convents obviously became “aristocratic brothels” very early. Monks are probably not satisfied with the fierce love of laity people. So the nuns were rewarded to break the lust and caution together with the monks, and they thought that such breaking the caution had a smaller sin: a nun was tempted by flesh desire and human weakness and violated her stunning oath. If she broke the caution with the monks instead of committing herself to the layman, her sin would be smaller and could be dealt with more leniently.

all kinds of bad habits, even taken together, can not catch up with the indulgence of the Roman Church mainly in the Renaissance. In the historical conditions of monasteries, the lust of the Renaissance found a soil that was very conducive to lust When it comes to this issue, we feel the inconvenience mentioned above everywhere – on this issue, the most difficult thing is to be measured and enough is enough. But we can’t talk about it in general. The indulgence of monks is actually a completely healthy and normal protest against celibacy at the beginning. We have talked about the historical origin of the prohibition of marriage. Its results are equally important to us. This result was quite clear a long time ago: over time, celibacy became the most important means of governance in the hands of the church. The reason why it has become the most important means of governance is, of course, due to its economic significance. The wealth accumulated by the church can be concentrated but not dispersed through celibacy, and can be passed on from generation to generation without disappearing.

since religious groups such as Catholicism share a sovereign head, the expansion of the territory of each monastery indicates the expansion of the sphere of influence of the whole church. Monastic celibacy is the only means to separate monks from local and local interests. It can make monks become a taming tool for subordinates to obey their superiors and obey the Pope. Abandoning the splendid system is tantamount to the possibility of abandoning rule for the church. As monasteries have increasingly become an important governing tool of the church, especially as the benefits of celibacy in accumulating a large amount of wealth have become increasingly obvious, the decisions made voluntarily and freely for the benefit of the group have now become a law that all monks must strictly abide by. In the 11th century, Gregory VII issued a royal decree banning marriage, declaring that priests were not allowed to marry. Abstinence, once known as self-help, has gradually become a law that must be enforced, and the stunning oath has been declared the highest virtue.

however, the power of blood and gas is more powerful than man-made regulations. Only some monks can control blood gas. Therefore, the most stringent rescue orders and punishment have little effect. The ugliest anti natural vice began to spread, and bi was blatant, and the edicts issued against this vice were the same. The church meeting held in Paris decided to pay attention not to let “monks and priests commit sodomy”, “bishops should carefully check their bedrooms, seal all suspicious doors and other dangerous places”, and not let “nuns sleep in one bed”, etc. Because the causes of such bad habits have not been eliminated, these measures only work in individual cases. Because of this, the church has made concessions. In the end, lust has not completely abandoned lust, but just rejected the form of sexual relations that would reduce the Pope’s financial resources and sphere of influence, as mentioned above.

monks are not allowed to marry, but they are allowed to have mistresses. The reason why this concession is wise is that the church’s exploitation strategy can benefit greatly from this concession. The Pope received a huge and steady stream of new money, because most of these amnesties were sold to monks. The great sophists of the church immediately invented appropriate terms to ease the contradiction. In the 14th century, a heated debate broke out over whether monks had the right to marry. Many monks insist on restoring this right, The famous teacher of the French church, gersson, used the following reasons to defend the immortality of monks:

“Did the monks violate the gorgeous vow when they satisfied their sexual desire? No, the gorgeous vow just means abandoning marriage. Therefore, even if the monks do extremely immoral acts, as long as they are not married, they can not be regarded as violating the gorgeous vow.”

gersson only slightly restricted the freedom of monks:

“try to be secret, not in festivals, not in sacred places, or have sex with unmarried girls.”

gersson’s statement is naturally a little self righteous. But what if not? The money bag is in danger. If you have to save the money bag, you have to pay a lot of money. In the end, another reason was invented. It is said that monks raise concubines for believers. Or this gersson said in another place:

“if the priest has a mistress, it is certainly a great evil temptation for the believers in the parish, but if he violates the chastity of women, it is a greater evil temptation for the believers.”

