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in Berlin. According to the events around them, many witnesses believed that from April 24 (the red army invaded the urban area of Berlin) to May 5 (the German army stopped resistance throughout the territory), the number of women raped in Berlin reached 13. According to various investigations, Berlin historians sanders and Joel drew a set of cautious figures: 100000 Berlin women were raped by the Soviet army, 40% of them have been raped many times, and nearly 10000 people have been raped to death. In the former eastern region of Poland after the war, 2 million people were raped, of which 240000 died. This has not yet included the number of victims in West Prussia, Sudeten, German settlements in Southeast Europe and Austria.

rape is the most ugly and barbaric act despised by human civilization. Because it ignores the dignity and value of human beings, because it destroys lives by bullying the weak, and because its victims are women who give birth to human beings. For these reasons, the punishment of rape in civilized society has always been severe.

however, in the history of World War II, there is a record of large-scale rape committed by military groups that has not been investigated, that is, the large-scale indulgence of the Soviet army after the conquest of Nazi Germany. Since these criminals belong to the side of counterattacking aggression and the victims belong to the side of the world’s public enemy, this appalling collective crime has not been punished, nor has it even attracted the real attention and condemnation of the international community. The only one who has an unforgettable memory of this unprecedented wave of rape in human history is that group of ravaged German women. Obviously, it is difficult for them to believe that justice and justice still exist in the world.

I once tried to ask some old German women to tell me about this history and personal experience. Although my expression was very gentle, no one responded to my request. In this regard, while disappointed, I can understand it. At that time, they lost their dignity, and the only value left was to listen to the victor’s desire under the threat of a gun. They would rather forget such an experience. How could they expose their scars in front of an outsider and bring up the old story again? I have to find another way to find the written accounts left by the historical witnesses to show the history that is almost completely strange to the Chinese people.

among the many written materials about “World War II” written by Germans I have seen, I only found a victim’s memory written by the rape victim himself. The old man’s name was hildegart Christophe. After her death in 1997, her daughter published some information dictated by her mother in an anthology called “every day is war”. Before the war, the old lady lived in the small town of sunlanc in West Prussia (now belonging to Poland), and was driven to Bavaria after the war. The following is a summary of the old man’s memories:

the winter at the end of 1944 was extremely hard. The battlefield on the eastern front is approaching us day by day. Our husbands, fathers, brothers and sons are all on the front line. We never thought about what kind of fate would come in January 1945. January 27 is the birthday of the former German Emperor William. On this day, Russian tanks drove into our small town of sunlang. The Russians wear very thick, long military uniforms and big leather boots. They rushed into houses and robbed jewelry and watches. Any resistance is futile. In the face of resistance, they shoot.

on the first night, several of our neighbors gathered in Lehman beer workshop and hid in the attic to embolden each other. My cousin lives in my house, fleeing the bombing from Berlin. She has a 2-year-old child with her. She has a pistol, but there are few bullets, which is not enough for all of us to commit suicide. We stayed up in the attic all night and heard gunshots all over the city. After dawn, everyone dared to go back to their home. Russian soldiers looked everywhere for young women. As long as they caught one, they immediately dragged it into the empty house, and then gang raped it. At that time, I was 24 years old and worried every day.

the Red Army took charge of the order of the whole city. We were basically not allowed to go out for the first six weeks. One night, the Russians broke into my house and took me and my cousin. This is too easy to do because they prohibit all residents from locking their doors. They forced us into an empty house with guns. There are already some young women standing there. Then the collective rape began, and the beasts pounced on us again and again for a whole night until it began to dawn. When we dragged our weak bodies back home, mother was very happy because she saw that we were still alive. Many women were killed after being raped. Many people in our small town hang themselves. We often have to cut the rope and bury them.

although 60% of the city is in ruins, there are still some bakeries to use. The Russians took the women to bake bread. We can get 200 grams of bread every day. One day, these villains took us to an empty house and asked us to kill and pluck their chickens. After all the work, we not only didn’t get a piece of chicken, but suffered a new round of rape!

later, we were sent to a farm outside the city to work. There they fed livestock, milked, made butter and provided food for the Russians. When the Russians came to get food, they often pulled me into the empty house. At this time, my mother had to stop the Russians and explain that I was pregnant…

Dr. Arnott niedenchu worked in a hospital in Roessel during the war. As a physician, he witnessed the rape frenzy of the Soviet army. He wrote in his memoir:

when the Russians occupied East Prussia, I stayed in Russell as the attending physician of Joseph hospital. On January 8, 1945, Russell was occupied by the Soviet army after weak resistance, and then began the large-scale beating, burning, rape and killing of the occupiers in the city. On the first day, 60 residents were killed, most of them women who refused to be raped, men who tried to protect women and children, and unwilling to give watches and liquor to the RussiansPeople. One day, my hospital accepted a pregnant woman who suffered a miscarriage and was seriously injured by a bullet in her lung. When a Russian wanted to rape her, she said she was pregnant. The Russian was so angry that he kicked her in the stomach and shot her.

rape soon became a trend out of control. According to what I learned in the hospital, I believe that only about 10% of women between the ages of 15 and 50 can escape the misfortune of being raped. Russians have little choice about their targets of violence, including 80 year olds, 10-year-old children, pregnant women and parturients. At night, Russians enter civilian families through doors, windows or roofs, searching for women one by one, sometimes even jumping on them during the day. Most of them carry guns and often put pistols into women’s mouths to force them to submit. And often several people hold down a woman, then turn to commit adultery, and kill the victim at the end. That’s how two women I know were killed. Russians also often beat their victims while raping them.

I believe that only a few Russians are not involved in these terrible crimes. There are few differences between officers and soldiers in this regard. When a 10-year-old girl who was raped was sent to the hospital due to serious lower body injury, I couldn’t help it. Through the Polish translator, I asked the head of the Soviet army in the hospital: is it possible to stop this behavior?! The other party replied, “at first it was allowed, but now it’s very difficult to ban it.” At that time, it also happened that individual criminals were taken to the Soviet army headquarters, but they were released after being detained for several hours.