In 1918, World War I was coming to an end.

At 5 a.m. on November 11, the German delegation headed by the Foreign Minister got on the train of the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces and marshal Fuxu of France, and signed the armistice Treaty of the first World War at leitong station in gongbine forest northeast of Paris.

This extremely harsh treaty includes: first, the withdrawal of German troops from all areas occupied in the war within 14 days, including the territories of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Alsace Lorraine. 2. Hand over the German territory 30 kilometers west and east of the Rhine to the coalition forces within one month. 3. Surrender all guns and ammunition of warships and submarines. 4. Hand over US $31.

68 billion in war reparations (later, because Germany couldn’t afford so much money, it was repeatedly reduced to US $714 million). V. hand over 5000 locomotives with good performance, 150000 carriages and 5000 trucks.

The war is over.

How should these “fruits of victory” be distributed? On January 18, 1919, a part of the stolen “farce” – Paris peace conference was staged at Versailles Palace in Paris, France.

All countries sent representatives to the Paris peace conference, with more than 1000 people, including 70 plenipotentiaries.

But later, the meeting became a “four person meeting” convened by US President Wilson, British Prime Minister Lloyd George, French Prime Minister Clemenceau and Italian Prime Minister Orlando.

Among them, Italy was ignored because of its weak foundation and its small role in the war.

Therefore, in the end, the three giants of the United States, Britain and France are the real masters of the Paris Peace Conference.

From the earliest meeting of more than 1000 people, to the later “four person meeting”, and then to the final “three person meeting”, the Paris peace conference seems to have become the “stolen goods sharing conference” of the United States, Britain and France.

British Prime Minister Lloyd George and French Prime Minister Clemenceau quarreled with each other over the compensation of the defeated country.

Both sides wanted to take the lead.

For a moment, they were in a stalemate.

“Well, how about 30% in Britain and 50% in France?” “No, absolutely not! Why should we France take 50%.

You know, in this war, our France has the biggest loss, so we should get 58%.

” “What’s the reason? You are not the only country to suffer losses in the war, and we have also suffered a lot! In that case, we disagree.

” “Then we don’t agree that you get 30%.

” Although Clemenceau with white hair is 78 years old, he is still as fierce as a beast.

He really deserves to be called “tiger Prime Minister”.

Lloyd George here saw that Clemenceau did not give in, and he entangled in every way.

Neither side was willing to sacrifice any of their own interests.

Britain and France continued to be at loggerheads, and seeing that the meeting could not continue, US President Wilson had to act as a peacemaker and deal between Britain and France, Busy trying to make things right: “otherwise, do you think it’s ok? We don’t want any money in the United States.

Most of the compensation will be divided by your two countries.

Don’t be too serious.

Give way to each other and let other countries get some benefits, France 56% and Britain 28%.

Do you think it’s ok?” “That’s OK.

But the border between France and Germany can be bounded by the Rhine River.

In addition to Alsace Lorraine returning to France, other areas must also belong to us, including Saar District of Germany!” As soon as Wilson’s voice fell, Clemenceau snapped back.

Now, Lloyd George and Wilson disagree.

Because Lloyd George and Wilson are very clear that once France obtains the Saar area, it means that he controls the most important military industrial zone in Europe.

In this way, France is fully capable of dominating the European continent.

Of course they won’t let this happen.

So the big three quarreled from January to April, but no one would give in.

Even Wilson and Clemenceau threatened Lloyd George by withdrawing from the peace meeting.

Finally, after numerous disputes and bargaining, the big three reluctantly reached an agreement: under the appointed rule system stipulated by the League of nations, the territory with 10 million people belongs to Britain, and the area with 7.

5 million people belongs to France.

What the United States gets is that its “open door” principle has been passed, American goods and capital can enter and leave these areas freely.

It is worth mentioning that Japan also obtained some German possessions in the Pacific at the “stolen goods distribution conference”.

After the “sharing of stolen goods” is over, the Paris peace conference will continue its other agenda: first, organize an international alliance to oppose the establishment of the Communist International.

Second, it imposed an economic blockade on Soviet Russia and plotted to strangle the new Soviet Russia. 3. Immediately after the establishment of the League of nations, it directed the reactionaries of various countries to bloody suppress the people’s revolution. IV. redistribute the original colonies of Germany.

On June 28, the last day of the Paris peace conference, all the victorious countries signed the peace treaty.

But on that day, the representative of China, as a victorious country, did not attend the meeting and refused to sign.

And why? Originally, the Paris peace treaty gave Japan all the territory of Jiaozhou Bay in Shandong Province occupied by Germany before World War I, as well as the railways, minerals and submarine cables there.

In order to support the war against the allies, China, as an ally, once provided a large amount of food for the allies, sent 175000 workers to the front line, and finally sacrificed more than 2000 people.

However, now, as a victorious country, China only wants to claim back the sovereignty of Shandong Peninsula forcibly occupied by Germany, but it is decided by Anglo American law and given to Japan.

The Chinese people, who could not bear it, finally broke out a vigorous “May 4th Movement”.

After the end of World War I, the harsh extortion of the victorious country against the defeated country Germany planted the seeds of revenge, and the so-called Paris peace conference did not solve the contradiction of colonial competition between imperialism.

“It’s not peace, it’s just a 20-year truce.

” Ironically, in September 1939, the Second World War was launched, and it was exactly 20 years from the Paris Peace Conference! The people of the world are once again in great pain and disaster.

[cool review] Machiavelli, the author of “on the monarch”, said that when dealing with an opponent, he must be killed with a stick.

Don’t let him have the opportunity to cultivate his determination to revenge.

As the saying goes, get rid of evil.

In fact, they all mean to drive the enemy to death.