World War II made the world weather beaten, and the Soviet Union was also one of the victims of persecution. The Soviet people’s bravery, fighting and never retreating spirit is admirable, but it can not hide the Soviet people’s aggressive heart and cruel character. This was confirmed by the Katyn massacre against Polish prisoners in wartime and the cruel retaliation against the surrendered German army. However, just after the war, the Soviet Union’s persecution of Nazi prisoners of war did not end. Xiaobian saw an article on the Internet that the Soviet Union tried German prisoners of war to do a terrible anti-human experiment and a terrible sleep experiment. Now let Xiaobian show you what a terrible experiment this is.

an extremely creepy experiment in Russia after World War II about the risk of sleep deprivation. Russian researchers used stimulant experimental gases in the late 1940s to keep five people awake for 15 days. They were kept in a closed environment and carefully monitored their oxygen intake to ensure that the experimental gas did not kill them because it was toxic at high concentrations. This happened before the invention of the closed-circuit camera, so they can only monitor them with microphones that probe into the chamber of secrets and windows the size of five inch thick glass portholes. There are books in the secret room, hammocks for sleeping but no bedding, continuous water and toilet, and enough dry food for five people for a month. The subjects were political prisoners who were regarded as enemies of the country during World War II. Everything was normal for the first five days, and the subjects rarely complained because they were guaranteed (false) that they would be released if they took part in the experiment and didn’t sleep for 30 days. Their conversation and behavior were monitored, and it was noted that they began to discuss more and more traumatic events in their past, and the general tone of their conversation turned negative after four days. Five days later, they began to complain about the environment and situation that made them what they are now, and began to show serious paranoia. Instead of talking to each other, they began to whisper into the microphone and the one-way mirror porthole in turn. Strangely enough, they all seem to feel that they can gain the trust of the experimenter by betraying their imprisoned companions. At first, the researchers speculated that this might be the effect of the gas itself. Nine days later, one of them began to roar. He walked back and forth in the secret room and shouted repeatedly with maximum strength for three hours. He continued to try to roar, but he could only make occasional squeaks. The researchers assumed that his vocal cords were damaged. The most surprising thing is the reaction of other prisoners to this situation… Or rather, no response. They kept whispering into the microphone until a second prisoner began to roar. The two prisoners who did not roar tore the books apart, painted them page by page with their own excrement, and then pasted them flat on the porthole glass. The roar stopped immediately.

three days later. The researchers checked the microphone every hour to make sure it worked, because they thought it was impossible for the five people inside to have no sound. The oxygen consumption in the secret room shows that five of them must be alive. In fact, this is the amount of oxygen that five people consume during very intensive training. On the morning of the 14th day, the researchers did something. They thought they would not get a response from the prisoners. They used the intercom system in the secret room, hoping to cause any reaction from the prisoners. They were afraid that someone would die or become a vegetable. They announced: “we will open the chamber of secrets to test the microphone, stay away from the door and lie flat on the ground, or you will be shot and killed. If you listen, one of you will be released immediately.” To their surprise, they heard a calm voice reply: “we no longer want to be released.” The debate raged between researchers and the military that funded the research. Because the use of the intercom system failed to cause any reaction, it was finally decided to open the secret room at midnight on the 15th day. When the chamber began to fill with fresh air to flush the stimulant gas, there was an immediate sound of opposition from the microphone. Three different voices began to plead, just like pleading for the life of relatives, hoping to rush into the gas again. The door of the chamber of secrets was opened and the soldiers were sent to retrieve the subjects. They began to roar loudly as never before, and the soldiers began to scream when they saw everything inside. Four of the five subjects were still alive, although no one would think any of their state was “life.” The food supply was hardly passive after the fifth day. There was a large piece of meat from the legs of the dead subjects, and the chest reached into the sewer in the center of the chamber of secrets, blocking the sewer and allowing 4 inches of water to accumulate on the ground. How much water is actually blood left on the ground is uncertain. All four “surviving” subjects also had large areas of muscle and skin torn out of their bodies. The damaged flesh and exposed bones at their fingertips suggest that the wound was caused by the hand, not the teeth, the researchers initially thought. Careful examination of the location and angle of the wound shows that most, perhaps not all, are caused by themselves. All four subjects had their abdominal organs removed below the chest. But the heart, lungs and diaphragm remained in place, the skin and most of the muscles connecting the ribs were torn off, and the lungs were exposed through the chest. All the remaining blood vessels and organs were intact. They were carried out and lay on the ground. Although their intestines and internal organs were removed, they were still alive. It can be seen that their digestive tract can still work and digest food. It was soon apparent that they were digesting their own torn meat and were eaten in the past few days. Most of the soldiers in the facility were Russian special operators, but many refused to move out of the laboratory. They kept shouting to stay in the chamber of secrets and took turns asking to turn on the gas in case they fell asleep…

to everyone’s surprise, the subjects resisted violently in the process of being removed from the chamber of secrets. One Russian soldier died after his neck was torn open, another was seriously injured, his testicles were torn off, and an artery in his thigh was cut with a subject’s teeth. Five other soldiers died, too, if you count those who committed suicide weeks after the accident. One of the four living subjects