The star of peace fell in the night.

He used to be a soldier, but he didn’t want to see blood and war.

In his mouth, more words were “land for peace”.

He is not only an outstanding politician, but also a warrior who is not afraid of violence.

He has sacrificed his precious life to end disputes and eliminate hostility.

Yitzhak Rabin, the founder of peace in the Middle East and the national hero of Israel, who made his life disappear on the Jewish Sabbath? Is the fall of this peace star due to the terrorist actions of extremists or the behind the scenes of intelligence agencies? 2.

Sabbath of blood Saturday, 4 November 1995.

This day is both a legal holiday in Israel and a Sabbath in Judaism.

In accordance with the Jewish rules, it is not allowed to turn on lights, light a fire, drive a car, let alone kill animals.

All buses in Tel Aviv, Israel, are shut down, and shops are closed to thank customers to commemorate this extraordinary day.

As night fell, Prime Minister Rabin, who had been busy all day, had dinner and leaned quietly on the sofa to consider the content of his speech in the evening.

After a while, there was a grand peace rally in King’s Square in the center of Tel Aviv.

The rally was initiated by the masses organized by the Labor Party and some other left-wing parties.

The theme was “peace, no violence”.

After all, he is 73 years old.

Rabin feels a little tired.

Since his retirement in 1968, the former soldier and defense minister has been busy for the Palestinian Israeli peace talks.

The sadness of the old man and the tears of women make him feel more and more precious of peace.

After he was elected prime minister at the age of 52, he followed the ancient motto of “casting a sword into a plow”, focused on national interests, resolved contradictions, and made every effort to promote the Middle East peace process.

It is gratifying that with his prestige in Israel, Rabin has made a breakthrough in his efforts.

In Israel, more and more Arabs and Jewish citizens believe that peaceful coexistence is the only way to end the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

They begin to agree with the policy of “land for peace”.

The soil of peace has extended to the West Bank of the Jordan River, which is an exciting achievement.

It was almost time.

Rabin stood up and walked to the waiting car with his wife Menahem Leia.

He knew that many Israeli dignitaries, including foreign minister Peres, were invited to attend the rally this evening.

They would work together to resolve disputes on the road to peace and finally realize the great ideal of stability and unity.

At this time, more than 100000 citizens had gathered in King’s Square, and many people came one after another.

Many Israelis waved national flags and held up Rabin’s portrait and banners with the words “peace”.

They all wanted to listen to Rabin’s speech and see the statesman’s style.

This should be the largest peaceful gathering since Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948.

Rabin really felt that the road to peace was not lonely.

Standing on the podium, he looked particularly excited and waved to the crowd from time to time.

At 8:30 p.m., Rabin stepped onto the podium amid thunderous applause, He began his impassioned speech: “I have been a soldier for 27 years.

As long as peace does not come, I will fight unswervingly.

I believe there is a chance, a great opportunity to strive for peace.

For those who stand here and more people who are not here, we must seize this opportunity.

” Rabin’s tone was firm and powerful, deeply infecting every audience.

“I have always believed that the vast majority of people want peace and are ready to pay the price.

” Rabin’s mood became more and more excited, and his voice was so infectious.

“Only peace can solve all kinds of problems facing Israel.

Now there is more opportunity to achieve peace than ever before.

Such a grand gathering shows that the Israeli people want peace, stability and unity.

” This is undoubtedly a great speech.

Rabin’s speech was interrupted by applause and cheers several times, and many people shouted the slogan “peace, not violence”.

After the speech, Rabin and government officials joined hands and sang the famous song of peace with more than 100000 people: “let the sun rise and fill the morning with light.

Please sing a song of peace and don’t whisper to the gods.

” At this time, the king’s square has become an ocean of song and dance.

At about 9:30 p.m., the peaceful rally was drawing to a close, and people were reluctant to leave for a long time.

Accompanied by his wife, Rabin walked slowly down the steps and shook hands with the supporters who kept coming up.

The accident happened at this time.

