serfs offer the bride to the Lord (the right of the first night). The Lord must make a contract with a reliable warrior, who will swear allegiance. The ceremony must be held in the church, and the Bishop’s blessing will sanctify the contract between the Lord and his followers. Therefore, there is a question = = this problem, there is a net seemingly seems to have been Tucao, I make complaints about it. I hope the author’s grandmother Wang doesn’t mind:

“in order to ease everyone’s mood, before talking about the most sad topic, let’s talk about something that seems very fragrant – such as the right of the first night.

The so-called first night right refers to the feudal lords in medieval Europe. When the residents in the territory marry, they can grab the front of the groom, sleep with the bride for the first night and seize her virginity.

Mm-hmm. after hearing this good news, do you feel all over with animal blood boiling, and want to immediately cross to Medieval Europe as a lord to experience the wonderful pleasure of a free budding ocean horse with no duplication of monthly rotation?

… Well, I still want to say that the ideal is very plump, but the reality is very skinny. I’m afraid the actual situation is far from as good as you think.

in fact, for the feudal lords of medieval Europe, it was the first night Power is not so much a privilege as a hard obligation. Usually, the farmers who are about to get married have spent all their money and prepared generous gifts to beg their grandparents to beg the Lord to ride their daughter-in-law.

why is there such a ridiculous thing? Are medieval Europeans perverted in sexual ideas?

because the hygiene concept in medieval Europe is very backward. In many areas, adult women have been discriminated as dirty because of the smell of menstruation. It is completely reversed from Jia Baoyu’s famous conclusion that “women are made of water and men are made of mud” in a dream of Red Mansions. Coupled with some superstitious factors left over from the primitive tribal era, virgins were generally considered toxic and dirty in the rural areas of Europe in the early Middle Ages. Some men even said that virgins would be sick and die of life – which was completely opposite to the concept of chastity of the Chinese people in the same period.

in the eyes of those foolish villagers, only noble lords and monks can overcome the “toxicity” of virgins, replace the groom under the protection of the holy light and “ward off evil and eliminate evil” for the virgin bride, and then those powerless grooms dare to sleep with their wives.

but in practice, due to the constraints of religious rules and regulations, in addition to a few debauchery priests with bad conduct, the Lord who can’t help but drink and lust mainly helps the bridegroom “ward off evil spirits”.

— don’t think this is any welfare! In fact, with the sad health and nutritional conditions in medieval Europe, how many ordinary village girls are good-looking? At that time, most of the Lords and elders also looked at the salted fish, sausage and eggs n ǎ For the sake of cheese, I would pinch my nose and resist nausea to roll sheets with those mediocre fat and vulgar powder with pockmarked face, dirty and smelly body and sallow complexion…

of course, with the passage of time, civilization is also improving. By the middle and late Middle Ages, there were basically not many foolish people in Europe, and they would pay a lot of money to invite the Lord C ā O your daughter-in-law is such a stupid thing. wedding night. The right has gradually evolved into a marriage tax – the Lords announce the sale of the right to the first night, and the groom pays some money or food, “Buy” the bride’s first night from the Lord…

for example, in the announcement issued by the Zurich state parliament in 1538, it said: “the owner of the territory – the Lord has the right to cooperate with the farmers (tenant farmers, serfs) in the territory The bride to be married will spend the night together, and the groom is also obliged to provide the bride to the Lord. If not, the groom will pay the Lord about 4.3 marks. ” In Byrne, Germany, the bride pays the LORD a large pot that “can hold the hip” and a pot that “weighs as heavy as the hip” ǔ Cheese, and the groom must pay the LORD a high-grade coat or blanket. This kind of compensation is the so-called “marriage tax”. If the above-mentioned person does not get the permission of the notary, he will not be able to perform his obligations.

in addition, in some times and regions in the late Middle Ages, the first night Rights have also been fully restored.

for example, when King Edward I of England conquered Scotland, Edward I again announced his first night of recovery in order to recruit people to consolidate the newly occupied Scotland To lure the lecherous English lords to leave the prosperous and warm southern homeland, go to the Scottish highlands as the occupying force, and enjoy the local Scottish village girls free of charge.

as a result, poor Wallace came home and found that his new wife merlan had been raped and killed by the Lord of England. He immediately became angry and shouted “freedom” to launch a vigorous uprising. Since then, there has been a popular legend of “brave heart”…

in short, in the middle and late Middle Ages, The first night in the strict sense Power has been difficult to be actually implemented. If the transgressor Lord insists on doing so, he must be mentally prepared for the sudden emergence of Wallace in his territory and shouting “freedom” to set off a big riot.

