Tragedy or conspiracy? This is the most serious terrorist event in the world in the 21st century, which has brought gray memories and spiritual pain to the American people that can never be eliminated.

This is a gross trampling on human life and modern civilization, and the resulting world shock and global impact can not be eliminated so far.

“9 · 11” incident, an attack that shocked the world and a terrible disaster, who is the culprit of this incident? How many unsolved mysteries are hidden behind the unknown history? When the melodious and desolate bagpipes come, how should people review and reflect on the whole event? 2.

Gemini thriller September 11, 2001.

New York.


As usual, Chen Sijin, Senior Financial Software Analyst of NASDAQ brutecn, came to the unit 15 minutes ahead of working hours.

He works in the North Tower of the twin towers of the world trade center, which is a landmark in New York, symbolizing the glory and dream of the United States.

No less than 50000 people work here every day.

Entering the 80th floor office, Chen Sijin habitually took off his watch and put it on the table.

At this time, the clock pointed to 8:15 Eastern time.

The United Nations building and the Empire State building outside the window form a jungle watered with steel and cement.

Chen Sijin turned on the computer and sent an email.

Then he made himself a cup of coffee and went back to his seat.

At 8:46, a moment for him to remember all his life came.

With an earth shaking noise, Chen Sijin felt like someone pushed him heavily from behind and nearly fell.

What’s going on? Is there an earthquake? At this time, the staff in the building began to panic, and someone shouted: “evacuate quickly!” Chen Sijin didn’t know that just now, a Boeing 767 airliner loaded with fuel hit his upstairs at the speed of 490 miles per hour, tearing a big hole in the middle of the 94th to 98th floors.

The violent impact triggered an explosion, and the fire began to spread upstairs.

Countless broken objects fell from the sky with Mars, and thick smoke came out of the missing part of the building.

The phone and mobile phone couldn’t get out.

Something must have happened, and the elevator was blocked.

The scorching air wave suffocated Chen Sijin.

He walked down the corridor under the guidance of the administrator.

When he fled to the 30th floor, Chen Sijin heard that the plane hit the building.

He thought, maybe it was just a traffic accident.

At 9:02, another loud noise came, and a Boeing 767 crashed directly into the Southern Tower of Gemini at 590 miles per hour.

Part of the wreckage of the plane passed through the East and north sides of the building and fell six blocks away.

Many mutilated bodies flew out of the building, and thick smoke and dust stirred up huge mushroom clouds, shrouding Manhattan.

At 9:59, the 415 meter high 110 storey building collapsed in the eyes of hundreds of millions of viewers around the world with the live broadcast of CNN television.

For a whole hour and a half, Chen Sijin felt like a long century.

After rushing out of the hall on the first floor, he began to run north desperately.

There is a bridge not far from him.

Under the bridge is the highway.

At this time, with a huge roar, the North Tower melted like chocolate.

The black smoke from the huge building was as high as 50 floors, and the flood swallowed up nearby buildings and pedestrians.

At this moment, the frame was fixed at 10:28. 3. Sad “9 · 11” what’s going on? Obviously, it’s definitely not as simple as an air crash.

There is only one explanation for D terrorist attacks! Chen Sijin didn’t know at that time that similar incidents were still being staged at the Pentagon and Congress in Manhattan at the same time of the attack.

At 9:37, a Boeing 757 crashed into the west side of the Pentagon like a white lightning, causing part of the building to collapse and cause a fire, killing 189 people, including 59 passengers and crew.

At 10:03, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed 80 kilometers south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After the hijacking of the black box, the terrorists tried to provide it to Washington.

After learning that the world trade center had taken back the control of the hijackers, the passengers tried to fight bravely with the hijackers and became friends and relatives of the hijackers.

As the situation was too tense, the terrorists crashed the plane into the ground in advance, killing 40 warriors and four terrorists.

According to the terrorists arrested later, the target of the airliner was the White House! At 10:35, the police received a report that there was a bomb in a car parked outside the parliament.

Fortunately, it was found in time and did not cause adverse consequences.

Two hundred million Americans are in a panic never before seen.

The US government declared a state of emergency.

President Bush, who was discussing education in Sarasota, Florida, immediately issued a statement calling it a national tragedy.

He said that the United States is now at a difficult time in history.

He ordered the federal government to mobilize all forces to help the victims and their families, and conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident to find the perpetrators of the crime.

Staff at the United Nations headquarters, the White House and the Pentagon were evacuated quickly, all domestic airports were closed, flights to all parts of the world were cancelled, and trading was stopped on the New York Stock Exchange.

The elaborate suicide terrorist attack killed 2974 people and left thousands missing, including hundreds of firefighters and police.

Six buildings, including the twin towers of the world trade center, were completely destroyed, while 23 other high-rise buildings were damaged to varying degrees.

The damaged area spanned 12 blocks of New York.

A month later, the fire was still burning underground in the world trade center.

Every time a site was cleared, thick smoke would come out.

Six months after the incident, 1.

5 million tons of rubble on the world trade center were cleared, and the direct and indirect losses caused by the attack amounted to hundreds of billions of dollars. 4. Bin Laden’s sins? Who planned and carried out this criminal terrorist attack? Why did they choose September 11 to take action? In 1967, the US president’s law enforcement and Judicial Administration Commission recommended that a unified telephone number be set up throughout the country so that people can report emergencies in time.

In this way, the 911 alarm telephone was born.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon broke ground on September 11, 1941The air defense command has the time and is fully capable of mobilizing the US air force to respond quickly and shoot down the hijacked aircraft.

