because human beings are moistened by the sun, people can’t help but generously dedicate infinite eulogy to it. The most classic and influential is the famous Italian aria my sun.

from the perspective of human needs, we really can’t imagine what the earth would be like without the sun. Therefore, human civilization has been full of respect and awe for the sun since the beginning. Early Egypt and Israel regarded the sun as a God, and there was solar religion. The sun is important, but if you can’t think, you can’t produce ideas. A man with thoughts and a god like the sun must be an earth shaking great man. It is said that the German once boasted of the sun, but he went crazy. It seems that philosophers had better not catch the habit of politicians. Because they do not have the rough skin and thick flesh of politicians, a little out of line often leads to unimaginable consequences.

the sun shining in this article is a western sun. He is not only the sun, but also the king of the sun. He is known as “the king of the sun” in history. He is Louis XIV. It was in his hands that a weak and backward France was hammered into a powerful empire.

in French history, Louis XIV is very famous and prestigious. His 72 year reign history is one of the longest reigning kings in human history, surpassing all emperors in China. According to certain information, Kangxi and his grandparents and grandchildren were the emperors who actually reigned for the longest time in Chinese history and ruled the whole of China. The former was Emperor for 61 years, and the latter abdicated after 60 years of rule in order to show respect for his grandfather. Then he lived for three years before he reluctantly died. This alone is enough to show off. In China, there is no one who still has strong ruling power and leaves the throne automatically. After abdication, he still pretended to control the huge empire. Therefore, KangQian II was also known as the “prosperous age”. However, in such a prosperous age, we could not find a famous thinker in the whole reign of the Qing Dynasty. This is a society that Gong Zizhen denounced as “no talent stealing in the lane, no talent stealing in the city and no talent stealing in the serval Ze”. Compared with the Louis XIV era, it is very different and has a strong contrast. “Spekds” is one of the most important works of Louis XIV, “spekds” and “spkds”, “spkds” created the prosperous era of France, and “spkds” is one of the most important works of Louis XIV, It was Voltaire, one of the important spiritual leaders of the enlightenment and the great thinker, who wrote the witness for this era.

in view of Voltaire’s great reputation in the history of thought, his writing of Louis XIV deserves more attention. We will look at the historical fragments of Louis XIV’s era to see how Louis XIV painstakingly created a strong France in the process of creating great cause, He showed superb autocratic means everywhere.

Louis XIV’s father Louis XIII was a less successful king. In order to avoid cumbersome government affairs, he always handed over the work to the prime minister. He was the famous iron blooded Prime Minister Richelieu in history. The prime minister is hard-blooded, loyal to the royal family, doing his best to establish the dignity of the royal family. But iron blood often means tyranny. He buried the root of the changes in French social life until the French Revolution.

after Richelieu’s death, the French royal family used mazaran. Although mazaran was smart and resourceful, he did not lack loyalty to the king, but his selfish desires far exceeded Richelieu. He did not inherit Richelieu’s integrity, but inherited Richelieu’s strictness. Not long after mazaran became prime minister, Louis XIII also died in 1643. Louis XIV inherited the throne. However, at this time, he was only a 5-year-old child. He was not only unable to maintain his rule, but also controlled and manipulated by others everywhere. After the stone throwing movement broke out, the young king was forced to flee Paris twice. It was this chaotic life that cultivated the little king’s resolute and courageous character and made him realize that only when he mastered the supreme power can he ensure his own and national stability, even at any cost.

first exposed his high political ambition at his accession ceremony. Due to the stone throwing Party movement, the oiling ceremony that should have been held when he ascended the throne was postponed until 1654, when Louis XIV was already a 16-year-old young man. Youth does not mean no ambition. In his opinion, the ancestors had never been able to follow suit. In the past, the ancestors used to stand and perform rituals to show respect for the Holy See, but Louis XIV sat down. This small change made people aware of the young king’s ambition. Sure enough, he showed a tough style after he took office. “Zakds” died in 16kds at the age of 14. At the beginning of his reign, he showed his strong side. Those ministers who were used to reporting to the prime minister seemed a little overwhelmed after mazaran’s death, so they asked the king, “who are we looking for in the future?” He replied, “come to me.” Since then, he has never set up the position of prime minister again. In the year when he was in power, the French ambassador and the Spanish ambassador clashed over the right of precedence in etiquette, and the French ambassador was wronged. On a small matter, Louis XIV immediately said that he would launch a war against Spain, frightening King Philip IV of Spain to send someone to announce in front of ambassadors to France: “the Spanish ambassador will no longer compete with the French ambassador in the future.” After that, in 1662, he bought British Dunkirk and armed the city to become a bridgehead in the war; In 1663, the Duke of Lorraine was forced to cede Marsal fortress; In 1664, he helped the Germans defeat Turkey; In 1665, he helped Portugal defeat Spain on the battlefield. After only four years in power, he made a series of extraordinary actions. Voltaire said: “it is considered good even before the expeditionA warlike and flexible monarch, Europe has been afraid of him even before he launched a war. ” At home, in order to retaliate for the humiliation suffered in the stone throwing movement, he fought against the high court, cancelled the local courts of final appeal, stipulated that they should not discuss and vote on the king’s edict, and exempted or exiled judges who were unfaithful to him. In this way, his judicial system was damaged. In addition, the king has stopped convening the legislative system, that is, he has lost the legislative system. In France, he can do whatever he wants.