“at that time, the Soviet Army raped women everywhere in Berlin, from a little girl in her teens to a grandmother in her 70s. My mother was a 52 year old woman at that time. She dressed herself up as a slovenly and nagging old housewife.

Whether in peace or war, the army is the highest means of force. The reason why the army needs military discipline is first to ensure combat effectiveness and second to restrict destructive power. In the later period of World War II, the Soviet army reached a peak in combat effectiveness and destructive power, so that the German people all talked about “Russia”.

the Chinese people’s feelings about Soviet soldiers were also very complex. During the period of Sino Soviet friendship, a series of Soviet “World War II” feature films showed us the good image of Soviet soldiers: brave, strong, good at war, simple and just. In the reality of World War II, the Chinese also saw how the powerful Soviet army defeated millions of Japanese Kwantung Army in one fell swoop.

however, those who face history cannot avoid another manifestation of Soviet soldiers: drinking and making trouble, robbing civilians and raping women. In September 1945, after the first batch of Jidong troops of the Eighth Route Army stationed in Northeast China entered Shenyang, the first task they encountered was to deal with the Soviet Army robbery with a large number of complaints from civilians, so that our army had to put forward the requirement of “serious discipline” to the Political Department of the Soviet army. In December of the same year, Lu Dongsheng, who had just been appointed deputy commander of Songjiang military region by the CPC Central Committee, was shot and killed by the Soviet soldiers when he was robbed. In a letter to his wife, the general once commented on the Soviet Army: “a mob with strict discipline.”

the battlefield discipline of the Soviet army was extremely strict. During the war between the two armies, the military directly fired machine guns at those who retreated against orders. However, in addition to combat operations, the military discipline of the Soviet army was tight and loose. For an army with poor overall cultural literacy, a slight relaxation of discipline can easily lead to a large area of arbitrary behavior, especially when the army faces the civilians of hostile countries. Solzhenitsyn, who was once released from labor reform and exile by the Soviet Union because of his dissenting political views, was a lieutenant and artillery company commander of the Soviet Army during World War II. The habit of daring to tell the truth made him a rare alien veteran who dared to “slander the honor of the Soviet army”. Recalling the war experience, he described the scene when his troops entered East Prussia: soldiers scrambled to put German women’s underwear on themselves, which was like a chaotic market. Some people are difficult to move because they put too many underwear on the outside of their coat. The tank soldiers filled the inner tank with booty. It was strange that they could sit inside through the narrow turret. Kopelev, Solzhenitsyn’s refugee friend during the reform through labor camp, also participated in the Soviet German war. The fact that kopelev could not accept was that the army would allow soldiers to send a 5kg parcel back home every month, which was a special notice suggesting that soldiers could rob civilians in the occupied area. Kopelev believed that it was this provision that directly stimulated the looting of soldiers.

what is particularly ridiculous is that the treatment of ordinary officers is doubled. Each person can mail such parcels at home twice a month, while the number of times of mailing of generals is not limited. Kopelev was very helpless to mail a refined printmaking for his boss in the Political Department of the second front army of Belarus, That valuable work of art was created by the famous German printmaker albrett durler in the European Renaissance… Three reasons led to the Soviet Army’s behavior of destroying German civilians: the military ruffian behavior with low cultural and moral standards, and the revenge psychology for the crimes committed by the German army in the Soviet Union, The military commanders connived at the soldiers’ deviant behaviors to a certain extent. The third reason is the most important. Without high-level connivance, this army under strict control could not have been so chaotic after entering the enemy country. Rahman, a retired man who was a child at the time of the armistice in Berlin, told me that the Russians really began to behave three months after the armistice. Historical data also confirm this statement.




