George W.

Bush’s inauguration celebrations in Haiti ended in 2001.

In order to seek hegemony in the world, he worked with senior Pentagon officials to plan a new military strategy and deploy a plan to implement military transformation.

In early September, he went to his hometown ranch to take a break.

Unexpectedly, the “9 ` 11” terrorist attack fell from the sky, and the unexpected disaster shocked President Bush, impressed Americans and stunned the world! On September 11, 2001, the memory of Americans will be complex and profound.

It has broken the myth that the United States is a “safe island”, and in a sense, it has gone beyond all the feelings of later generations of Americans aroused by the Pearl Harbor incident on December 7, 1941.

When the emergency of September 11 came, no American could bear such a serious “emergency”.

On this day, New York, the largest city in the United States and the most prosperous city in the world, suffered an unheard of terrorist attack.

The tallest landmark in New York City collapsed and the losses were staggering.

On this day, the Pentagon, the most heavily defended military center of the United States, the command center of the world’s most powerful army, suffered an air attack, and a corner of the Pentagon was destroyed, making the symbolic “Pentagon” incomplete.

On that day, in just one hour, four large passenger planes in U.S. airspace were hijacked by terrorists and carried out appalling suicide attacks.

Four planes have become four huge suicide bombs, completely breaking the peace and freedom in this happy land of the United States! All this happened at the same time! Major newspapers in the United States have issued extras on the terrorist events of September 11.

In the post, which has the largest circulation in the world, the headline is “terrorist organization attacks the Pentagon and the world trade center”.

The Washington times, the most famous newspaper in the United States, has an extra headline of “extreme terror”.

The Chicago Tribune has released 24 extra pages to subscribers and newsstands.

Other newspapers that issued extras were the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post and Seattle Post in Colorado.

Their last extras were the assassination of the president of the United States in 1963.

Americans will never forget: on the morning of September 11, 2001, New York, known as the “capital of the world”, was bathed in the dawn of the rising sun.

The Twin Star skyscraper of the world trade center, located in the downtown center of Manhattan, is crowded with about 50000 giants, tycoons and their employees from business institutions in more than 100 countries around the world.

They have just taken off their suits and faced the screen.

They are preparing to stir every nerve of the world economy.

Everything is so orderly.

No one of the kind-hearted people thought that a terrible disaster was about to happen.

At 8:45 a.m. on September 11, 2001, the first plane hijacked by terrorists hit the North Tower of Gemini.

18 minutes later, at 9:06, just as people were still stunned by the plane hitting the building, another plane hit the South Building of the world trade center.

In an instant, the thick smoke swallowed up the whole world trade center.

People rushed out of the building screaming, while people on the high floors jumped off the skyscrapers one after another, and many people who escaped fell to the ground.

Fire and emergency workers from all over New York came one after another.

Within 20 minutes, the north and south buildings fell to the ground, and the dust and smoke shrouded a whole 10 blocks of Manhattan in New York in darkness.

Although New York was sunny on this day, the disaster covered the sky in an instant.

When the first plane crashed into the world trade center, 1000 people in the hit floor of the building could not escape at all.

According to local media reports, 50000 people should be working in the building.

In addition, since there are 10 subway lines converging here at the bottom of the building, people from New Jersey to New York need to change trains here, so it is estimated that more people are trapped underground.

According to statistics, at least 200 firefighters were killed in the explosion of the world trade center in New York, and 266 passengers and crew were killed in the crashed plane.

The overall number of casualties cannot be counted so far.

However, the police predict that thousands of people have died, and the number of people working in the world trade center is about 50000.

On average, about 150000 people visit the world trade center every day.

It can be imagined that there are a considerable number of deaths and injuries.

Terror and tension enveloped the whole of New York City.

Just when the world trade center in New York was attacked by aircraft, Washington, the capital of the United States, also suffered the largest terrorist attack since the founding of the United States.

The Pentagon, the core of the US military, became the first target of attack in Washington.

At 10:00 a.m. local time on September 11 (22:00 Beijing time), the first explosion occurred in the Pentagon.

The explosion occurred on a highway next to the Pentagon.

About 15 minutes later, a second explosion occurred in the US Department of defense.

The thick smoke swallowed a whole corner of the Pentagon.

About 23000 US Department of defense officials and staff rushed out of the building, with incredible panic on their faces.

Due to the strict guard of the Ministry of defense, the media could not understand the specific attack, but one eyewitness said it was the fire caused by the explosion of a helicopter.