Just as Rabin bid farewell to the people and was about to enter the Cadillac bulletproof car, a young man suddenly emerged from the crowd, raised a 9mm Beretta pistol and shot Rabin in the back.

The unsuspecting Rabin stooped to the ground on the spot.

Then, the man fired two shots at his body, and the great star of peace fell in a pool of blood.

The people immersed in the joy immediately panicked.

Rabin’s bodyguards were stunned.

They pulled out their weapons and fired several shots aimlessly.

As a result, one of their own people was injured by mistake.

When they woke up, bodyguards rath shasley and Mir betkin quickly brought down the murderer, tied him up and stuffed him into a car.

Two other bodyguards, Simon olman and chann weizla, carried Rabin into the car as fast as they could and drove to the nearby izilov hospital.

At this time, the people in the square already knew what had happened.

They rushed to the murderer angrily and shouted, “hang him!” Fearing that someone might be killed or injured by the crowd, the police formed a human wall and surrounded the murderer’s car.

On the way to the hospital, the strong man murmured in a trembling voice, “it’s not terrible, it’s not terrible.

” It seems to be comforting everyone and comforting yourself.

When the doctors learned the news, they were already ready for rescue.

However, Rabin’s injury was too serious.

Three bullets hit the spleen and spine respectively.

Among them, the most serious injury came from the chest.

An internationally banned “dum bullet” (commonly known as “bomber”) has exploded in Rabin’s body, causing blood vessel rupture.

19 minutes later, Rabin stopped breathing because of excessive blood loss.

The clock in Jerusalem points to 11:10 on November 4, the darkest day in Israel’s history. 3. Who is the mastermind? Who was the murderer who was caught on the spot? For what purpose did he kill a leader admired by thousands of people? Was the assassination a personal act or was it accusedMake? With Rabin’s death, people were eager to know the truth.

Meanwhile, a trial began at the Tel Aviv lower court.

The murderer was a short, dark young man who called himself igar Amir.

He was only 25 years old.

He was a third year student in the law department of bayra seminary in Tel Aviv.

Speaking of the reasons for shooting the prime minister, Amir said: “Rabin is a sinner and a traitor to the Israeli nation.

Due to his policy, a Palestinian state is being established.

I must stop the establishment of a Palestinian state.

I killed Rabin only by executing God’s will.

” In the face of the question raised by judge aishiko, Amir said plausibly: “according to Jewish doctrine, we can kill anyone who sells the land of Israel stipulated in the Bible.

I planned to kill him twice, but failed.

” Amir bit his lip and said, “if I don’t succeed this time, I’ll go on.

” As for whether there was an accomplice or being instructed, Amir insisted: “no, no one instructed me, and no one did it with me.

I did it myself and had nothing to do with anyone.

” Since Rabin and Arafat achieved a historic handshake, extremists on both sides of Palestine and Israel have repeatedly issued death ultimatums to Rabin.

Just after Rabin was assassinated, some people made anonymous calls to Israeli radio, claiming that the “Jewish revenge organization” was responsible for the incident.

For Amir’s confession, the Israeli security service believes that things are not so simple.

According to police data, Amir had a criminal record because he participated in the forced expansion of new settlements by Jewish immigrants.

During the search of Amir’s house, the police also found two reactionary books advocating political assassination.

When talking with Amir’s classmates, everyone generally reflected that “that guy’s thought is a little right-wing and likes to go to extremes”.

Other students confirmed that Amir had distributed pamphlets against the government with members of far right organizations.

There are various signs that Amir is associated with the far right organization, and may even be a dangerous element in this organization.

The staff of the General Administration of security suddenly remembered the “dum bullet” that killed the prime minister.

They decided to start with investigating the bullet and find out the mastermind behind the incident.

Amir’s father is a lawyer who specializes in copying the Bible, and his mother is a kindergarten teacher, which can rule out their participation in the assassination.

With the deepening of the investigation, Amir’s brother Haggai Amir came into the sight of the General Administration of security.

