in the face of war, women did not go away. They gave their wisdom and courage. There is such a woman who has influenced the war process and triggered the war of intelligence, espionage and commercial war…

French female spy — “Skylark”

● avenge her husband

Marta Risher learned to dance swords, ride horses and shoot since childhood, showing her special sports talent. After growing up in 1912, she became a French pilot. Two years later, she married Henry richer, who had been pursuing her. Shortly after his wedding, World War I broke out. Henry richer was drafted into the army and drove to the front.

in 1916, it came from the front that her husband was killed in battle. Marta was devastated by the news of her husband’s death, which made her determined to avenge her husband. She took the initiative to find captain ladu and asked for an immediate assignment. Captain ladu weighed and decided to send Marta Risher to neutral Spain and gave her a pleasant code name “Skylark”. Skylark will maintain a single contact directly with captain ladu.

in August 1916, Marta came to San Sebastian, a resort in Spain, according to captain ladu’s instructions. Captain ladu has received information. Baron von kolberg of the German Naval Intelligence Agency is nominally the naval military attache of the Embassy in Spain, but in fact he is the general director of German intelligence activities in Spain. This person often comes to San Sebastian for recreation. For this reason, the owner of the racecourse specially prepared a fierce horse called “Leidi” for the spendthrift regular.

Baron kolberg came to the middle of the racecourse and was stunned by the scene in front of him.

“thunder emperor” turned his hooves and palms in the sunset and rolled up bursts of dust. A beautiful young girl, holding the reins, sat firmly on the horse’s back. She was dressed in brown and her fiery red hair fluttered in the wind. The whole person is integrated with the mount, like a beating flame, more like the goddess of courage in Greek mythology.

two days later, she became a female “secretary” of the German Embassy in Spain, and soon got involved in German espionage in Spain and became Baron kolberg’s mistress.

● lark spread its wings

Marta obtained many important intelligence here. She found that German submarines often carried out secret replenishment and received missions on the coast of Spain. She predicted the time and place of replenishment by German submarines; A warning was issued that new German submarines were put into use; She obtained detailed plans for Germany’s large-scale submarine offensive in 1917.

Marta also succeeded in stealing samples of steganographic agents invented by German intelligence agencies. At that time, the German technology of making steganographic agent was unique, which was a mystery to the allies. The anti espionage personnel of the second French bureau often intercepted the secret information of German spies, which could not be interpreted because they did not grasp the composition of the secret agent. The sample of steganographic agent sent back by Marta poses a long-term problem for the intelligence agencies of the allies.

Marta found a dangerous spy operating in France – Spanish holdis. This is a fish dealer employed by the German intelligence agency. He often enters the French port under the cover of his occupation to spy on the movement of the fleet, causing great harm to the French navy. After holdis was secretly executed by France, Baron colberg, who had not heard from the Spaniard for a long time, was very angry. He thought holdis had turned back to work for the French.

once, Marta was ordered by Baron kolberg to take secret instructions and two bottles of “weevils” to Argentina and give them to the German spies operating there. “Weevil” is a crop pest that specializes in eating wheat. German spy agencies want to spread the disease to Argentine crops through this pest.

on the ship to Argentina, Marta soaked the “weevil”. After a few weeks of voyage, Marta finally arrived in Buenos Aires. At this time, the “weevil” has become a “specimen”. Marta handed two bottles of “weevil specimens” together with the newly sealed documents to the German Embassy naval attache Mueller. She explained that the sea was windy and high, and the sea water had photographed her cabin from the porthole and wet the documents. Several pages of “documents” soaked in seawater can no longer be interpreted. Military attache Mueller doesn’t know the purpose of these two bottles of “weevil” specimens, so he has to wait for the clear instructions of his superiors before handling them.

● broken kite

in the mid autumn of 1917, Captain ladou, the leader of the French anti espionage department, was framed, accused of being a German spy and put in prison. Marta, who had maintained a single contact with captain ladu, could no longer receive any instructions. Marta became a kite that hung high in the air and broke the line. At this time, she had another car accident and broke a leg.

frustrated Marta knows that she should end her mission, but she wants to do one last thing for her country before ending her mission: destroy the German spy network in Spain.

one day, Marta was on crutches and asked for an appointment with Prince ladipol, German ambassador to Spain. Marta told the ambassador that as Baron kolberg’s mistress, she had all the materials about German espionage in Spain and informed the French side of the list of German spies in Spain. The prince’s forehead was covered with tiny beads of sweat, and his face was as white as paper. If the evidence of German espionage in Spain is held by the Madrid government, the consequences will be unimaginable. Is to get German spies back to their homeland as soon as possible before the Spanish government has the evidence.

Marta certainly knew what Prince ladipol was thinking. Seeing the nervous look on the prince’s face, she knew that her goal had been achieved. sheI know that the German spy in Spain will be called back soon, and the new espionage network cannot be re established in a short time. Germany will lose its “eyes” in Spain for a long time. This is Marta’s last gift to France. As Marta expected, German spies were successively withdrawn to China, and Baron kolberg committed suicide on his way home.

the alert Marta ended her mission and returned to France safely. There were no flowers, colleagues, praise and medals to meet her, because no one understood her legendary experience.

in November 1918, after the end of World War I, Captain Radu was acquitted and promoted to colonel. By then, Marta Risher’s legendary experience was known, and she herself was awarded the government Medal of honor in 1933.