“BAM BAM” two shots shocked the whole world.

“Ah – ah -” the streets of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, were suddenly chaotic. . time: Sunday, June 28, 1914.

Location: on the streets of Sarajevo.

Figures: Archduke Franz Ferdinand, crown prince of Austria Hungary, and his wife, Duchess Sophie.

Incident: the crown prince and his wife were shot and killed. . it was an ordinary Sunday, but because of two shots, history turned and the fuse of World War I was lit.

In the words of a Western politician at that time, the lights of the world went out because of the two shots.

At 9:00 a.m. on June 28, a luxury special bus drove into Sarajevo station.

Soon, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, crown prince of Austria Hungary, and his wife, Duchess Sophie, got out of the car.

The arrogant Archduke Ferdinand looked around the crowd, swaggered through the heavily guarded station, and took a convertible with his wife.

Then the motorcade slowly left the railway station and headed for the Sarajevo city hall.

Archduke Ferdinand has just finished a military exercise.

He is visiting Sarajevo.

The Austro Hungarian Empire was composed of Austria and Hungary.

Six years ago, Ferdinand led the Austro Hungarian Empire to annex Bosnia by force.

Since then, he has coveted Serbia, which is close to Bosnia.

He always thinks that one day, he will “eat” this “fat meat” into his “mouth”.

In the military exercise he personally commanded before, the hypothetical enemy was Serbia.

But the Serbs did not welcome Ferdinand’s arrival.

A nationalist named gavrillo prinzip quietly organized a patriotic military group, which is actually a seven person assassination team.

Long before Ferdinand came to Sarajevo, the assassination team had made a detailed assassination plan.

On the day Ferdinand arrived in Sarajevo, the assassination team had ambushed on both sides of the street from the station to the city hall early in the morning.

Everything was ready, just waiting for Ferdinand to appear.

The Ferdinand couple sat in a convertible and talked proudly with the Bosnian governor next to them about the beautiful city of Sarajevo, unaware that they were in crisis.

In order to occupy this land for a long time, Archduke Ferdinand specially brought a few guards to increase the favor of the Bosnian people.

It is precisely because he does not want to show off his military strength in this city that the gendarmerie and police in charge of security in Bosnia do not care, and the security measures are extremely careless.

However, the arrogant crown prince never thought that it was his “low-key” that gave the assassination team a chance.

The motorcade slowly drove up a bridge in the center of the city.

At this time, a tall young man just over the age of 20 was lying in ambush there.

The angry and nervous young man held the bomb tightly in his right hand, his palm was soaked with sweat, and his clenched left hand was also working hard secretly.

His eyes were staring at Ferdinand in the second convertible car, and his feet moved slowly forward.

Suddenly, a heavily armed policeman came to him shouting, “Hey, what are you doing?” The tall young man was stunned.

He quickly smiled at the police and said, “watch the excitement, watch the excitement!” “Look at what you’re looking at.

If there’s anything good to see, get back quickly!” Shouted the policeman impatiently.

In this scene, the motorcade has passed the bridge deck.

Looking at the passing motorcade, the tall young man sighed with infinite regret, turned quietly and disappeared into the crowd.

The motorcade went on and soon reached the Appel wharf.

A young man named chabrinowitz was ambushed here.

In order to seize the opportunity, he rushed out of the crowd and threw a bomb at the motorcade.

On this occasion, the driver immediately accelerated the speed and avoided a fatal blow.

The bomb fell on the hood of Ferdinand’s convertible and then hit the ground.

When it rolled in front of the third car, it exploded with a “bang”.

After the smoke dispersed, it was found that Ferdinand in the car was unharmed.

The bomb only cracked the front tire of the third car, and the governor and Ferdinand’s deputies were injured by the bomb fragments.

The sudden explosion frightened the onlookers, and Ferdinand was really shocked, and his proud look was swept away.

And Mrs.

Sophie on one side was even more frightened, her face waxed yellow and frightened.

Chabrinowitz’s assassination failed.

He glanced angrily at Ferdinand in the car, then looked up and sighed.

Then he swallowed a small bottle of Ferdinand poison and jumped into the river.

At this time, the mayor of Sarajevo and the police commissioner sitting in the first car suddenly reacted and shouted, “catch him, catch him!” Several policemen jumped into the river.

A few minutes later, the dying chabrinowitz was pulled ashore by the police.

At this time, however, chabrinowitz was already poisoned.

He endured the pain and said nothing, but his eyes were full of anger and stared at Ferdinand in horror.

Ferdinand was bristled with chabrinowitz’s angry and sharp eyes, but he was called Ferdinand Archduke.

He was the crown prince of Austria Hungary and the nephew of Franz Joseph I, king of Austria Hungary.

Because Rudolph, the crown prince of the Austro Hungarian Empire, committed suicide in 1889, Ferdinand naturally became the crown prince of the Habsburg dynasty of the Austro Hungarian Empire.

