Dan recalled: for months, I thought I was like a walking corpse. My mind was always full of images at that time, so I decided to retire in August 2002. I really appreciate and cherish every day, but your mind is always full of dark clouds.

data map

lozwali Town, Pennsylvania, is close to the mountains and rivers and extremely quiet. It is about 2 hours’ drive from New York. The car stopped in front of a simple white house. We saw the sign of the house number saying “grateful heart”.

this is the home of Jane Potter and Dan Potter, a couple who survived the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks. Walking into their home, they were first attracted by a showroom, where there were photos of the owner, including one of Dan sitting on the bench after the 9 / 11 rescue, which was impressive. On the same day, the red hat was worn by the fireplace, and the red hat was placed in the fireplace.

ten years later, Jane Porter still believes that it is a “miracle” that she and her husband can survive the disaster and that “God has given us a second life”.

escape from life and death

on September 11, 2001, Jane Porter came to the office on the 81st floor of the North Tower of the world trade center as usual. As an administrative assistant of Bank of America, Jane used to come to the office a little earlier every day to prepare for the day’s work. Suddenly, she heard a huge explosion and the building shook violently. On the same day, two planes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center in New York.

“aircraft gasoline flowed out of the elevator and was quickly ignited. The smoke began to spread throughout the building, the temperature rose rapidly, and the roof began to spray water.” Jane could still feel her horror when she recalled the scene. “I started running to the fire escape and came downstairs from there. I saw an Asian man. His leg was hurt and I tried to drag him into the fire escape,” Jane said.

Jane began to escape hard down. Finally, when she was about to reach the bottom, she saw the firefighters running up. She knew she was saved. “I saw Vinnie jamona, a friend of my husband’s, and I told him to come back safely.” “But Vinnie, 40, the father of four daughters, never came out of the building again,” Jane recalled

and Jane was lucky to get out of the building, but the moment was so unreal. When Jane just walked into a subway station, the North Tower of Gemini collapsed.

“I heard a loud roar. I remember watching it fall. I thought maybe my time was up and I would die. Although I had escaped from the building, in a trance, you felt like you were in the building.”

in a trance, Jane’s mind kept hovering a sentence, “find the fire station and it’ll be safe there.” This is what Jane’s husband Dan Porter, a New York firefighter, usually tells Jane. Jane found the fire station. In less than two hours, she experienced a rebirth.

fire line rescue

Jane’s husband Dan Porter is a firefighter on Stanton Island, New York. He witnessed the first plane crash into the Gemini tower. Although ten years have passed, Dan is still hard to calm down when he recalls the scene at that time. “At that time, my heart was about to jump out,” Dan said. “I rushed to the twin towers. Along the way, there were many bodies, possibly those in the south tower. I saw that many police had begun to cover the bodies.”

Dan and other firefighters entered the rescue site at the first time. “I remember a lot of things starting to fall down and stones and other things hitting my helmet. I felt my hair stand up and the noise get louder and louder,” Dan said In the process of rescue, Dan has been worried about Jane’s safety. He hopes to see Jane in the building and hope that she is not in the building at the same time. “Dan” saw no sign of “spekds” and “spkds” after the first stage of rescue. He immediately ran to his home a few blocks away, which was his last hope. Due to the emergency rescue, he didn’t bring the key. After breaking through the door, Dan was completely desperate and Jane wasn’t there. “I almost collapsed and I fell to the ground crying,” said Dan, looking straight at the ground and choking. After that, Dan began to call everyone jane knew crazily, but no one knew where Jane was.

on the night of moving out of New York

“9 / 11”, Dan finally found Jane. Their only idea was to thank God for giving them a chance to be born again. However, their new life will be very different from before. After the




incident, Dan has been involved in the rescue and clean-up of the world trade center until August 2002.

Dan recalled: “It’s very painful. For months, I thought I was like a walking corpse. My mind has been full of images at that time, so I decided to retire in August 2002. I really appreciate and cherish every day, but your mind has been full of dark clouds. We were very impatient, very upset every day, and I couldn’t calm down for a long time Calm down. ”

although the couple were grateful for their survival, the severe psychological pressure forced them to make a painful decision to move out of New York.

Jane and Dan were born and raised in New York. They love this charming city. Dan loves his work. That’s his childhood dream. But 9 / 11 changed everything. Many of their friends and colleagues have lost their lives in this disaster. Whenever they see the world trade site, their hearts are brokenThe injury is aroused again and again. “We can’t live there anymore. To restore our mental health, we must find a new place to settle down. This is the beginning of healing,” Dan said.

so Jane and Dan moved to Pennsylvania, two hours’ drive from New York, and began their new life in a quiet town at the foot of Pocono mountain. Jane has found a new job as a counselor in a nearby prison. She wants to tell people how fragile life is. Being able to survive is the best gift from heaven.

at the same time, Jane also began to write her new book. She didn’t use the computer and insisted on taking notes of everything she and Dan experienced and their new perception of life. Her autobiography “thanks to God” has been published, and Jane said she would dedicate the book to all the victims and firefighters in the disaster. (Zhang Yingao)