— note that no money is given to enforce the first night Power is one thing, keeping a mistress outside and having illegitimate children is another. As long as you are willing to give money and jewelry, many farm girls will be willing to warm your bed without name or score.

according to some sporadic records, in the early Middle Ages, there were often lords who saw a certain farmer unhappy and refused to bud his ugly wife to exorcise evil spirits on his wedding night. As a result, the unlucky farmer’s family jumped with anxietyExample.

in the late Middle Ages, the similar situation was reversed. For some unpleasant pricks, the lords often took his wife’s first night Power, deliberately sell it to or give it to a well-known scum villain… Then let them fight by themselves, and the Lord can have fun without anything.

has a fact that many people may not know: even in modern Britain, there are many remote areas that do not explicitly stipulate the abolition of the first night The modern landlords voluntarily renounced the right to land. If anyone forgets to make a statement, it will cause great trouble – in 2007, British Crown Prince Charles bought a 196 Mu manor in camassen County, Wales, and planned to use it for vacation. Who knows the first night of the feudal lord in this place The right has not been abolished yet, which is still valid in theory, but Prince Charles did not sign a document to give up this right when he bought the manor.

therefore, this loophole was discovered by the omnipresent paparazzi and poked into many street tabloids. For a time, it caused a storm all over the city, and also made many local farm girls in camassen County who were about to become brides nervous. Princess Diana’s Century wedding was a thing of the past decades. Now everyone knows that if Charles peels off the crown prince’s aura, he is actually a bad old man. Even if the girls Miss spring, they won’t think of him!

as a result, a spokesman for Clarence House in the UK quickly issued a statement saying that Prince Charles would never use this ancient and backward feudal power – I think his Royal Highness Prince Charles, although there is no moral model of self-discipline, should not be so lecherous. It is estimated that he is mostly old, Thinking is not sensitive enough. When buying the manor, I didn’t think of it at all. I just signed a document less.

in China, in fact, there are also first nights According to general PI Dingjun’s personal investigation, the Shaolin Temple before liberation was the largest landlord of Songshan Mountain, and the land of Shaolin Temple was tens of miles around. These monks, known as “six clean roots”, brazenly claimed that they had “right to the first night”. They told tenant farmers that they rented good land with a good daughter-in-law, rented bad land without a good daughter-in-law, and planted no land without a daughter-in-law. They openly fooled around with women and didn’t give money – as a result, the daughters of farmers near Shaolin Temple couldn’t get married, The son can’t get a wife…

in short, I advise you not to take the righteous martial arts Holy Land Shaolin Temple in the novel and the evil bald man Ji on Shaoshi mountain in reality ā N bandit nest is one thing. For example, in the novel “three thousand beautiful women”, it is described that the broken precepts monks in Shaolin Temple wear wigs, eat for nothing in the J ì yard, PI á o do not give money, and extort protection fees from door to door with sticks, which has been beautified. If Jin Yong fans really go to the Shaolin Temple in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, they will definitely have an impulse to burn the Shaolin Temple.

— in the modern history of China, the heinous crimes committed by Shaolin Temple are really countless: abducting female pilgrims with overpowering drugs, holding debauchery parties in secret rooms, and selling them into brothels after getting tired of them; Posing as bandits, robbing business travelers, extorting protection fees and killing people; Collude with reactionary warlords to persecute party members and create white terror; As well as taking refuge in the Japanese aggressors, when the party leading the way betrayed the Anti Japanese army and people, he basically did everything…

. Therefore, master Shi Yongxin, the abbot of contemporary Shaolin Temple, spared no effort to go to bed for naked female donors, light up and pray for blessings, and offer condoms on the incense table in front of the Buddha, It seems that it also has a long tradition… “There seems to be some private goods behind




, so it won’t be deleted at all.