I will never hug a woman who has the habit of smoking –

Hitler lived completely like a Spartan. He only eats vegetarian food, neither drinks coffee nor drinks strong tea or baijiu. He was convinced that meat, alcohol and nicotine were harmful. When talking, we often return to such a topic and try to make us agree with his disgust. He affirmed that eating meat would make people want to drink, and the absorption of alcohol would stimulate smoking. Such a bad habit would bring another bad result and accelerate the people of the whole country into a terrible and tragic situation. He thought nicotine was more terrible than alcohol and regarded it as a poison. Its harm would not appear until years later.

smoking dulls the mind and constricts the veins. The overall decline of physique is the common ground of all smokers. One day, he joked, “in fact, a good way to destroy the enemy is to give them cigarettes.”

Hitler would be angry if someone dared to oppose his statements, and the unlucky man would no longer be respected. Many times, he said to me seriously, “if one day I see EVA smoking secretly, I will immediately break our relationship.”

Hitler wanted to legalize the ban on smoking after the war. He believes that this will be the most important thing he will do for his people.




for Hitler, money and property were only vague concepts without any practical significance. His only luxury is to carefully decorate the big room with real gobran carpets, ancient paintings, all kinds of valuable furnishings and flowers.

Hitler was a careless and casual person who paid no attention to decoration. He doesn’t have many clothes and is not elegant at all. Fashion means nothing to him. Shoes don’t pinch feet and suits don’t hinder activities. That’s all his requirements. Because he is used to making big and fierce gestures when talking, the sleeves of his coat are cut very wide. He doesn’t like to go to the tailor to try on his clothes. In order to avoid trouble, he always asked people to make three or four suits at a time, cut them in the same way, and the materials are often the same. He doesn’t pay any attention to ties. When he found his favorite tie, he immediately bought half a dozen, all of the same design and color.

during the war, he wore a uniform and tied a pre formed tie, which could be tied at once, so as to reduce the waste of his valuable time. In his early days on stage, he was always seen wearing a khaki windbreaker with a belt and a gray velvet hat. Later, when he was in oberssalzburg, he used to wear a Canadian style windbreaker that was not stiff at all. The color was very dirty gray. He wore a gray military cap with exaggerated black brim, which almost covered half of his face. Guests were often surprised. But Hitler completely ignored the friendly criticism of others. It is said that the brim of the hat can protect his eyes from the annoying sunshine. Every time people around him and close friends suggested that he should dress well, Hitler showed his displeasure and showed his dissatisfaction without disguise. Only clothes that were comfortable made sense to him, and he hated tuxedos for formal ceremonies. He didn’t understand why he had to wear such rigid clothes and shrug his shoulders to meet foreign diplomats. In the face of his pragmatism, even tuxedos will not be favored. Tired of the war, he asked someone to make a double breasted tuxedo, which many people around him immediately followed.

Hitler never wore anything like jewelry or watches. Until the last day, he kept his big gold watch without chain in a pocket on his suit, but this watch almost never passed. He often forgets to wind it up, so he often has to ask his staff or guests about the time. At this time, he was always in a good temper and said sarcastically, “my standard timer stopped again.”

indeed, in his eyes, the function of the table is not like that in most people’s eyes. The watch was replaced by his personal attendant, who woke him up in the morning and reminded him of the main meeting time of the day.

when Hitler slept, the door was always locked. The valet knocked on his door at the agreed time (usually around 11 a.m.) and shouted, “good morning, my Fuhrer! It’s time for you to get up.” At the same time, put the newspaper and morning report in front of the door. Hitler would take them away and go through them quickly. His valet had never seen him undress or dressed in casual clothes.

about noon, Hitler rang the bell for breakfast. In earlier years, his breakfast consisted of a glass of milk and some bread made according to a specific recipe. Later, he only ate apple puree. Finally, he ate sugar boiled fruit made according to a Swiss doctor’s prescription, which was made of milk, oatmeal, apple puree, walnuts, lemons and other things. When he had breakfast, the adjutant would bring him an emergency message to let him know what had happened the night before. Then Hitler made a work plan for the day. During his stay in berghoff, he used to call his staff to report to him in the hall in the morning. Being in that huge room seemed to him a physiological need. As he paced vertically and horizontally, he talked to the people attending the meeting. From time to time, his eyes stayed on the snowy top of the Alps, and the panoramic view of the Alps was framed in a window frame as huge as a shop window.

in such meetings, Hitler often forgot lunch time. The guests waited patiently on the large platform or in their respective rooms. Finally, Hitler finally came. He first said hello to Eva Braun and then to every guest. I’m sorry he was late. In the first years, he only kissed married women, but later, he used to do the same to young girls. Then he greeted the male guests and talked with them in high spirits until the owner of the restaurant