today, when we browse the international news, there will always be a country in our vision in a special way. The Chinese call it “a San”. Under the condition of resource shortage, this open famous family gives full play to every tool. Superman is not easy to do, but when China is against the United States, One of our combat heroes shot down a US high-altitude reconnaissance plane. Today, let’s learn about this hero. Yue Zhenhua (1925-2013), from Wangdu County, Hebei Province. He joined the party in 1943, joined the army in 1945, and became the first battalion commander of the second battalion of the air force ground to air missile corps on December 26, 1958; From 1959 to 1964, he led the second battalion to shoot down four enemy high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in territorial air defense operations; On December 26, 1963, the Ministry of national defense awarded him the honorary title of “Air Force combat hero”; On June 6, 1964, the Ministry of national defense awarded the second battalion the honorary title of “hero battalion”. At 6:00 on October 31, 2013, Yue Zhenhua died of heart disease at the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region at the age of 87.


Yue Zhenhua, from Wangdu County, Hebei Province, was born in May 1925, participated in * * in February 1942 and joined the * * Party of China in August 1943. In 1955, he was awarded the rank of major and won the three-level independent freedom medal and the three-level Liberation Medal. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on October 14, 1959, colonel in September 1962 and senior colonel in July 1964. He was awarded the medal of honor for independent merit in 1988. In 1959, the Central Military Commission decided to establish a ground to air missile force, We will resolutely crack down on those who flee over the mainland [high altitude reconnaissance aircraft of the Kuomintang army. Yue Zhenhua, the former head of the anti-aircraft artillery regiment, was appointed as the commander of the second missile battalion. He led the commanders and fighters of the whole battalion to practice their skills and study tactics. After careful preparation, Yue Zhenhua commanded the second ground to air missile battalion to shoot down the rb-57d aircraft of the Kuomintang air force flying into the sky near the Beijing area on October 7, 1959, creating the history of air defense operations in China and the world The precedent of shooting down enemy aircraft with ground to air missiles for the first time in the world. From then on to July 1964, Yue Zhenhua led the second ground to air missile battalion to move to the north and south, set ambushes flexibly, shot down the Kuomintang army’s U-2 high-altitude strategic reconnaissance aircraft three times, won a major victory in territorial air defense operations, showed good political and military quality and command art, and made outstanding military achievements. For this reason, Yue Zhenhua was cordially received by Party and state leaders such as, Liu Shaoqi, and. On December 26, 1963, the Ministry of national defense awarded him the honorary title of “Air Force combat hero”. On June 6, 1964, the Ministry of national defense awarded the honorary title of “hero battalion” to the second battalion of surface to air missiles.




commanded the second battalion to shoot down enemy aircraft four times in the land air defense operation. During his tenure as commander of the division, he also commanded the troops to shoot down four enemy aircraft, and was awarded the honorary title of “Air Force combat hero” by the Ministry of national defense. He retired from the post of deputy chief of staff of the air force of the Beijing Military Region in 1985.

since 1958, the U.S. U2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft has gone deep into China to conduct reconnaissance, take photos and steal military intelligence. Later, the Americans gave the U2 plane to the Kuomintang, which set up a “black cat squadron” to harass. At that time, our army imported the first batch of surface to air missiles from the Soviet Union and established the earliest missile force of the Chinese air force in 1958. One of the battalions is called the second ground to Air Missile Battalion, and the battalion commander is Yue Zhenhua.

on October 7, 1959, an rb-57d took off from Taiwan. It was also a reconnaissance aircraft with better performance. It entered the mainland from the southeast coast and the coast of Zhejiang. Relying on its altitude advantage, the aircraft crossed the layers of interception of our army’s fighter planes and went straight north along the Jingpu railway. It was 480km southeast of Beijing at 11:15 noon on October 7, 1959. At that time, Yue Zhenhua’s second missile battalion had entered the first-class combat readiness. After following the aircraft for more than half an hour, at 12:04, Yue Zhenhua decisively issued the command “release”. The missile force was called “one gun of the whole battalion”. Three missiles rose into the air, a fire and exploded in the air. The rb57d reconnaissance aircraft was shot down on October 7, 1959. This is not only the first enemy aircraft shot down by the Chinese air force with missiles, but also the first aircraft shot down by missiles in the history of world aviation. The Chinese people set a precedent by shooting down the aircraft with missiles.

on September 9, 1962, over Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, battalion commander Yue Zhenhua led the second battalion to shoot down the high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft U2 for the second time. At that time, the world was shocked after Xinhua news agency released the news. A foreign reporter asked our foreign minister Marshal at that time, what did China use to beat down U2? Marshal Chen Yi said, we beat it down with bamboo poles. Very humorous. After that, Yue Zhenhua led his second battalion to adopt flexible tactics, six to the northwest and five to the south of the Yangtze River, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles, sleeping in the open air, shooting a gun and changing places. In less than two years, two U2 planes were shot down in succession. China shot down five U2 aircraft in total, and Yue Zhenhua’s second battalion shot down three. China is the country that shot down the most U2 aircraft. Yue Zhenhua’s second battalion is the missile battalion that shot down the most U2 aircraft in the world. This battalion was awarded the title of hero battalion by the Ministry of national defense, and Yue Zhenhua was awarded the honorary title of Air Force combat hero.

in July 1964, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote in an Air Force combat success report: “very good, congratulations to comrades!” He also said to Premier Zhou Enlai, “where is this army? I want to meet them.” The heroic force that Mao Zedong named to meet is the second ground to Air Missile Battalion, which won four victories in the land air defense operation. The battalion commander is Yue Zhenhua. On July 23, 1964, Chairman Mao Zedong, together with the * * families of the older generation such as Zhou Enlai and Zhu De, received all the officers and soldiers of the second battalion, which was the only formed unit that Chairman Mao Zedong received after the founding of the people’s Republic of China. Yue Zhenhua, then battalion commander, recalled that on that day, the positions from sentry to cook in the battalion were managed by the brotherly army. Many officers and soldiers of the second battalion surrounded the leader, leaving eternal glory. From the photos of that year, we can also see that battalion commander Yue Zhenhua is the rank of senior colonel. It is said that when shooting down the U-2 aircraft for the first time, after listening to the report of Yue Zhenhua’s battle, he waved his hand and said: add a star to him when you hit the next one. Thus, for the first time in the people’s army, such a special “senior colonel battalion commander” came into being.