Sun Wukong once told the jade emperor that the emperor took turns and came to my house today.

In Japanese politics in early 1936, there was a force practicing the words of the monkey king.

February 22, 1936, heavy snow.

On the 23rd, there was still heavy snow.

On the 24th, there was still heavy snow.

On the afternoon of the 25th, the snow stopped, but the sky did not clear up, and the whole of Tokyo was covered with black clouds.

This is the biggest snow in 54 years in Tokyo, Japan.

The snow in Tokyo has reached half a meter deep.

The Imperial Palace and the imperial palace where the emperor of Japan works are all wrapped in silver.

A hill behind the Imperial Palace has become a snow mountain.

Behind the snow mountain, there are many official residences of government officials, the largest of which is the prime minister’s residence.

In such weather, especially at night, any family will stay quietly in the room, or read or drink some sake.

However, some people in the barracks of the first division, the elite force responsible for guarding the palace at the outer end of the palace, want to engage in sports.

The sport was seen by the emperor as a riot.

Previously, someone reported that the barracks was going to make trouble, so the government has closely monitored the barracks, especially the leader, Captain Yoshita halal.

At the same time, he also sent bodyguards to important government officials.

The doors and windows of the capital’s official residence have been reinforced with steel bars and installed with alarms that go directly to the police hall.

Anyone feels that no one can make trouble in such weather and such “protection”.

As expected, there was no discussion about the attack on the residence of the elite police in Tokyo on the 25th day before dawn.

At 4 a.m. on February 26, Captain xiangtian halal and other rebel leaders woke their soldiers from their dreams.

The soldiers were sleepy and knew nothing about their plan.

They thought it was a normal night exercise, and the teams immediately rushed to their respective destinations.

A group led by Kada halal will capture the residence of the Minister of the army and put those senior generals under house arrest, so as to achieve their own purpose.

The other group will occupy the police station.

The other four groups went to assassinate the prime minister, the Tibetan minister (Finance Minister), the palace minister and the Minister of waiting.

These soldiers are trained strictly and professionally, so they act very quickly and accurately.

One of the leaders, Lieutenant Kurihara, and a group of gendarmes went straight to the main gate of the prime minister’s residence, disarmed the police sleeping in the room next to the gate with a pistol and entered the residence.

But after entering the official residence, they met resistance.

It was the prime minister’s guard who resisted them.

The two sides began to exchange fire and broke all the chandeliers in the hall.

The people in the hall didn’t make any screams.

The prime minister’s secretary and son-in-law who lived opposite the back door of the prime minister’s official residence was often awakened by forced water for a long time.

He hurried to call the police station.

The phone was blocked because the police over there were busy and were busy resisting and running for their lives.

After a while, he called again – he was wrong, and the other party told him, “we are the rebel army.

” Forced water for a long time often did not know, in a very short time, 500 rebels occupied the police station.

Unwilling, he called the nearby gendarmerie again.

However, the gendarmerie did not dare to come out, but told him that the situation was out of control and there was nothing we could do.

Then Prime Minister Keisuke Okada was finally unable to resist and was captured alive.

A few blocks from the prime minister’s residence, the rebels rushed into the residence of the Minister of the army, Yoshiyuki Kawashima.

Captain kawajima halal escorted kawajima Yizhi out and read him a series of requirements.

Kawajima Yizhi is usually a brave man, but at the muzzle of the gun, he immediately changed his role.

He obeyed orders and immediately went to the palace to report the rebel demands to the emperor.

Another rebel leader, Lieutenant Keizo Ando, led 150 soldiers to rush into the official residence of the emperor’s attendant, Nagasaki guntaro.

Suzuki fought desperately and was shot several times by the rebels, but missed the point and survived.

Shiqing Takahashi, the Tibetan prime minister, was unlucky because he was sleeping when the rebels rushed into his bedroom.

The rebels kicked his quilt off before he woke up.

Before he heard what the other party was shouting, he was sent to hell by countless bullets.

Perhaps afraid that he would not die, another rebel officer shouted, jumped on him, waved a saber and cut him off.

The reason why these people hate the Tibetan prime minister so much is that the Tibetan prime minister insists on reducing military spending, which makes these soldiers very unhappy.

Another rebel leader, Lieutenant Takahashi taro, led his men into the suburban residence of education director Watanabe taro.

Watanabe lay in bed without sleeping.

Takahashi fired several shots at him, then pulled out his saber and let his head move home.

At dawn, the citizens of Tokyo knew nothing except the rebels and those attacked.

They didn’t know what had happened until some office workers were forced by the police to bypass the palace and government buildings.

By this time, the riots had ended and the rebels occupied about a square mile of central Tokyo.

They took the Mountain King Hotel as a temporary headquarters and hung the flag of “respecting the king’s army” outside the prime minister’s official residence.

In the “Declaration” they distributed, they claimed to clear the monarch’s side and smash the group of important officials at that time.

They believed that the elders, important officials, warlords, chaebols, bureaucrats and political parties were the culprits of undermining the national system.

This was the “February 26” riots that had a great impact in Japanese history.

Many people don’t understand that Japan pursues Bushido and absolute loyalty.

How can the following crimes happen? Quite simply, some “hot-blooded” Japanese officers have long had the ambition to conquer China and then the world.

As early as the summer of 1927, Prime Minister yoshiichi Tanaka gave the emperor a secret Memorial.

This memorial was called “Tanaka Memorial” by later generations.

The content of the memorial was to conquer Northeast China and Mongolia, then invade the whole of China, and then conquer the whole world.

This memorial affects all Japanese officers.

If there is a madman’s words, there is a madman’s actions.

However, in the army, some people believe that the purpose of military dictatorship and aggression against China can be achieved without a coup, and advocate giving up the plan of assassination and coup.

They are called “control groups” in the army.

However, some young officers at lower levels still did not give up the idea of launching a coup to assassinate ministers and establish a military dictatorship.

They are called “Huangdao school”.

The “February 26” riot was caused by young officers of the “Huangdao sect”.

Although the February 26 rebellion was finally disarmed peacefully due to lack of support from other forces, Japanese fascistsThe power has gradually strengthened.

The “control faction” headed by Hideki Tojo gradually occupied a leading position in the Japanese army.

With the support of the four most powerful chaebols in Japan, they determined the national policy of comprehensive foreign aggression and expansion and expanded their troops.

In this way, the system of Japanese fascist militarism was finally established after the February 26 riots.

Only one year later, in July 1937, this group launched the “Lugouqiao Incident” in China and openly invaded China.

The prelude to the world war has begun.

[cool review] when you are young, you should fight and rush, but you can’t be complacent after you break through the results.

There is nothing wrong with this group of angry young people in Japan who want to achieve their ideals and rush forward.

What is wrong is that they want to continue to rush forward despite the reality after they get the fruits of victory.

When you pursue your dreams, you should know that enough is enough and have a clear understanding of your strength.

In real life, people should have a clear mind, that is to say, they should have self-knowledge.

Only by truly understanding your strengths and weaknesses, avoiding your weaknesses and promoting your strengths can you accurately locate your life coordinates.

Sometimes, regardless of the objective reality and at all costs, blindly and rashly advance will make yourself swallow the consequences.