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who have learned about ancient Egyptian culture know that when it comes to the curse of ancient Egypt, everyone’s first reflection must be the curse of the 18th Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, “Tut anhamen”. The curse under the golden mask is the most famous, because anyone who moved the tomb of TUT anhamen basically died strangely. Is this really a coincidence? Speaking of curse, Xiaobian also wants to share with you today the curse of an ancient Egyptian character, that is, the curse of Princess yaraman. It is said that this character’s curse is also very effective. Now let’s have a look.

ancient Egyptians believed that people would resurrect at a certain time after death. Therefore, in order to ensure that the dead had a good body after resurrection, they would embalm the dead body, then wrap the body in circles with linen strips to make a mummy, and the internal organs would be preserved in different places. After her death, Princess yaraman was no exception. She was mummified and buried in a tomb next to the Nile, the longest river in the world. At the end of the 19th century, local grave robbers visited her tomb and carried away Princess yaraman’s coffin, which was sold to four Britons at a high price in 1890. From the moment when the British bought Princess yaraman’s coffin into their hands, the princess, who had been unknown in the land of ancient Egypt for thousands of years, seemed to have come to life with her curse, which brought terrible bad luck to a series of people.

the group of British buyers of Princess yaraman’s coffin returned to the local hotel and put the coffin in the hotel with them. However, after a few hours, the buyer inexplicably walked into the nearby desert and disappeared without a trace, asking another Englishman accompanying him, Casual people said that the buyer didn’t say anything and didn’t leave, so he left silently. The next day, the Englishman who had sex with the missing buyer was shot in the street and was forced to amputate his right arm in order to save his life.

and two other Britons who accompanied them were unlucky later. After one of them returned to the UK, his family’s industry was inexplicably attacked, leading to bankruptcy. As soon as the other returned to the UK, he began to get sick and his condition became more and more serious. Until he invested every penny in his treatment, his condition miraculously began to improve, but his savings were wiped out and finally reduced to squatting on the street corner selling matches. This strange mummy was finally transported to England, and strange things happened all the way. After arriving in the UK, a rich British who loved Egyptian culture very much took a fancy to the coffin and paid a high price to buy Princess yarman’s coffin. However, Princess yarman’s curse did not end.

the rich people transported the coffins they bought back to their homes for collection. Not long after that, the rich people’s luxury house inexplicably caught fire. There was a serious fire in the luxury house, burning a lot of valuable things. And not only that, when the three families of the rich went out, they had a strange car accident, which seriously injured all their families and nearly lost their lives. Under the oppression of all kinds of bad luck, the rich attributed all the reasons to the coffin they had just bought. Forced, the coffin of the rich princess yaraman was dedicated to the British Museum. However, Princess yaraman’s curse continued, and her curse had ominous signs in the process of transportation. On the way to the museum, the truck’s inexplicable brake failed and lost control, seriously injuring a roadside pedestrian. After the passer-by was injured and fell to the ground, the brake was inexplicably better. Coincidentally, after investigation, the passer-by has also been to Egypt and bought some antiquities stolen from ancient tombs. After the truck arrived at the museum, two workers carried it into the museum. When passing through the stairwell, one of the workers couldn’t exert force on his hand. The coffin fell off and broke his feet. Another worker, who was in good health and had no warning in the early stage, died inexplicably at home two days later.

coffins arrived at the museum, but the real curse has just begun. Princess yaraman’s coffin was displayed in the museum. However, since the day the coffin was placed in the museum, the museum staff at night claimed that the coffin would always make a thump sound of knocking on the coffin at night, mixed with women’s crying. What’s more, since then, other antiquities about Egypt in the museum have made all kinds of strange noises. Soon after, the night watchman who claimed these things passed the stairs on duty at night. He stumbled inexplicably and knocked his head on the stairs and died on the spot. After the death, all the staff on duty in the museum resigned collectively.

because strange things emerge one after another, the museum has decided to put Princess yaraman’s coffin into the basement for collection, but in fact it has no effect. Less than a week later, the museum director who decided to collect the coffin in the basement died inexplicably. So far, the coffin of the cursed Princess yaraman was famous. A daring reporter took a camera to the basement to take photos of the coffin. When the photos were developed, one of the photos did show a terrible face. The day after the photo was washed, the reporter shot himself with his gun for no reason.

not long later, the museum presented the coffin to a local antique collector. After accepting the coffin, the collector invited the most famous witch Mrs. vacunji to exorcise the evil spirits of the coffin. After some exorcism ceremonies, the witch said that the evil spirit on the coffin was too serious to be dispelled, and said that Princess yaraman herself was a devil. The devil had been in her body for too many years, and she was already a devil. She said that exorcism on the coffin was impossible and there was nothing she could do. After the exorcism failed, the witch finally gave the collector a piece of advice: “dispose of the coffin as soon as possible, or the devil will curse