anyway, this finally found a solution satisfactory to both sides. The solution of the problem of marriage prohibition is in line with the spirit of the church and, more importantly, in line with the interests of the church. Priests can now raise concubines in style; The coffers of bishops and popes are rolling in; The threat posed by priest marriage to the Holy See was ruled out. Today, the sinners are the priests who actually abide by the stunning vows. They ask the bishops not to receive the “concubine tax” that the latter is very keen on. However, Sixtus IV (1471-1484) solved this embarrassing situation. He simplified the procedure and asked all priests to pay the tax, whether they had a concubine or not. This method can not only make money, but also has the advantage that no sinner can slip through.

religious maniacs are often satisfied with such requirements: “if you can’t live a holy life, at least don’t do anything blatantly.” This demand has a long history, and the earliest protest was from this point of view. At the Pavia conference in 1020, Benedict VIII accused the monks mainly because they did not commit crimes secretly, but openly and openlyNo evil. Bishop Damiani also wrote in the 11th century: “if priests secretly have fun, it can be tolerated, but it can’t help humiliating the church to openly raise a mistress, thrust out a belly and take a group of noisy children.” Sometimes, the Pope did feel that he was too lenient and had a guilty conscience, so that the holy heart was angry, increased the punishment, and increased the tax on priests’ illegal cohabitation, which was very large. The Pope’s anger has two advantages: he treats sinners more severely; The wealth of the church has also increased.

the phenomenon of cohabitation among monks is very common. Because this fact is a household name, we only need to quote two paragraphs. Steiner wrote:

visited monasteries in five hereditary regions of Austria in 1563, and concubines, wives and children were found in almost all monasteries. For example, in the Benedictine monastery in sautan, nine monks have seven concubines, two wives and nine of their children; The eighteen Benedictine monks of hastan had twelve concubines, twelve wives and twelve children; The forty nuns of Agra had nineteen children; Wait. ”

there is a report about Bavaria in the same period: “when I visited Bavaria last time, I found that bread houses are very common, and three or four monks may not be able to find wives without mistresses or secrets.”

because the church’s financial resources depend on the exploitation of other people’s labor, illegal cohabitation is not only to meet the needs of nature, but also shows a higher form of sexual relationship than most pure contractual marriages, and is bound to degenerate into consistent obscenity everywhere. This must have happened very early, as it is reasonable to judge. At the beginning of the 12th century, abbot lupet of Dez near Cologne wrote:

“some priests do not want to get married because marriage violates the laws of the church; however, they are not unique. On the contrary, they are more obscene because they are more likely to change their minds without any marital relationship.”

is roughly the same for hundreds of years.

“if a man doesn’t have enough women, he will get two or three to see if he is happy. If one doesn’t like him, he will throw her away and get another, whatever he wants.” The historical conditions of




determine the debauchery of morality. Moral debauchery loses any restraint and restraint. Its performance is diverse, often group adultery. Thousands of monasteries have become “a stronghold of shamelessness and vices”. In the monastery, Priapos and Venus have the most incense. Nuns and prostitutes are often synonymous. There is a proverb that says, “she is either a nun or a prostitute”. Another proverb says, “below her is a prostitute and above her is a nun.” Another said, “as soon as the priest calls, the nun opens the door.” According to the people’s view (it has its own reason), there are no pure nuns in the world. “There are only three nuns who keep their guard like jade: one escaped, the other jumped into the river and drowned, and the third has not been found yet.” It is agreed that monks only do bad things and do them whenever they have a chance. The proverb says, “let the monk hold the cup in his hands, or his hands will touch it under the table.”

many monasteries are thriving brothels. There are many proverbs and proverbs in this regard: “the nuns of the Augustine Church hope that the pillow soil has two heads at night”, “in many monasteries, there are always two pairs of shoes under the bed”, “the monk brothers saw a pair of women’s shoes under the Abbot’s bed in the morning, and the abbot said,” there are weeds in any garden. ” “Almost all monasteries in Rome have become places to hide dirt and dirt,” bukhart, the confidential secretary, said of Rome This sentence applies to Rome as well as to the whole Christian world.

