In 1870, the Franco Prussian War broke out.

As a result, France failed and the French emperor III was captured.

On September 4 of the same year, a large-scale Revolutionary Movement broke out in Paris, the capital of France.

The monarchy was overthrown and the national defense government was established.

At this time, Prussia was not satisfied with Napoleon III’s surrender and continued to attack France on a large scale.

Prussian troops marched in, and more than one third of France was occupied by Prussia.

In response to the uprising of Paris citizens, Prussia sent 200000 troops to surround the whole Paris from September 19.

As some big cities in France were occupied by Prussian army, and the French army retreated day by day, the French nation was in danger.

In order to save the country, the French working class took on the important task of resisting Prussian aggression.

In less than a month, Paris workers organized a national self defense force with a total of 300000 people and 194 battalions.

The establishment of the national self defense force has received the response of the French people.

With the support of the people, the self defense force is equipped with more than 400 artillery.

On February 13, 1871, the new national assembly of France was held.

At the meeting, everyone unanimously approved Tyrell as the head of government of France.

This Thiel was also an accomplice in the suppression of the June uprising in Paris in 1848.

After Tyrell came to power, he pursued a traitorous policy, signing contracts to compensate foreign countries and sending troops to suppress the uprising of the French people.

Facing the shameless face of Tyrell, the people of Paris finally established the Central Committee of the national self defense army on March 15, 1871.

In the early morning of March 18, tier led a government army to sneak into Montmartre highland to try to arrest members of the Central Committee of the national self defense army and seize the artillery of the national self defense army.

However, at this time, the alarm bell of Montmartre heights sounded, and the national self defense army immediately surrounded the government army hauling artillery like a flood.

Tyrell’s behavior completely angered the people of Paris, and the Central Committee of the national self defense army launched a counterattack against the government army by force early the next morning.

In this life and death struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, the national self defense army is extremely brave and irresistible.

At 10 p.m., the national self defense army invaded the city hall, and the whole city of Paris was under the control of the Central Committee.

On March 28, hundreds of thousands of Parisians gathered in the square of Paris city hall to celebrate the establishment of Paris Commune.

After the establishment of the Paris Commune, the national self defense army delayed the best time to pursue the government army because it was busy with internal elections.

After breathing, the government army launched a fierce attack on the national self defense army on May 20, 1871, and the war began.

At the beginning, the national self defense army resisted tenaciously.

Although there were many casualties, the soldiers of the national self defense army became braver and fearless.

However, with the continuation of the war, the national self defense army gradually made mistakes in strategic defense.

Moreover, because the national self defense army had not carried out complete deployment and division of labor before, the battlefield was in chaos, and there were loopholes in Paris defense soon.

Because the front was too long, the troops were scattered, and it was difficult for casualties to be effectively replenished, the rebel defense against the periphery of Paris was extremely weak.

In the southwest, Trier sent 130000 people and another 700 cannons directly at the city of Paris.

At this time, the Paris Commune of the national self defense army was defeated miserably in the Franco Prussian War in 1870.

On the other hand, the French interim government adopted the attitude of kneeling and surrendering to Prussia.

It not only signed the treaty, but also cut off part of Alsace province and Lorraine Province, and paid 5 billion francs in compensation.

At the same time, the interim government also mobilized troops to suppress the people’s resistance movement.

The angry people of Paris rose up and finally established the Paris Commune on March 28, 1871.

By May 28, the commune was destroyed and the people managed the Paris government for only two months.

Paris Commune is the rudiment of the first proletarian regime in the world.

The defense force is only 18000.

In this way, each national guard soldier has to deal with seven or eight government forces.

Although the troops were insufficient, the government troops could not easily enter the city due to the tenacious resistance of the rebel soldiers.

The two armies were in a stalemate.

At noon on May 21, a spy sneaked out of the city to report, and the government army took the opportunity to attack the city from Santa Cruz gate.

However, what appeared in front of the government forces were barricades defended by the soldiers of the national self defense army.

The streets and alleys were densely packed, and the soldiers of the national self defense army leaned against these barricades and killed and injured batch after batch of government troops.

In the face of these last lines of defense, the soldiers of the national self defense army made an oath to each other: “the barricade is in the presence of people, the barricade is dead! Even if you give your last breath, you will never let the enemy cross the barricade!” The rumbling gunfire came one after another, and the faces of the soldiers of the national self defense army showed a look of death at home.

Soon after, the soldiers of the national self defense army were attacked by the enemy from the northwest and southwest.

Due to the disparity of power, the artillery fire of government forces was extremely fierce, and the Montmartre highland was almost bombed to the ground.

Looking at the menacing government army, the soldiers of the national self defense army began to break through, but only a few people succeeded in breaking through, and most of the soldiers sacrificed their precious lives.

With the progress of the war, the situation of the national self defense army became more and more unfavorable.

Before long, the city hall that the national self defense army soldiers vowed to defend to the death was in danger of being occupied.

Soon, the red flag at the top of the city hall room slowly lowered.

The red flag protected by the life and blood of the national self-defense military can no longer fly over the city hall.

17849 35 29824 25113 24641 8510 4973 30847 18264 26188 29438 13096 18264 12024 13875 8102 2855 29618 The headquarters of the Paris Commune also moved to the priest La Chez cemetery, and the last 200 soldiers held the last line of defense with their bodies.

On the afternoon of the 27th, tyer led 5000 government troops to the cemetery.

After a burst of crazy shooting and shelling, batch after batch of soldiers fell in a pool of blood.

In the evening, the government troops finally rushed into the cemetery, and the remaining soldiers of the national self defense army fought back tenaciously with the bullets left in their hands until the last bullet ran out.

“Long live the commune!” A loud cry attracted the fire of the government army.

The last soldiers of the national self defense army dyed the whole cemetery and the cemetery wall behind them with their blood.

This is the world-famous “commune member wall”.

From May 21By May 28, for a whole week, the members and soldiers of the Paris Commune defended the victory fruit of the commune with their blood and fought a fierce battle with the government forces.

Later, people called this week “may blood week” in memory of them.

[cool review] the collapse of the Paris Commune tells us such a fact: you can’t do anything on your own.

Young people always have hot blood and a hot head.

They don’t care about anything.

Enthusiasm and aggressiveness are important, but planning and arrangement are more important.

Now, many young people like to start a business alone.

You know, the survival probability of jumping off the 10th floor is 2%, while the success rate of starting a business is 1%.

So, first think about how to learn successful experience, and then find the right opportunity to start a business.