the time when the German army fully laid down its weapons was May 8, 1945. Since then, there were occasional instructions to restrict the indulgence of soldiers in various Soviet forces, but the truly comprehensive and effective military discipline rectification began with the order to eliminate military regulations issued by the field commander of the Soviet army in Germany on August 3. The order states that “these acts have damaged our image in the eyes of German anti fascists, especially when the war is over, and can help fascists launch a campaign against the Red Army and the Soviet government…”, Defending honor and preventing resistance are the two main reasons why Marshal Zhukov made up his mind to govern military discipline. But aren’t these two important before? Didn’t the Soviet high-level understand what the soldiers had done to German civilians before? The answer is No. The only reason why the Soviet army would have unscrupulous Hu Wei on a large scale was the tacit consent of the high level. It is not uncommon in the history of human war to indulge the soldiers for three days, but the indulgence of the Soviet army has been longer.

when interviewing old Lott in Berlin, I seriously visited the small single building of his family, because a class of Soviet soldiers once lived in this small building after the war. The small building has three floors. The first floor is the kitchen and dining room, the second floor is the living room and study, and the third floor is the bedroom. At that time, the group of Russians lived on the second floor and the Lott family lived on the third floor.

Lott said: “At that time, a total of 9 Soviet private soldiers and a corporal monitor lived in my house. One of them was a wounded man who lay on the sofa in the living room every day. The monitor slept alone in the study on the second floor. After the battle in Berlin, many Soviet soldiers lived in the homes of German people. They didn’t want to live in large buildings. They thought there were too many residents to control, and they liked our house best What kind of single family building. At that time, the landlord didn’t know who lived in what kind of RussiansThe choice depends on your luck. My neighbor was lucky enough to live in a major with an orderly. They didn’t make trouble and were very quiet. But our family was unlucky. A guy lived in 10 soldiers, including wounded soldiers.

“When the Russians moved in, my brother was almost taken away and dealt with by them. My brother was 22 years old at that time. It was hard to imagine that a German man of this age could stay at home without injury at the end of the war. The Russians firmly believed that he was a German soldier and must take him away. My brother argued that he was a drama actor, and the Russians could not understand it, so he had to be tied up Finally, my brother suddenly remembered the word ‘artist’. The corporal squad leader understood and showed some admiration, but he still couldn’t fully believe it, so he asked my brother to play a piano for them. My brother’s piano is three times better than me! You think I was able to play the piano on radio Berlin at that time. Can he be poor? He played an American dance music, which he learned before the war. The Russians were convinced of his identity. Now he had something to do. The corporal squad leader ordered him to play the piano for the wounded soldier. He couldn’t stop without an order. In this way, my brother used his piano performance to comfort the wounded soldier with a beard for four hours. Later, he often told others that this was the longest piano he played in his life.

“At that time, the Soviet Army raped women everywhere in Berlin, from a little girl in her teens to a grandmother in her 70s. My mother was a 52 year old woman at that time, but she had to have a perfect way to protect herself in the face of the 10 Russian soldiers living in her home. Can you imagine what she did? She dressed herself up as a slovenly, A grumpy old housewife who is always nagging. Do you see the hand carved old cabinet in the living room on the second floor of my house? Once, the cook of the Soviet army put a basin full of vegetable soup on the top of the cabinet, and the spilled oil and water dripped all over the cabinet. Guess what my mother will do? She grabbed the cook and scolded him. She didn’t stop talking all afternoon. Isn’t it easy for such a fussy old lady to remind those Russian boys of their old parents who have been discipline themselves since childhood? They are afraid to avoid such an old aunt, let alone their sexual requirements. My mother’s self-protection method is very successful.