According to his account, he loaded steel balls into the top of ordinary bullets to make highly lethal “dam” shrapnel.

He also used his home warehouse to set up a manual workshop, which can make a lot of weapons, even including installing explosive devices on cars.

This amazing discovery surprised the state security administration.

After further interrogation, Haggai basically confessed the facts of the crime.

They all belong to a far right organization, whose full name is the Jewish national organization, abbreviated as “Eyal”.

Since Rabin and Arafat signed the Oslo Agreement in August 1993, they have been eyeing Rabin for more than two years, from planning a “car bomb” attack to assassinating Rabin’s official residence.

In this organization, igar Amir is a small leader.

He follows the command of another 24-year-old madman D avisha Raviv.

Their purpose is to kill and drive out Palestinians and execute “Jews in the PLO” like Rabin.

According to Haggai’s confession, the police quickly arrested avisha Raviv and more than 10 “eyar” members.

According to one of them, slomi Allawi, he once disclosed to the police that Amir was going to assassinate Rabin.

At that time, the national security administration felt that the intelligence was not reliable enough and did not attract enough attention.

Therefore, the tragedy happened. 4. According to the current situation of the labor party dispute, “eyar” is only the perpetrator of the assassination.

Avisha Raviv refused to explain who is behind the scenes.

So, where is this huge hidden iceberg? The Israeli government has established the shamgar investigation committee, which is specially responsible for investigating the assassination of Rabin.

According to the analysis of the Israeli media Haaretz, the domestic right-wing Likud group is likely to be the real culprit, because they are extremely opposed to Rabin’s peace road map plan.

In order to achieve political purposes, they wantonly slander Rabin.

This move further encouraged the arrogance of extremists.

They distributed a large number of portraits of Rabin wearing an Arab headscarf and a Nazi military uniform, scolded him as the Gestapo and threatened to kill him.

Ha’aretz even claimed that the chairman of Likud group Shamir knew in advance that Amir was going to assassinate Rabin, because a member of the group named menel had a close relationship with Amir, who reported Amir’s action to Chairman Shamir.

Shamir took a laissez faire attitude towards this flagrant and despicable act.

Others believe that Rabin’s assassination coincided with Israel’s preparations for the quadrennial general election, and the domestic party struggle was very fierce.

Could his death be the conspiracy of the labor party leader? At midnight on November 4, the Israeli cabinet held an emergency meeting and decided to appoint Shimon Peres as acting prime minister.

At the same time, the observer published a report on the internal struggle of the Labour Party, suggesting that Peres was suspected of murdering Rabin.

He removed the stumbling block by Amir’s hand and replaced it by himself.

This imaginative conclusion caused an uproar in China.

Peres immediately held a media meeting to attack the irresponsible statement of the observer.

At the meeting, Peres said angrily: “I doubt there is support behind this matter.

Its purpose is obviously to bring me down.

” At the same time, he advised those with ulterior motives that the Israeli government would continue to implement the Middle East peace policy and route initiated by Rabin, and that any attempt to undermine Palestinian Israeli reconciliation would be a delusion.

After investigation, the State Security Administration found no connection between Peres and Rabin’s assassination.

Subsequently, the Israeli government and the shamgar Commission of inquiry issued a public statement, ruling out this possibility. 5. Who’s lying? Rabin’s assassination case has thus reached an impasse and seems to have become a headless case.

With more and more relevant insider information disclosed, the case is not clearLanghua, on the contrary, becomes more vague and complex.

As an Israeli intelligence service, Mossad has always been the capital of which the government is proud.

However, this internationally famous organization knows nothing about Rabin’s assassination.

Is it true that there is no news at all, or is there another secret? The State Security Administration (simbet) is responsible for the security of national leaders.

It also has unshirkable responsibility in the assassination of Rabin.

Why is there such a big mistake? Don’t you know the complexity and intensity of their struggle? Ronnie Kempler is a photographer.

He was always with Rabin on the night of the incident and even photographed the murderer’s assassination.