Another source revealed that a commercial aircraft crashed directly into the Pentagon and caused the explosion.

At 22:49, the passenger plane carrying more than 160 passengers and crew fell, killing all the people on board and a large number of ground personnel.

The US military and government have not confirmed whether the plane crashed on its own or was shot down by a fighter plane.

At 10:10 local time on September 11 (22:10 Beijing time on September 11), the US Capitol Hill in Washington was also attacked and exploded.

At 10:35 local time on September 11 (22:35 Beijing time), a car bomb exploded outside the US State Department in Washington.

All departments of the federal government conducted emergency evacuation to reduce casualties.

According to CNN, after the twin towers of the world trade center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington were hit by planes hijacked by terrorists, all staff of the White House have been evacuated.

The building, which symbolizes the supreme power of the United States, has become a veritable empty city.

Although the situation in Washington is more stable than that in New York, because it is the political center of the United States, the Department of defense, the State Department and Capitol Hill have been attacked one after anotherThe incident was also very serious and had a great impact.

It is expected that the United States will encounter terrorist attacks.

As early as April 1999, a group of Islamic fundamentalists headed by Muhammad atta began brewing and planning to use “aircraft bombs” to attack the United States in Hamburg, Germany.

They are divided into three levels.

The first group, Atta and other masterminds, has a total of four people, who are responsible for determining the date of the attack and flying the plane.

The second group, aromali and other helpers, consists of three people, who are responsible for assisting, such as helping to rent a house, apply for a driver’s license and distribute funds.

The third group is 12 “soldiers”, or “thugs”, whose duty is to control the stewardess and passengers.

The ideas of Atta and others were encouraged by bin Laden’s al Qaeda and supported by money.

The CIA even suspected that bin Laden himself approved the plan.

Since 1999, hanzhuo, zarashi, Atta and Shexi have claimed to be “amateur pilots” and received flight training at flight training centers “as long as you pay” in Phoenix, San Diego and Florida.

In the summer of 2001, 12 of atta’s “thugs” successively arrived in the United States from Saudi Arabia.

These people look gentle in speech and behavior, and no one will associate them with the word “outlaw”.

Most of them have received higher education in Saudi Arabia and come from middle and upper class families in areas where fundamentalism is prevalent.

After arriving in the United States, Atta and others closed themselves and had little contact with American society.

In addition to their regular use of the Internet for general contact, they mainly meet in Las Vegas, a gambling city, because this place is mixed and easy to hide their identity.

Nevertheless, they just meet at cheap motels, come and go in a hurry, leave after talking, and never patronize casinos.

According to the provisions of the “base” terrorist training manual, drills should be conducted in places similar to the real operation site before the implementation of the operation.

Therefore, from May 2001, Atta and others began to simulate hijacking by plane.

During the flights to adapt to the hijacking environment in May, June and July, they bought first-class and round-trip tickets, but on the last flight from Las Vegas to the east coast, they only bought one-way tickets to different destinations and took economy class – obviously, they intend to “never return”.

However, the omnipotent CIA knows nothing about all this carefully planned and prepared by Atta and others for more than two years! On September 2, bin Laden once again said through the media, “we will launch a large-scale attack on the United States”.

Americans who have long been accustomed to such threats never thought that bin Laden’s “platitude” was a real action.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, as planned, the group dispersed to board the plane in order to carry out separate attacks.

Atta’s group took American Airlines Boeing 767 (flight number F11) from Boston Logan Airport to New York.

Shexi’s group took Boeing 767 (flight number f175) from Boston Logan Airport To San Francisco.

Hanzhuo group took American Airlines Boeing 757 (flight number F77) from Washington to Los Angeles from Dulles International Airport.

Zarashi’s team took a Boeing 757 (flight number F93) from Newark Airport, New Jersey to San Francisco.

At about 8:00, when American Airlines flight F11 reminded passengers to turn off their personal phones and computers while waiting to take off, Atta, sitting in seat 8D of economy class, spoke to Shexi in seat 6C of United Airlines flight f175 not far away.

The conversation lasted less than a minute.

They called each other cousins in a very close tone, It was this call that marked the beginning of the cruelest terrorist act in history.

According to the situation observed and mastered by Atta and others in the simulated hijacking flight, the best hijacking time is when the aircraft reaches the cruise altitude 40 minutes after taking off.

So, 40 minutes after the plane took off, they began to act.