By 1898, Ferdinand was appointed Deputy commander-in-chief of the Austro Hungarian Army.

In 1908, Ferdinand strongly advocated the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which greatly deepened the contradiction between Russia and Austria Hungary, leading to the emergence of the Bosnian crisis.

In addition, he also strongly opposed Yugoslavia’s independence and advocated the reorganization of the dual empire of Austria and Hungary into a ternary state of Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Finally, on June 28, 1914, he was killed by Serbian patriotic youth prinzip in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia.

His death also opened the prelude to the first World War.

Still pretending to be calm, he said, “this guy is mentally ill.

Let’s leave him alone and move on!” With that, the team moved on again.

The frightened motorcade bumped all the way to the city hall, and the mayor of Sarajevo got off quickly,He hurried up the steps and shakily took out the prepared welcome speech from his pocket.

Just before the reading, Ferdinand jumped out of the car angrily, grabbed the mayor’s arm and shouted, “Mr.

Mayor, did you greet me with a bomb? You know, I came here today for a peace visit.

Don’t you know what peace means?” Then Mrs.

Sophie, who got off the bus, saw that the mayor was caught in Ferdinand’s hand, trembling and overwhelmed.

She quickly came forward to persuade Ferdinand.

Ferdinand let go of her hand and said angrily, “OK! Now please read your welcome speech!” The mayor breathed a sigh of relief, stroked the crumpled welcome speech and stammered it out.

After the welcoming ceremony, Ferdinand’s anger was still not eliminated.

He asked the shivering Bosnian governor with a blue face: “Dear governor, do you think it is necessary to continue our visit to the National Museum?” “Your Highness,” replied the governor hastily, “please calm down.

I promise that no similar thing will happen again.

Your highness can rest assured!” “All right!” Ferdinand thought for a moment with a gloomy face, and then said, “before going to the museum, I want to change my way to the hospital to visit the injured person.

” The governor wanted to stop it, but as soon as he looked up just in front of Ferdinand’s angry eyes, he had to harden his head and replied, “yes, your highness!” The motorcade set off again and headed for the hospital.

The police commissioner rearranged it for safety.

In order to ensure the safety of Ferdinand and his wife, he insisted on arranging attendants and officials to stand on the pedal of the car.

Prinzip, who had just received the news, was already ready around the Latin bridge.

The 19-year-old Serbian youth looked very calm at the moment.

He kept all his anger in his chest and had only one thought in his mind: to kill Ferdinand.

As Ferdinand’s special car got closer and closer to the Latin bridge, prinzip also slowly approached and approached in the crowd with the speed! It’s close! When the car was less than two meters away from him, he suddenly rushed forward with an arrow.

Before the officials could react, the pistol aimed at the Ferdinand and his wife and pulled the trigger.

“Bam!” “Bam!” After two shots, Ferdinand and his wife fell into a pool of blood.

Ferdinand was shot in the neck and Sophie was shot in the abdomen.

Before they understood what was going on, they had stopped breathing.

The conscripts who responded raised their swords and were about to cut at prinzip, but heard the governor shouting, “get alive!” Seeing that the Ferdinands were dead, prinzip smiled and took the gun at his head, but before he could shoot, he was caught by the police.

Prinzip struggled and took a small bottle of poison.

Although he convulsed violently, he didn’t die on the spot.

As soon as the news of Ferdinand’s assassination came out, the Balkan “powder keg” which was already full of gunpowder exploded.

The Austro Hungarian Empire, which had long wanted to annex Serbia, finally found a once-in-a-lifetime excuse.

Therefore, under the incitement of ministers, the 82 year old king of Austro Hungarian Empire summoned the chief of general staff of the army.

After a dispute, the two sides reached an agreement and declared war on Serbia.

At 6 p.m. on July 23, 1914, the Austro Hungarian Empire sent envoys to deliver an ultimatum to the Serbian government.

In order to make the other party refuse, they put forward very harsh conditions.

Sure enough, the Serbian government refused their request, so the Austro Hungarian Empire shelled Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on the night of the 28th, killing more than 5000 Serbs.

Then Germany declared war on Russia, France and Britain declared war on Germany, and Austria Hungary declared war on Russia.

In just a few days, all the major powers in Europe were involved in the war.

So far, World War I broke out.

[cool review] Western politicians pointed out that without the bullets from prinzip’s pistol, “World War I “It will also break out, but it will delay.

So far, most people don’t think prinzip is a hero, and even Serbs mostly think of him as an impulsive young man.

From today’s perspective, this is a typical terrorist attack.

Terrorism is a street mouse shouted by everyone today.

This is because although there are only a few people engaged in terrorism However, due to the characteristics of terrorist activities, the consequences are extremely serious.

Political, economic, military, diplomatic, international relations and other fields will be affected.

The September 11 incident in the United States is the craziest terrorist attack in history, but we have noticed that many people died in civilian homes.

Therefore, in order to survive, we should attack the chivalrous terrorist attacks, not praise them.