From the picture, Amir was about two meters away from Rabin and fired three shots from behind.

After the gunshot, Rabin turned around.

However, the public report of the shamgar Investigation Committee shows that the bullet fired by Amir broke Rabin’s spine.

According to the medical staff, if a normal person is so badly injured that he can’t move his hands and fingers, how can Rabin turn around? Is he an iron man? What’s more incomprehensible is that some pictures taken by Ronnie mysteriously disappeared shortly after handing over the video to the investigation committee.

What followed was his silence during the investigation.

More than two months later, Ronnie’s apartment in Tel Aviv was attacked by unidentified people, resulting in lifelong disability, and the killer disappeared.

According to barabash, the attending doctor who rescued Rabin at that time, Rabin’s chest was the most seriously injured.

The bullet penetrated from the main artery of the heart and shot from the vertebrae of sections 5 and 6.

This was the most lethal shot.

The police also confirmed this according to Rabin’s clothes and a large amount of gunpowder dust remaining in his body.

However, according to witnesses at the scene, only Amir fired three shots in the back of Rabin.

So, who shot this shot in the chest? Is there someone else who did it? Iqilov hospital is two roads away from King’s Square.

It’s only a five minute drive, but after the incident, the Rabin bus took 20 minutes to get to the hospital.

In this regard, the driver darmzi explained that he was in a panic and went in the wrong direction.

Can a well-trained driver make such a low-level mistake at a critical moment? A series of question marks put Israeli officials in a passive position.

In the face of public doubts, the shamgar investigation committee has nothing to do.

At this time, an emergency made the whole case clear.

Baal beatri is an Israeli intelligence agent and one of the people who escorted Rabin to the hospital.

According to his boss, Betty’s gun disappeared on the day of the incident.

As the situation was urgent, the matter was no longer investigated.

However, a few days later, in the early morning, Betty’s body was found.

He was shot and killed at the door of the duty room.

The conclusion of the shamgar Commission of inquiry has finally come out.

Two people were involved in the assassination of Rabin, Amir and Betty.

According to the verification of bullet mark experts, Amir fired three shots at Rabin, and only one shot hit Rabin.

On the way of escorting Rabin to iqilov hospital, beiteri saw that the prime minister was not seriously injured, so he secretly took out his gun and fired two shots at Rabin.

As for beiteri’s background and motive, the shamgar investigation committee did not give any more explanation, but said that he wanted to prevent Rabin from realizing the “land for peace” plan, and neither he nor any other organization was involved.

Congress finally endorsed this conclusion.

Because Israel only used the death penalty when trying Nazi war criminals in 1962, the court finally sentenced igar Amir to life imprisonment, and his girlfriend Hal Schaeffer was sentenced to nine months in prison for failing to report.

In view of Betty’s death, his case is not investigated.

Rabin’s widow Leia was very angry at the hasty end of the investigation.

She strongly demanded that the shamgar investigation committee be dissolved and the investigation personnel be reorganized.

However, her request was rejected by Congress.

Who killed Rabin? Is there really only two murderers? What does the abnormal behavior and behavior of many people mean before and after Rabin’s assassination? And the mysterious Betty, who on earth is he working for? If there is no backstage, then who killed him? It’s not killing people.

What would it be? 6.

In order to defend the hard won peace, Yitzhak Rabin fell on the eve of dawn.

His death awakened people, political differences still exist, and the road of national reconciliation is full of hardships.

However, it is with national heroes like Rabin that the harsh sound of guns will be far away from the world and the rain of peace will come to the world.

Although he left us, his great contribution to peace will always be remembered by the world, and his spirit and thought will last forever.

The marble monuments of his life stand high in Tel Aviv.

Except for the name of Yitzhak Rabin, there was no date of birth or death, no merit or demerit evaluation.

Because his outstanding achievements have been written into distant memory and turned into a thick page of history.

In people’s hearts, the image of perseverance and boldness will never disappear.

It still guides the direction of the people and leads the process of peace.