said about “burning man day”. Xiaobian first heard about this festival, but Xiaobian thought it was a Chinese festival, but after careful identification, Xiaobian found a problem, that is, this burning man day is not Chinese, but American, and after careful reading, he found that this festival is so powerful. Do you ask if there is a Utopia in the real world? The Utopia of the real world is on the burning man festival, so how powerful is this burning man festival? What is the situation? Let’s follow Xiaobian to uncover the secret and analyze it!


according to legend, Blackstone originated from a divorced American couple in the 1980s. In order to bury his lost feelings, his husband made a person with wood to symbolize himself. He burned him on the beach of San Francisco to show that he had been reborn. Later, because he was driven away by the police, he found the black market desert, which was once a lake bed in Nevada, as a base for burning people, and later developed into the current Blackstone city.

now, at the end of August every year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world will pour into the Blackstone desert. In this barren desert, Blackstone City, a city with a life span of only 8 days, has been built out of thin air, and has suddenly become the second largest city in Nevada. After 8 days, all the residents left, took away all the garbage, and burned all the installations and works of art until there was no left. The whole city evaporated in an instant and returned to a deserted desert.

the climax of the burning man festival is that all the residents of Blackstone City sit around and burn a wooden statue more than ten meters high. One of Blackstone’s principles is “leave no trace”.

2. “Broad daylight”, naked body




the layout of Blackstone city is very interesting. The whole city is round and divided by grid, like a clock. The central square of the clock is very large. In the center is the wooden man waiting to be burned. Around the square are main roads extending outward from the wooden man and named according to the time on the clock. Theme camps and villages are located between the main roads, named after letters and extended in circles.

there are artists and hippies with all kinds of hairstyles, body painting and armor. After asking, a quarter are from countries outside the United States. The age is also uneven, ranging from the little baby in the hands of the father with a mop head to the grandfather who is wearing a pink robe and can’t straighten up and still handing out biscuits on the roadside.

as a very traditional child, the naked residents in the streets and alleys catch my eye most. Although a few hours later, I no longer make a fuss and sit side by side with them naked, drink coffee and chat. When my eyes accidentally turn to their private parts, I pretend to take them back as if nothing had happened.

3. Utopia has always existed. Its name is “Blackstone”,




. At any time of the day, there are always theme camps on the roadside distributing food, or meeting someone on the road, and then being invited to his barracks and sharing food.

drink again. Every day, there are many theme camps along the road to distribute free water and drinks. They always fill my kettle and let me take it away. Sometimes when I couldn’t find a place to provide water, I rashly broke into some theme camps for help. I was often kept by the residents of the camp, drinking water and chatting. I was never refused by anyone.

and finally cleaning. In this desert where the dust is so dry and hot that it can evaporate, eight days without taking a bath is either dirty or smelly. My solution is very simple, that is, I have the cheek to ask for a shower from the barracks with simple shower equipment, and I can get the quick promise of the barracks residents every time. To abide by the principle of “leaving no trace”, you must dry the dirty water after bathing, and then carry the residue and dirt away.

in addition, it is common for people to distribute jewelry and small pendants on the roadside, and even hug and kiss. There will also be some “psychological clinics”, “massage houses” and “spiritual workshops”, which are places where some psychological and spiritual workers provide free services to residents. In Blackstone City, many residents plan some theme camps as temporary universities, offering various courses for free, including meditation, yoga, nutrition, emotion processing, life planning and song creation. At least four or five “universities” teach different courses at every moment. Some alternative universities often offer non mainstream courses, such as how to orgasm in sex, how to run an open relationship, etc.

4. The burning wooden man is our own

. There are three post offices in Blackstone. You can write to your family and friends in any corner of the world for free, or to friends in any theme camp in Blackstone. The staff of the post office will also encourage you to write a letter to yourself in three, five or ten years. When it expires, they will be responsible for sending it to you.

however, what people look forward to most is the night of burning the wooden man. I’ve always wondered, what does that wooden man mean?

is the picture at the beginning: in the raging fire, the wooden man began to collapse, and the surging 70000 residents cheered and hugged each other. That’s a picture I’ve never seen before. It’s like a religious ceremony and a celebration. While I was on the side, staring at the wooden man who was about to be swallowed up by the fire. At that moment, I understood the meaning of wooden man, that is everyone’s “self”.

what burns is yourself, who is ruled by authority and bound by the mainstream!

that rebirth, is a new self! It broke its cocoon and bloomed, and was no longer imprisoned.

practical tips

time: the last week of August or the first week of September every year

location: Blackstone desert

official website:

fee: ticket price (ranging from $200 to $400).

you don’t need money for eight days in Blackstone. Money can only buy coffee and ice.

” request “

There were nearly 70000 tickets in 2013, which sold well. To be on the safe side, you can apply from March to April. The price of tickets fluctuates with time, ranging from more than 200 dollars to more than 400 dollars. If you can’t buy tickets, you can also find them in relevant online forums. Many people can’t participate for various reasons, so they change hands online.

there is a kind of ticket for poor tourists and students, which is called low income ticket , which is also the ticket I held on the burning man festival in 2013. The ticket is only $190, but you need to apply half a year in advance and get notice after a month. You need to provide proof of income in your online application form, explaining how you can create value for Blackstone, etc.

how to get to

you can choose to take the Blackstone city bus or take a plane to Reno, the city nearest to the Blackstone desert. You can also find others on some websites to carpool and pay for some gas. The most common route is from cities such as San Francisco (about $100 round trip). Because of the large amount of luggage (I need to solve the accommodation for 8 days), hitchhiking is not a good idea.


1 Prepare some food or small gifts to share with others. You will be amazed that people will give you food, drink and gifts all the time. Although they don’t ask for anything in return, it would be better if they could share something with others. Being alone is not as good as being happy with others!

2. don ‘t panic! It will be the safest city in person and spirit I have ever seen. Why not open your heart to meet those unknown beautiful people and things?

3. As for sunscreen, as we all know, the desert must be very sunny. My sunscreen rule is to wear long clothes and trousers, hats and sunglasses as much as possible, and wear sunscreen when you can wear sunscreen.