the resentment is as deep as the sea, and the hatred is difficult to calm. If you want to know the world’s sword robberies, but listen to the sound of slaughtering the door in the middle of the night.” Since ancient times, wars in all aspects of mankind have never stopped. People have been fighting for more territory and wealth. War and human civilization have always been intertwined. While catalyzing and promoting the development and progress of human civilization, it also poses a serious threat to the survival of mankind itself. In endless wars, countless civilians have lost their lives and become sacrifices to the war. However, when we look back after each war, we will find that there will never be a complete victory in the warWar is a disaster for either side.

when the encyclopedia

war crimes mainly refer to violations of the laws or customs of war. The violations mentioned here mainly include murder, maltreatment or exile of civilians in the occupied area for slavery or other purposes, murder or maltreatment of prisoners of war and maritime personnel, killing of hostages, plundering of public and private property, destruction of towns or villages or destruction not based on military necessity.

since the 20th century, many national and political leaders have been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Including 18 Nazis, including former Nazi field marshal Herman Goering and Deputy Rudolph Hess, of whom 11 were sentenced to death; Benito Mussolini, the former leader of the fascist party in Italy and the culprit of the Second World War, was captured by Italian guerrillas on the way to Germany on April 27, 1945. He was executed and exposed in Milan square the next day. Later, he was also convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity; After the Second World War, Hideki Tojo, Kenji toyohara, masuro ITAGAKI and ishigen Matsui of Japan were also found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Court of justice and sentenced to hanging. Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was also hanged at 11 a.m. on December 30, 2006 for more than 10 charges, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.