Protecting overseas Americans and the British governor

— the U.S. military invaded Grenada in 1983

on October 25, 1983, the United States dispatched a rapid mobile force composed of land, sea and air force to launch an armed invasion against Grenada, a small island country separated by oceans and almost small, This is the largest military operation of the United States since the end of the Vietnam War, which shocked the world. People can’t help asking why the United States, a superpower in military and economic affairs, would go all out against a small Grenada?

spread out an ordinary world map. You will find a pomegranate like island at the southernmost end of the langxiao Antilles Islands in the Eastern Caribbean of Central America. Its area is not even enough to mark its country name. This is Grenada. It is the gateway from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, facing the Panama Canal in the West. In terms of geographical location, its weight is no less than that of Malacca, Gibraltar and dadanir, the world’s transportation throat. It is actually a magical strategic place.

Grenada was originally a British colony. In 1974, Eric Gehry, an Indian, led the people to get rid of the colonial rule of British and French whites and obtain independence, but it is still a member of the Commonwealth. Therefore, it has always pursued a Pro western and American policy in diplomacy, which aroused the dissatisfaction of Maurice bishop, the leader of the “new gem movement”. On March 13, 1979, bishop successfully launched a coup and established a new government. He served as the Prime Minister of the government. Bishop and his Grenada began to emerge from the closure. He boldly pursued the pro Soviet and Cuban policies and gradually established close relations with the Soviet Union and Cuba. Under the “economic assistance” and “military assistance” of the Soviet Union and Cuba, Georgia established the “people’s revolutionary army” and established a militia team. Cuba sent engineers and construction engineers to build a large modern international airport at the southwest end of the main island, with a runway of 4000 meters. After the airport is completed, large aircraft can be landed. Once it is changed to military, all types of combat aircraft of the Soviet Union and Cuba can be stationed. At that time, the Soviet Union and Cuba will expand their influence in the Caribbean and directly threaten the safety of the US Maritime Traffic Line in the Caribbean.

Grenada raised the American flag

beside the bed, how can others sleep peacefully. Grenada’s political preference for the Soviet Union and Cuba has aroused the suspicion and fear of some pro western countries in the Caribbean and the jealousy of the United States. The United States has always believed that the Caribbean Sea is its “inland sea”, and in particular, it cannot tolerate the situation unfavorable to the United States in the Caribbean Sea. To this end, President Reagan delivered a televised speech on March 23, 1983, “Grenada, a small island at the southern tip of the Caribbean Sea… Is building an airport with a 4000 meter runway… Who is this airport aimed at… Grenada’s rapidly increasing military strength has nothing to do with the threat that a small country with a population of nearly 100000 can imagine… In short, the militarization of Grenada by the Soviet Union and Cuba can only be seen as building a sphere of influence,” he said In order to stabilize the “backyard” and curb the influence of the Soviet Union and Cuba, Reagan repeatedly stated that the United States was ready to take “all necessary actions to teach Grenada a a lesson”.

under the pressure of the United States, Grenada Prime Minister bishop began to adjust his foreign policy and strive to improve relations with western countries while maintaining close relations with the Soviet Union and Cuba. In June 1983, he also went to meet Reagan in person to try to ease bilateral relations. However, his practice was opposed by the pro Soviet hardliners inside, and aroused suspicion between the Soviet Union and Cuba. Under such circumstances, the commander of government forces Austin and Deputy Prime Minister Kold launched a coup on October 13, secretly executed Prime Minister bishop, and put governor Gregg (appointed by the queen of England) skunn under house arrest. The whole country was in chaos. After the coup, hundreds of American students and about 1000 other Americans from the “St. George’s Medical College” on the island fell into the hands of the Grenada people’s revolutionary army, which has actually become hostages. At that time, the United States wanted to rescue these Americans diplomatically. According to five U.S. officials involved in the rescue, military rescue is the only way to safely withdraw Americans from Grenada.

the organization of Eastern Caribbean States held a meeting in Bridgeton on October 21. They were deeply disturbed by Grenada’s establishment of a huge military force far exceeding their own needs with the support of Cuba. The meeting believed that if the situation in Grenada was not stopped, they would be implicated. They want to unite to drive the Cubans out of Grenada, but they don’t have enough confidence in their military strength. So it was unanimously decided to ask the United States to intervene to eliminate the militants in Grenada.




provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the United States, which has always wanted to find an excuse to “teach Grenada a a lesson”. On the 22nd, the planning group of the US National Security Council held a meeting under the chairmanship of George Bush. The meeting discussed and adopted the proposal put forward by Defense Secretary Weinberg to take military strikes against Georgia. At 6 p.m. on October 24, President Reagan signed an order to approve the implementation of the operation plan for invading Grenada. The operation code is “operation rage”.

an American Chinook helicopter was shot down on Ge beach.

the decision to send troops has been made, so it is natural to be famous. After a period of consultation, Reagan made clear three reasons: first, to protect nearly 1000 American overseas Chinese in Grenada; The second is to protect the British governor skunn who is on the island, and skunn has requested the organization of Eastern Caribbean States and the United States to send peacekeeping forces; Third, at the request of six Caribbean countries.

in order to invade Grenada, the United States has long made a series of military preparations. The occurrence of the Grenada coup provided an opportunity for the American invasion and became the fuse of the war for the American invasion of Grenada. The attempt of the United States is to take advantage of the chaotic situation in Grenada and use superior forces to carry out rapid war and make a quick decision, while deterring other Central American countries affected by the Soviet Union and Cuba. In the early morning of October 25, 1900 army commandos and naval land battles