Russian media disclosed the truth of Brezhnev’s assassination.

41 years ago, a shocking murder occurred in front of the borovitsky gate of the Kremlin in Moscow, and several astronauts who went to the Kremlin were attacked. In fact, the target of the attackers was Soviet supreme leader Brezhnev. Not long ago, the Russian magazine “historical issues” introduced the case in detail.

it is rumored that the general secretary was assassinated and killed

on January 22, 1969, the mood of the whole Soviet Union was high, and millions of people stood in front of the radio and television to listen to and watch Brezhnev, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, welcome the aerospace hero at the Vnukovo airport.

when people were immersed in the joy of the festival, the live TV broadcast was suddenly interrupted. The live broadcast did not resume until an hour later. At this time, the award ceremony was broadcast, but I didn’t feel the slightest joy and excitement from the scene. Both the awarder and the recipient were obviously uneasy. To the great confusion of the audience, the presenter Brezhnev disappeared and was replaced by Podgorny (Chairman of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union). There were rumors in Moscow that day that Brezhnev was assassinated and killed in the Kremlin.

the fact is that as soon as the motorcade of government officials escorted by the motorcade entered the borowitsky gate, there was a burst of gunfire. A man in a police uniform, armed with two guns, kept shooting at the second car. He deliberately missed the first car. When the gunman was subdued by the Kremlin guard, he had already fired all 16 bullets. The second Seagull was carried by five astronauts, including beregovoi, who looked like Brezhnev. He and another astronaut were injured and the driver was shot dead. As for Brezhnev, he hit the fender of the car in the chaos, and his eyebrows were scratched.

the gunman was lucky to “break through” and had an inside story.

the gunman’s name was Yili Ying. It should be said that except for the last shot, he succeeded easily at every stage of his action. After decades of this incident, people finally found the answer that the gunman was so “lucky” from some declassified files – the main reason why Yiying succeeded frequently was that some people in the KGB had ulterior ambitions.

Brezhnev is very clear about the role played by former KGB chairman shamichas in the process of crowding out Khrushchev. In order to prevent similar situations, Brezhnev placed his confidant Xie Miao zvigon next to KGB chairman Andropov as an insider. Brezhnev and tsvgon not only worked together in Moldova, but also were related by marriage – their wives were sisters. From the beginning, Andropov knew that tsvgon was an undercover figure sent by Brezhnev. Friction often occurs between two people. Tswigon wanted to “eat” Andropov.

on January 21, 1969, tswigon received three secret telegrams successively. The first was written with the words “top secret and urgent”: “it was submitted to lieutenant general tswigon, the first vice chairman of the National Security Council: the KGB special operations office learned that lieutenant Victor Ivanovic Yiying mysteriously disappeared from a unit in gol state at 7:45 on January 21… Two Makarov pistols and four bullets disappeared at the same time”. The second: “after verification, Lieutenant Yili Ying carried two pistols and flew to Moscow on flight 92 at 11:40 today”. The third: “his diary was found at Yili Ying’s residence… It can be seen that he has a criminal motive for murdering party and government leaders… Yili Ying may stay at his uncle’s house”. The last secret message was distributed at 22:47 on January 21, 14 hours before the shooting. The assassination was reasonably avoidable. However, after receiving three secret telegrams, tswigon decided to make a big fuss about the incident.

however, when Yili Ying disappeared with his uncle’s police uniform early in the morning on the 22nd, his uncle found the local KGB and asked to investigate his nephew. Tswigon immediately realized that it was impossible for him to master the information alone. In order to control the situation and create the appearance of tracing the matter, tswigon ordered the leader of the Kremlin guard to search along the street with Yili Ying’s uncle.

Andropov resolved the crisis

Brezhnev, kosikin and podgorne got on the bus and received a call from tswigon. Tsvgon did not report details, but said the situation was urgent and suggested that Brezhnev take the third car in the convoy. This means that tswigon knows who the target of Yili Ying’s attack is. Tswigon had already made up his mind: let him shoot the second car. Inside the car is beregovoi who looks like Brezhnev. Finally, of course, Andropov should be held accountable: he is still the head of the National Security Council for the time being.

tswigon gave Andropov a difficult problem. The man-made time pressure made Andropov unable to let the KGB take effective action. But the experienced Andropov concluded that Yili Ying came to Moscow to engage in terrorist activities. He also guessed that his deputy would use the matter to make a fuss. As for the wanted measures taken by tswigon, it was only superficial and aimed at hiding people’s eyes and ears.

possible scandals forced Andropov to take urgent action. He ordered to strengthen the security of the Kremlin and in front of the borowitsky gate and Spassky gate leading to the Kremlin. Then he called the chairman of the state radio and Television Commission, instructed the television to constantly report the news about the order of the team, and stressed that Brezhnev was in the second car.

the last thing Andropov did before Yili Ying pulled the trigger was to call Brezhnev’s car and advise him to get off immediately and take the fifth car, the last car in the team. Brezhnev didn’t