“But the trouble is not without it. A month after the Russians lived in my house, one day a soldier said to my brother in the German he had just learned: ‘you, go find a girl.’ obviously, he thought that his brother would associate with many girls as an actor. His brother said he didn’t know any girls. Su Bing patted his gun and said, ‘go find!’ after his brother went out, he didn’t dare to go out again When he came back, he hid in his friend’s house until the US army took over the tambohov district where we lived. According to the agreement of winning the fourth World War, Berlin was jointly managed by the four countries, and the area of our family was included in the jurisdiction of the US Army. Americans are not very civilized, but after all, they are a cultured army, and military discipline is much better than that of the Soviet army. They don’t live in citizens’ homes, but at tambohov airport. ”

when talking about the military discipline of the Soviet army in Berlin, Lott told me: “The violation of military discipline by Russians is not an individual phenomenon, but a group behavior. Their favorite thing to rob is watches, because German watches are really a luxury that can only be seen in dreams for these poor farmers and herdsmen from the East. I have personally seen a Russian soldier wearing more than a dozen watches on his arm. They call watches’ Uli ‘.”

old lady Mayer, who now lives in Mecklenburg, former Pomerania, was only 20 years old when she first faced Soviet soldiers. She was on her way west with a group of refugees from her hometown of brusho.

she recalled: “The first Soviet troops to catch up with us were tank soldiers. These soldiers were very human. They told us to hide early, and the follow-up troops might be bad for us. Then they left a few bread and continued to move forward. Soon, we met with the follow-up Soviet infantry. Those soldiers came from the West Asian region of the Soviet Union and had the characteristics of Eastern yellow people Sign. They rushed into the ranks of refugees and began to plunder property. Our jewelry should be taken off and our leather boots should be taken off. The most popular thing is watches, which must be handed over. As night fell, rape began to spread, with women crying everywhere. A Soviet political commissar in a leather coat rushed at me and was stopped by my father. As a result, the guy knocked out his father’s two front teeth with one punch…

“On the way to the west, the Soviet troops behind us kept coming. A new Soviet Army stopped us and ordered men and women to stand in two places, saying they would kill everyone in a few minutes. Then a Russian with a pistol suddenly shouted, ‘Uli, three Uli.’ he said watches. Everyone immediately understood that only watches could save lives now. But by this time, most people had been looted and had no more watches. At this time, I gently took out a gold watch that had been hidden in my underwear, and then someone offered the second and third pieces. The Russian soldiers should be glad to see each other’s shoulder when the “spkds” and “spkds” are robbed for the longest time, and then they should appear together as the “spkds” of the Russian soldiers. The main party of this legend is Yevgeny, a famous military photographer of the Soviet Army during World War II Haljay. He followed the counter offensive army from Moscow to Berlin and took many photos of “World War II”, which are recognized as classic in the world. One of the most famous photos shows the scene of Soviet soldiers flying Soviet war flags on the roof of the Empire State building. He made a special description of the shooting process in his postwar memoirs. The general situation is as follows:

on May 2, 1949, the battle in Berlin was completely over. Soviet Tass News Agency military photographer haljielaiIn front of the Empire State building just conquered. Looking at the symbolic building of Nazi Germany with holes, he had a sudden inspiration and decided to take a picture with epoch-making historical significance. He entered the building full of rubble and burning smell everywhere. On the bottom floor of the building, he found three soldiers and asked them to cooperate to take a historic victory photo. The three soldiers readily agreed. They put on their weapons, found a bright red flag, and climbed to the top terrace of the Empire State Building with haljay. After choosing the camera position, haljay carefully designed the positions and movements of the three soldiers, and then took 36 photos at one go. After developing them, he selected the most satisfactory one and announced it to the public. After the photo of waving the victory flag on the Empire State building was published in the major Soviet media, it immediately caused a global sensation, so that it finally became the most symbolic and classic historical lens of the Soviet Union’s conquest of Nazi Germany.

the only drawback is that while the photos caused a sensation, careful people also found a problem: the officer holding both hands to support the flag soldier in the picture actually wore a watch on each hand. This is an extremely embarrassing scene for the Soviet army, which is famous for robbing German residents’ watches.

haljay said: “I received an order to modify the picture. Later, people will only see a watch on the left hand of the officer.” the more one tries to hide , the more one is exposed. If not modified, the Soviet army could have explained the original picture. For example, the right hand of an officer is not a watch, but a military compass…