in Germany, Spain, France and, of course, Italy, many monasteries do not have a meditation room, which is a clean place. There are always guests, men or women, at night. In many places, the monastery is the favorite Inn of the nobles in the nearby area. The majestic Knight received the most enthusiastic hospitality there, and Venus gave him the most enjoyable entertainment, which can not be compared with the monastery anywhere else in this regard. The guests look for flowers and willows here. They are ugly. They are more dissolute than in brothels, and they don’t have to pay. All they need is strength, but plenty of physical strength. This aspect is described in many novels and humorous stories. Monasteries are often the most fun places of entertainment, so nobles often come here in groups for a few days, dancing, playing music, playing games and enjoying other gifts of Venus. We know from many written records that during such noble visits, nuns can compete with the most sophisticated love priests. 90% of this kind of entertainment will eventually become group sexual intercourse, any principles and norms will be put behind, and all desires will be vented arbitrarily.

people who idealize the past attempt to take advantage of public ignorance and falsely say that such records are pure slander. But all denial and concealment are useless, because as long as you look through historical documents, chronicles and reports, you will find new evidence everywhere. As an example, consider a letter from Albert Hart, Earl of wuertenberg. The letter reproached his son’s entourage for misbehaving in kilheim convent:

“Not long ago, you went to kilheim and danced in the monastery at 2 p.m. you also let your gang break into the monastery late at night. Not to mention that, you invited your brother. You danced and shouted there, even in a brothel, which is too much.”

this is the same atmosphere in the shavlingen convent near Ulm. It is also such reckless behavior. As a result, the people rebelled and the church authorities had to intervene. During the inspection tour, bishop heimbus of Castel found a lot of ugly letters, private door keys and exquisite secular clothes in the nun’s meditation room, and most nuns have themPregnant.

there are several similar reports in the chronicle of Qin Meilun, which are also about a monastery in wuertenburg. The author calls this monastery “noble brothel”. The situation is roughly the same in a monastery in Strasbourg. There was a fire in it. We know a little about it from the report of the fire.




monasteries obviously became “aristocratic brothels” very early. Monks are probably not satisfied with the fierce love of laity people. Some people once rewarded nuns for breaking lust and precepts with monks, believing that such breaking of precepts is less sinful. The evidence is the statement made by Henry, President of the monteica (poor) association in 1261:

“a nun is tempted by carnal desire and human weakness and violates her stunning vows. If she breaks the precepts with monks instead of committing herself to the layman, she will have a smaller sin and can be dealt with more leniently.”

became the theme of the Latin satirical poem “love conference” in the 12th century. Anyway, monks are never fools. They are very talented in talking and falling in love. On this point, all satirists such as Aretino, Rabelais and others and humorous story writers say so. In addition, there are many proverbs: “he is as strong as a garmuro friar”, or “he is as lustful as a temple monk brother”, or even worse: “an obscene woman can smell a garmuro friar by sniffing clothes”, or “a woman can smell a real kapchin friar from a distance”.

the first consequence of obscene life in the monastery is that “the sound of singing hymns is not heard from the courtyard wall, but the crying of children”. The saying reflects such common things. “It’s strange that the seed of black chicken came out with a white egg!” A nun was surprised to see that her child didn’t look like the Benedictine monk. Another female student had twins and lamented, “it’s a double whammy!” As the saying goes, this kind of phenomenon is very common. “A convent without a nursery is like a farmer without a cowshed.”

another consequence of obscenity is more tragic. In monasteries, it is often only regarded as a “sin” to have children, especially because it is inconvenient to have children. So infanticide and abortion are popular in convents.

Qin Meilun chronicle said:

“What about those monasteries that often have girls’ children? God bless them, at least let the children survive, don’t kill them, and raise them for the glory of God. However, there are rumors that there are ponds near these monasteries, where people are prohibited from fishing with big fishing nets and never release water, otherwise they may find something that can be called monasteries A face, a thing with a bad reputation. ”

another chronicler, didrich of NIMA, wrote about the monasteries in Bremen, Utrecht and Minster:

“monks live in monasteries with prostitutes, turn monasteries into brothels and act recklessly there. Nuns kill their children.”