The thugs rushed the passengers to the rear of the cabin.

In order to avoid passengers’ resistance, they claimed that this was an ordinary hijacking.

As long as they obey their orders, the passengers and crew will be released after the plane lands.

At 8:45, flight F11 hijacked by Atta and others, together with 81 passengers and 11 crew members, first crashed into the South Building of the world trade center in Manhattan, New York.

The plane “tore” the building, causing thick smoke and explosion on the 80th floor.

At 9:03, hanzhuo and others hijacked flight F77 and rushed to the North Building of the world trade center with 58 passengers and 6 crew members.

The plane crashed into one side of the building and went out from the other side, causing a huge explosion.

At 9:43, flight f175 hijacked by Shexi and others, together with 56 passengers and 9 crew members, hit the Pentagon of the US Department of defense in Washington, and the building in the southwest corner of the Pentagon immediately became a sea of fire.

At 10:30, flight F93 hijacked by zarashi and others attempted to crash into the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

It crashed near Somerset County Airport near Pittsburgh, together with 38 passengers and 7 crew members.

After this series of terrorist attacks, Americans were stunned.

They are asking, “what’s the matter?” In the past, terrorist attacks generally took the form of “human bomb” to achieve their purpose through the fear of people caused by terrorist attacks.

This time, terrorists used “aircraft bombs” to cause a terrible disaster.

Therefore, some people say that “9 ` 11” is a “world-class terror”.

The “Gemini” collapsed in the “9 ` 11” terrorist attack is a tube in tube structure, with 47 elevator shafts at the core and steel columns arranged at the periphery.

The spacing between the load-bearing outer columns below the ninth floor is 3 meters, the spacing between the load-bearing outer columns above the ninth floor is 1.

016 meters, and the window width of the standard floor is only 0.

55 meters.

Under the impact of extremely high speed, the two planes still disappeared into its abdomen, The plane that hit the South Tower even penetrated the whole building with a depth of 63.

5 meters.

Its power is really creepy.

The Pentagon has also been reinforced and destroyed, but it is still inevitable to collapse.

After simulation calculation, American scientists determined that the explosion power of “aircraft bomb” about 500 kg of yellow explosive TNT is about equivalent to the energy released by detonating 25 giant bombs and about 125% of the energy released by the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.

Located in the World Trade Center building in ManhattanThe bariside Institute of Seismology in New York, about 30 kilometers away, said that the ground vibrations detected when the world trade center “Gemini” building collapsed successively were 2.

1 and 2.

3 on the Richter scale, respectively.

By the end of December 2001, 3173 people in 62 countries had been killed in the “9 ` 11” incident, far exceeding the death toll of the Pearl Harbor incident.

The world economic losses caused by it have also reached astronomical figures.

The “autumn report on the economy of Europe and North America” of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe believes that the “9 ` 11” terrorist attack may cause about $200 billion in losses to the United States, equivalent to a devastating earthquake.

According to the estimates of financial analysts in London, the “September 11” incident caused about 165 billion pounds of losses to the global economy.

The research report released by the UN Economic and Social Council said that the “9 ` 11” terrorist attacks will reduce the growth rate of the world economy by one percentage point in 2001, with a loss of 350 billion US dollars.

As a result, the United Nations lowered the world economic growth rate in 2001 from the original forecast of 2.

4 per cent to 1.

4 per cent.

The originally expected “global recovery in the second half of 2001” was forced to be revised to “weak recovery in mid-2002”.

The “9 ` 11” terrorist attacks exposed some blind spots and vulnerabilities of the US national security system, broke the myth that the United States is “the safest country in the world”, and caused unprecedented mental panic among the American people.

This incident will strike Americans’ arrogance for a long time.

According to the “autumn report on the economy of Europe and North America” of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, terrorist attacks are different from earthquakes.

Compared with the disasters they bring, terrorist attacks have a deeper and longer psychological impact on people, which makes people panic about national political and economic security.

The new round of terrorist attacks is still like a sharp sword hanging over the head of the American people, making the United States restless.

President Bush was busy inspecting Florida when the twin was attacked.

According to the plan, he will visit a junior school in the western city of Sarasota, Florida.

At about 9:5, the nightmare came.

He is with the students in the school classroom.

Earlier, Bush knew that a plane had crashed into one of the sister buildings of the world trade center in Manhattan, but he was told it might be an accident.

Now he was told that the second plane hit another building – it was by no means an accident.