Although this will cause casualties, it is undoubtedly worth it compared with the serious consequences of the “9 / 11” incident.

However, how can this piece of airspace, which claims to be the most closely monitored and guarded in the world, not even respond? The US government’s reason for denouncing bin Laden is largely due to the video tape “accidentally” left by Al Qaeda.

However, the public has always been skeptical about the so-called evidence provided by the government.

Imagine that terrorists would be foolish enough to throw away criminal evidence? Moreover, in this video, bin Laden is writing with his right hand and wearing a gold ring.

As we all know, bin Laden used his left hand and never wore any accessories.

Doubts from all walks of life put pressure on the Bush administration.

In order to give an account to the public, at the end of 2002, he announced the establishment of the independent investigation committee on the “9 / 11” incident in the United States to investigate the aspects of U.S. diplomacy, intelligence, immigration, commercial flights and the capital flow of terrorist organizations before and after the terrorist attacks.

On July 22, 2004, after 20 months of reading more than 2 million documents and questioning more than 1000 witnesses, the investigation committee finally formed a heavy investigation report.

The 560 page report points out that the two US administrations (including the Clinton Administration) have not paid enough attention to the threat of Al Qaeda, the US Department of defense and the CIA have made some mistakes in intelligence sharing and analysis, and the US Congress has neglected its duty in supervising the work of intelligence departments, which is an important reason for the success of the hijacker’s plot.

The report said that the former Clinton administration and the Bush administration did not adopt more effective military strikes in the face of the growing threat of “base”.

Especially in the late 1990s, the CIA missed several opportunities to kill bin Laden.

On the day of the “9 / 11” incident, the passports presented by the hijackers showed obvious signs of being changed, but failed to attract the attention of the U.S. immigration and Immigration Department.

Two of the 19 hijackers had been blacklisted by the government, but the airline didn’t know it.

Finally, they boarded the plane easily.

In the subsequent process, there was a management confusion between the Federal Aviation Administration and military officials.

Because the mission of the aviation administration was to deal with aircraft hijacking rather than suicide attacks, they did not warn military officials in time.

In the report, the US independent investigation commission also ruled out the possibility that Saudi officials funded al Qaeda.

In addition, there is no conclusive and credible evidence that Iraq and Al Qaeda jointly attacked the United States.

Ironically, the final conclusion of the report is: “the hijackers took advantage of the long-standing loopholes in U.S. government agencies to launch terrorist attacks, and the responsibility lies not with President Bush or President Clinton.

” In a word, the two presidents easily escaped responsibility, and no one in the US government and relevant institutions was punished or resigned because of the “9 / 11” incident. 7. “Conspiracy” of the government? The public does not agree with the understatement of the survey results.

Not only the United States, but also some European countries doubt the anomalies exposed by terrorist attacks.

In August 2004, according to the results of international public opinion survey, about 49% of New York residents believed that the US leaders knew about the terrorist attacks in advance, but did not take action.

Some people even believe that the “9 / 11” incident is a bitter meat trick made and played by the US government in order to find an excuse for invading and occupying some Arab oil countries.

Once this unusual voice spread, the whole world was in an uproar.

Is there really a shocking conspiracy behind the “9 / 11” incident? In August 2006, an American academic organization composed of 75 scientists and university professors investigated and claimed that some warmongers in the White House and Pentagon had played an ignominious role in the “9 / 11” incident.

First, in view of the cause of the collapse of the world trade center, the National Institute of standards and technology submitted a 10000 page investigation report, claiming that the flame generated by the fuel combustion of jet airliners damaged the structure of the twin towers of the world trade center, resulting in their final collapse.

Professor Jones disagrees with this.

He believes that the two skyscrapers of the world trade center can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and large aircraft impacts, and there is no reason to collapse so easily.

Even if it was soaked with aviation fuel, the fire caused was not enough to melt the steel column of the world trade center.

The collapse of the building obviously came from the successful directional blasting.

In addition, building 7, adjacent to the North Tower of the world trade center, was not impacted, but mysteriously collapsed on the night of the crime.

According to the National Institute of standards and technology, it was caused by the continuous combustion of the fire.

However, what force can destroy this 47 story steel structure building? Professor Jones said that many witnesses had seen the flash point of the suspected explosion before the collapse of building 7.

In addition, it’s unbelievable that as a key government place with us secret service, CIA, Department of defense and emergency response administration, it is so vulnerable.

The most suspicious thing is that after the incident, tens of thousands of tons of steel inside the building were quickly transported overseas for melting and recycling, and such important evidence was destroyed in a hurry.

What do you want to hide? There is a more unimaginable phenomenon: “one and a half months before the September 11 incident, the renter of the World Trade Center suddenly insured the building for $3.

5 billion.

One of the compensation terms was” terrorism “.

Afterwards, he received more than $7 billion in compensation.

Who is the owner of this unexpected wealth? Is this a simple coincidence? According to the survey of academic organizations, on September 10, many senior American officials cancelled their flight plans for the next day, including the mayor of San Francisco who was just preparing to go on a business trip.

He was asked not to fly on September 11.

The caller was US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

If they didn’t know in advance, where did they come from? Scientists finally believe that a pro conservative secret organization called “American new century plan” planned the “9 / 11” incident, and bin Laden and Muhammad were just their scapegoats.

Therefore, the academic organization urged the US Congress to reopen the investigation into the “9 / 11” incident. 8. The doubts of the final testimony made the people who were already dissatisfied with the government’s conclusion more and more confused, and the whole.