it is the greatest sin for female students to have children, so abortion is popular. The monograph on priest celibacy co authored by the Turner brothers has collected a lot of data, including some shocking examples to prove that “it is precisely in the most dissolute monasteries that pregnant nuns are subjected to the cruelest abuse”. It’s easy to understand. It’s always the case: the more licentious a bitch is, the more important she values her reputation. There were times when the church became kinder and sympathized with pregnant nuns. For example, at the conference held in Avignon, monks were prohibited from “giving poisons or other strong drugs to women for abortion”. Later, “the debauchery and shamelessness of the church became a heinous abscess”, which demanded that priests have the right to marry. At this time, the church no longer opposed monks and nuns to try their best to eliminate the consequences of their promiscuous life. So, Faisaud has every right to say this in his “honeycomb of the Holy Roman Empire”:

“we know from daily experience that the Holy Roman Empire is willing to let the lovely virgins and nuns in its monastery use drugs and folk prescriptions to destroy the fruits before they mature, or kill their newborn babies in ugly ways.”

if this is the atmosphere of the lower level of the church, then the debauchery and shamelessness of the upper level of the church is no less than that. Many popes are role models of moral corruption for lower monks. The people hit the nail on the head, calling some popes “the most Sao Pope” instead of “the most holy Pope” in vivid language, and many Cardinals “Sao dogs”.

for these nicknames, there are many dirty facts in the history of the holy see that can be clearly explained. Didrich of NIMA said that John XXIII “is said to have ruined nearly 200 married women, widows and girls, as well as many nuns, when he was cardinal Bren”.

when Paul III was an envoy of the Holy See to Ancona, he had to run away because he raped a young lady. In order to become a cardinal, he dedicated his sister Julia to the sixth, while he incest with his second sister. Bunifa VIII made his two nieces his favourites. When Alexander VI was Cardinal of Siena, his main deeds were to hold night dances and parties with other bishops and other senior clergy, and invite the ladies and ladies of the city to attend. At the meeting, they were extremely debauchery, while their “husbands, fathers and relatives were not allowed to be inside”. Many mistresses of Pius III gave birth to twelve children for him.

several of the most famous popes of the Renaissance developed syphilis due to idleness, including Alexander VI, Julius II and Leo X. Jolie II’s royal doctor wrote: “it’s really embarrassing. There is no part of his body that is not full of terrible signs of obscenity.” According to the former ceremonial officer gracis, every week5、 He couldn’t have his feet kissed as usual because his feet were all rotten with syphilis.

there was a satirical poem during the religious reform that asked a senior clergyman who had syphilis and had an operation on his nose. The clergyman with syphilis on his face made a tearful speech to his nose in the poem, calling it “cardinal, wise mirror, will never fall into heresy; the real pillar of the church can be a model for everyone”, expressing the hope that “it will become Pope in the future”.

in his famous open letter (addressed to the world), He made a correct comment on contemporary and future generations: “robbery, violence and adultery are the daily bread of the obscene Pope: husbands are exiled to save them from being wordy; their wives are raped, returned to them once they are pregnant and robbed after giving birth to children, so as to meet the lust of the living representative of the governor.”

in addition to this “natural lust, there is also anti natural lust, which is also very rampant”. If the church does not benefit from these filthy practices, it will deviate from the most sacred tradition. Wessel, a Dutch theologian, once lived in Rome for a long time and was a friend of the Pope. According to him, successive popes allowed unnatural obscenity, but for a certain fee. Anti natural promiscuity is so common among senior clergy that people are noisy. This custom has a long history. In the 11th century, bishop Damian summarized it in his book gomore. Everything must be in order, even bad habits.

the popular entertainment in the papal court can also explain the problem. The most beautiful high-ranking prostitutes in Italy are regular visitors to the papal court and the cardinal’s residence, where they appear more frequently than anywhere else. Their participation in festive activities there has always been the most dazzling center there. A renaissance letter talked about a banquet held by a cardinal, saying that there were more Spanish prostitutes than Roman men at the banquet. The comical novels of cardinal Pocho, especially the plays such as cardinal bienna’s kalandero or Machiavelli’s bolder Mandala, fully illustrate the atmosphere in this circle.