Andy card, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, bowed and whispered, “Mr.

President, the United States has been attacked!” Television cameras and people around the president didn’t catch this sentence, but they noticed the change in the president’s expression, a brief, imperceptible, flash of shock, mixed with doubt and fear.

The speech began quickly, but there was no script this time because it was incredible.

Bush vowed to “bring the murderer to justice”.

Then he said he would return to Washington as soon as possible.

However, he did not immediately return to Washington.

For security reasons, national security officials took him to other places and kept him in tossing and flying, but this way may exacerbate the anxiety and anxiety of the people.

Finally, he was taken to a military base far from the capital.

During this period, Bush made another speech at bucksdale air force base.

This time, his language was much more elegant, but it was more fierce.

“Freedom was attacked this morning,” Bush said.

“The determination of our great people is being tested.

” In addition to a statement of indiscriminate bombing, Bush’s speech revealed some information, something that Bush really recognized.

To some extent, neither bush nor his aides can imagine that even the president himself will face a severe test.

Everyone is wondering how Bush will survive.

After all, few of the recent presidents have won the White House with such a weak popular support.

This is the closest and most controversial election in American history.

Few people can win the election when they have been in office for a short time, become interested in the presidency very late, have a lack of knowledge and are in a hurry.

Because if that’s the case, then anyone can be president.

Who attacked the United States? After the “9 ` 11” terrorist attacks, people are questioning and looking, and people all over the world are also guessing and waiting.

US President Bush soon announced that the attack was an “act of war”.

The United States will go all out to catch the culprit and will defeat terrorism.

The U.S. government asked the CIA and the FBI to jointly carry out the investigation, and asked the security and intelligence agencies around the world to provide assistance to carry out a comprehensive search and arrest around the world.

On September 12, U.S. Republican Senator Olin Haiqi revealed to CNN that bin Laden was behind the terrorist incident according to FBI intelligence.

On September 12, in response to a reporter’s question “is there any evidence that bin Laden is responsible for this terrorist attack”, US Secretary of State Powell said that it is certain that the Taliban provided bin laden with the necessary equipment and protection, and the current evidence can show that bin Laden is largely related to this terrorist activity.

The United States should not only identify terrorists, but also those who support terrorists behind them, that is, a country or government.

The United States confirms that “acts of war” have now been launched against the United States.

On September 13, when investigating in Massachusetts and Florida, US Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Miller said that more and more evidence showed that bin Laden was related to the terrorist attack.

On September 14, US Secretary of State Powell confirmed at a news conference that bin Laden was the number one suspect in a series of terrorist incidents in New York and Washington.

On September 15, US President Bush told reporters before the Camp David meeting.

When talking about bin Laden, Bush said: “we think he is a primary suspect.

” “If he thinks he can escape the pursuit of the United States and its allies, he is very wrong.

” On September 18, the UN Security Council called on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to hand over bin Laden “immediately” and “unconditionally”.

On September 20, the United States issued a wanted warrant for 15 terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, most of whom were suspected of participating in the bombing attack of several U.S. embassies in Africa on August 7, 1998, and some of them were also believed to be related to the “September 11” terrorist attack.

SeptemberOn the morning of the 20th, US President Bush delivered a speech at the joint meeting of the two houses of Congress, emphasizing that the evidence collected by the United States points to the loose international terrorist group known as Al Qaeda.

The leader of this group is Osama bin Laden.

The leadership of Al Qaeda has great influence in Afghanistan and supports the Taliban regime that controls most of the territory of the country.

In the afternoon, the United States informed Britain of the evidence of bin Laden’s “Al Qaeda” organization’s “9 ` 11” terrorist attack.

So far, the United States has targeted bin Laden as the culprit of the “9 ` 11” terrorist attack.

Bin Laden, whose full name is Osama bin Laden, was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1955.

Bin Laden’s father was Saudi Arabia’s richest construction tycoon, Awad bin Laden.

He accumulated $5 billion in the construction industry, of which $350 million was inherited by bin Laden.

As an adult, bin Laden gradually found that Arab countries have either become a card for the United States and the Soviet Union to compete for hegemony, or become the target of American repression.

Therefore, bin Laden decided to seek justice with his huge property.

Because bin Laden respected the means of terrorist violence, he gradually became a fanatical fundamentalist.

In 1979, after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, bin Laden wandered into the Hindu Kush mountains, and the tree flag gathered to fight against the Soviet Union.

