in 2005, the German government commemorated the great scientist and outstanding thinker in a special way and specially engraved his political creed on the government building: “the country is established for people, not people live for the country.” This is not only the encouragement of the Germans to themselves, but also a reminder to the world!

Einstein’s life (data picture)

American writer, poet and critic Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said: “government is not so much the reason for our existence as the result of our existence.” In a word, the country serves us. If you have difficulties, find the government!

is that true?

in 2003, Karl Heinz, a former engineer living on disability benefits in Germany, went to the court to file a lawsuit and had to ask the government to pay for Viagra, an anti impotence drug of 13 euros per tablet. In the eyes of many people, you are doing beautiful things in broad daylight! But a court in Frankfurt ruled that Heinz could let the state pay for him. In the face of the media, Heinz didn’t thank him for everything, but said: “this ruling is fair. What I need is not charity, but the basic right to enjoy sex.”

! The court and Heinz are serious! The German press quickly searched out the recent court decisions and decisions of relevant departments to find out what benefits Germans living below the poverty line can enjoy. The law stipulates that if the monthly net income of the person responsible for supporting the family is less than 300 euros, the family can apply for welfare benefits. Of course, this figure also varies according to factors such as the size of the family, and the threshold for single mothers and people with disabilities is lower. If the relief application is approved, the applicant must prove that he has used up his savings and sold more valuable items (such as cars). It was found that Germans who received relief were entitled to more than 40 kinds of free items, including iron, washing machine, television, rubber shoes, slippers, pajamas, a new bra every year, condoms and contraceptives, new watches, and so on. These are the necessities of living at home, and the state is considerate. But there are four “highlights” that deserve attention and analysis.

one is the redecoration fee of the rented house. Of course, the government will be responsible for all the rent, part of the telephone bill and most of the transportation expenses of the recipients. However, it is not considerate to stop here. Once you move home, everyone wants to renovate the house for a change of heart. You can’t let some people rely on themselves to post a colorful world with newspapers or pictorials, can you? This matter is not only related to money, but also related to dignity!

are sports goods. Such as new swimming pants, jogging clothes, football shoes. Only by strengthening your body can you have quality of life. He is sick and listless every day. He doesn’t eat anything. Besides, more exercise and less illness can also save money for the government and try not to add chaos. This is to make a great contribution to the country!

three are wedding rings. Getting married is a big deal. You can’t be confused. Due to the lack of money, some ostentation can be simplified or even deleted, but the wedding Keepsake can not be less, because the small wedding ring contains emotion, represents choice and reflects commemoration. It must be unreasonable without a ring. Getting a cheap or fake is clearly a blasphemy to marriage. Moreover, the establishment of marriage and the birth of children are not purely private matters. The family carries the function of population reproduction, which is certainly beneficial to the country. Moreover, they wear a ring bought by the government every day. They often think of the good of the country. Not all of them are warm, but there must be no anger and hatred!

four are musical instruments used by children with musical talent. It is often said that no matter how poor you are, you can’t lose your children and never let your children lose at the starting line. Born in a rich or poor family, you can’t choose yourself, let alone distinguish right from wrong. It was not easy to give birth to a child with musical talent. The parents with poor conditions in the family were happy and sad. They sincerely hoped that the child would turn over his fate one day by relying on this talent. Knowing that the difference between good and bad musical instruments has a great impact on the future, but only by saving money from your mouth, when and when can you realize your child’s dream? In reality, when it is difficult for individuals to support, the whole family eagerly hopes that a strong country will not stand idly by. When we know exactly that the money is really paid by the government, the innocent doll will smile brightly, “the motherland is in my heart” naturally! In fact, originally, children are the future of the motherland, and the motherland should do something practical for children.

the order of nature is “survival of the fittest”. The civilized order of human society lies in “the unfit can survive”, and let everyone live a model of dignity. To prove and realize this, individuals alone are often powerless. Natural and man-made disasters will come uninvited, and the state must lend a helping hand when necessary. Therefore, Germany’s practice is reasonable and consistent with legal principles. There is a famous principle in public law: for public power, any law without authorization is prohibited. The correct understanding should be that the state or government restricts and deprives citizens’ rights, which must be based on clear legal provisions. However, for citizens who urgently need the help of the state, as long as the request is legitimate, the government cannot politely refuse with “no explicit text”, because the obligation or responsibility at this time is both moral and legal (more precisely inferred from natural law). No wonder Germany’s basic law specifically stipulates that “the judiciary is bound by law and law” (Article 20, the “law” here is obviously not limited to written law). Italian jurist klamadre said in his book “procedure and democracy”: “judicial decision is a law filtered by the conscience of judges.” There is no doubt that if only based on written law, it will not only fail to deal with and solve social problems, but also accumulate and intensify contradictions, and even artificially create social opponents or public enemies of the government.