, the most important thing is not that senior church officials sometimes become the embodiment of appalling moral corruption, but that this kind of atmosphere is extremely typical.

is typical because it is logical. The typical bad habits among the lower monks, at the top of the church and at its peak, must become some kind of unique huge torch, whose black smoke and poison gas smoke the downwind.

church, as a highly hierarchical group, has never been a closed institution due to its historical conditions, and has an impact on the whole Christian world in ideology and politics. Because of this, its process of moral corruption is bound to poison the whole world. The moral corruption of monks, as we said at the beginning of this chapter, must have a very strong impact on the whole society and all social morality of secular society. A denunciation of the Holy See by the religious reform movement confirmed this fact:

“… As far as the wind goes, Germany no longer prays and loses its religious piety. Debauchery, incest, swearing, murder, theft, robbery, usury and many other sins are the consequences of this climate.” The spread of




is not just the result of people being influenced by bad examples. Monks have always abused their power, not only to exploit the public economically, but also to satisfy their private desires and their own sensory enjoyment. Monks not only see the nun’s body, but also have a big color heart; In the face of strong peasant girls and beautiful urban Jasper, their towering breasts will naturally make them lustful. “Oh, it’s not just the nun’s body that makes people greedy!” The priest exclaimed as he reached out to the peasant girl. When they are in love with the common people, they have more close contact with the monks than with the common people. Besides, they have less risk of falling in love with laity women, at least not so much trouble. Once the wife of a farmer or citizen is pregnant, the monk who sows the seed does not have to be good after him, because he can push it on his husband’s head. Therefore, his activities as a priest opened up a broad world for the enjoyment he craved. Lecherous monks advocate that they can satisfy their desires in dozens or even hundreds of women.

after the servants of the church evolved into people who blindly pursue pleasure, they would often use the power and ruling means of the church to serve his licentious life. The main of these means is to listen to confession. Listening to confessions and confessions provide the most favorable conditions for seducing women. The confessing priest has not only the right but also the responsibility to ask the most secret questions. In this way, listening to confession has become the most important and powerful means of political rule of the church, and lecherous priests can make money for both the church and themselves at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of priests have done this for hundreds of years, and still do it today. Many monks’ obscene evil thoughts are devoted to seducing the innocent women who come into contact with them, listening with interest to the beautiful “female sinners” talk to them about their most secret private affairs, or make innocent girls, fiancees or young women looking forward to their wedding day spring.

but the confessional room is not just about lust. Millions of women succumbed to the church’s rule of the soul and lost their virginity not only mentally but also physically. There, conscience is the easiest to numb and doubt is the easiest to dispel: the priest can achieve his goal by declaring that the sin of his victim is not sin but virtue. Hundreds of thousands of foolish women sincerely believe that their willingness to meet the most unrestrained desire of the Confessor is to serve God. Boccaccio’s bold novel about the hermit alibeck is a classic satire of this kind of weathering. many

if pleasure seeking ends here, there is more to say. Some are worse. Sometimes, if the light goes out by chance (chance is a good helper), you don’t have to ask your friend or girlfriend to go to a single meditation room or a secluded corner to sing happy hymns. Qin Meilun chronicle mentioned that once, several nobles who were guests in the convent “pardoned the nuns who were immersed in lust” in this way.




due to the existence of such facts, “the shadow of the bell tower of the monastery can make people have children” or “there is no grass in the shadow of the monastery, only women can have children”. These proverbs, which are believed by the people as Gospels, are a comment on the reality, which is nothing more than a little exaggeration. But it also highlights the essence of things.

we know that the people have repeatedly raised incidents in an attempt to resist the despicable monks, but most of them did not win, but only achieved partial success at most. This is not because people’s anger is not strong enough, but because the church has colluded with a strong ruling class; Or, for example, in Italy, almost all the economic basis of life is firmly in the hands of the church. Faced with such reasons, even the strongest moral indignation is powerless. If the people motivated by moral indignation have made great achievements, it is still those economic reasons that work. In this case, defeating the rule of the church is the equally urgent survival interest of all countries.

this is especially true in Germany.

therefore, Germany was earlier than other countries. In the 16th century, the actual morality of the church no longer had an impact on social morality.