In 1980, bin Laden and Abdallah Azam, a member of the Pakistani brotherhood, jointly founded an organization called “maktib al kidahmet”, which provided troops and funds for the Afghan resistance organization, and established paramilitary training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Since the war in Afghanistan was a part of the long-term confrontation between the two superpowers and the global hegemony, the U.S. government and Afghan resistance organizations such as Osama bin Laden had a common pursuit: to drive the Soviet army out of Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden and other Afghan resistance organizations have become important allies of the CIA.

From the early 1980s to the late 1980s, the US Central Intelligence Agency allocated US $500 million in military spending every year to arm and train Afghan guerrillas of resistance organizations such as Osama bin Laden, and provided sophisticated weapons such as portable “stinger” surface to air missiles specially used against Soviet armed helicopters.

During the war in Afghanistan, bin Laden’s resistance organization received US military assistance of up to US $250 million.

CIA instructors also taught bin Laden’s resistance organization many guerrilla tactics and terrorist tactics.

In 1989, with the help of the West led by the United States, resistance organizations such as Osama bin Laden finally forced the Soviet army to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The war made bin Laden a well-known “anti Soviet hero” in Afghanistan.

After the war in Afghanistan, bin Laden had no intention of participating in the Afghan civil war and returned to Saudi Arabia.

At this time, bin Laden has begun to believe that the existence of any western country in the Middle East is a threat to the Islamic world, and his deep anti American complex is becoming stronger and stronger.

In 1988, bin Laden established a new organization in Afghanistan, the military base camp called “Al qAda” (meaning “base”), with the purpose of overthrowing what bin Laden regarded as “corrupt and incompetent” governments in the Arab world, expelling Western forces in these countries, and finally abolishing their borders.

After the establishment of Al Qaeda, nearly 30000 people received bin Laden’s terrorist training in the “base” training camp in the 1990s alone.

Many of the trainees were Islamic fundamentalist fanatics.

Al Qaeda soon became the leading center of extremist organizations advocating fundamentalism.

In April 1994, bin Laden was expelled by the Saudi government and his property in Saudi Arabia was frozen because he opposed the Saudi government’s position on the US government sending troops to Kuwait.

In May 1996, bin Laden returned to Afghanistan, financed the Taliban with heavy money, reorganized the “base” organization, built the world’s largest terrorist training camp in Kandahar, and gradually formed a loose international terrorist network with bin Laden’s “base” organization as the core.

In the second half of 1996, bin Laden issued three orders calling on Muslims to take up arms and launch “Jihad” against Americans, and even issued a “war declaration” against the United States on the Internet.

In February 1998, bin Laden gathered all Arab terrorist organizations and announced the establishment of the “Islamic international front against Jews and Crusaders”, from which a brand-new terrorist military organization – “Islamic Jihad Liberation Army” was derived.

In August 1998, Al Qaeda terrorists exploded the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people and wounding more than 5000.

On August 20, the Clinton administration attacked al Qaeda camps in Sudan and Afghanistan with Tomahawk cruise missiles to show retaliation and punishment, but failed to kill Osama bin Laden.

In October 2000, Al Qaeda terrorists once again succeeded in the explosion of the US Aegis class “cole” missile destroyer, causing serious damage to the warship, 17 officers and soldiers were killed and 40 injured.

A series of terrorist attacks made bin Laden a notorious terrorist devil and a thorn in the flesh of the United States.

Bin Laden’s “Al Qaeda” organization failed to receive the due blow in the confrontation with the United States, so it became more and more courageous and once targeted the US military barracks, US embassies abroad and US warships.

Bin Laden’s “Al Qaeda” terrorist attacks against the United States have gradually developed from a single action to a series of attacks, from overseas attacks to domestic attacks, and from local terrorism to comprehensive terrorism.

The terrorist attacks of “Al Qaeda” are becoming more and more destructive and influential.

After the bombing of the “cole” missile destroyer in October 2000, bin Laden’s “Al Qaeda” activities seemed to be much calmer.

Only bin Laden tirelessly called on Muslims to “launch an attack on the devil soldiers – Americans”.

He warned the Americans that he “would launch a large-scale attack on the United States”.

On the one hand, the Americans hated a series of terrorist events caused by bin Laden, a well-known “anti Soviet hero”, on the other hand, they ignored his threats and regarded them as platitudes and nonsense.

Unexpectedly, it was bin Laden who pushed the terrorist activities to the peak through the “9 ` 11” attacks.