The gods of

in China are different from those in many countries. Our gods are sealed by later generations. In other words, most of the gods we worship now have prototypes in historical records. However, in addition to various gods well known to the public, people believe in different gods in different places and customs. For example, Mazu was only offered sacrifices in the southeast coastal provinces at first, but as a sea god, it affected Ryukyu, Japan,, Chaoshan, Southeast Asia and other regions, and even western ships passing through the surrounding waters. They also asked Mazu to bless them for peace at sea.

as the saying goes, where there is sea water, there are Chinese, and where there is Chinese, there is Mazu, which shows the position of Mazu in the hearts of our Chinese people. Moreover, Mazu was born by water and blessed people sailing at sea for generations. Taiwan Province, which is separated by a strip of water from the mainland, also believes in Mazu with us. Then, why did mother Mazu get so many people’s faith, and who is she? At present, scholars at home and abroad generally believe that Mazu is not a fabricated idol, but a sanctified historical figure who came out of the people. It is said that during the Northern Song Dynasty, a rich family surnamed Lin gave birth to a little girl. Miraculously, other children were born crying and shouting, as if announcing their arrival to the world. From a Western perspective, it’s because children want to breathe, because they don’t know how to breathe, so they have to cry. In fact, this is just a statement. Do children need to cry to breathe? When they were born, they clenched their hands, accompanied by a cry, which seemed to be reluctant to give up all kinds of previous lives. Until they were born into this world, they gradually forgot the past and began to welcome the new life. Isn’t this cry trying to retain the past? However, the girl is not ordinary. She was born without crying or making noise. Moreover, she is not unable to breathe as the west says, but sleeping quietly. This surprised and delighted her mother, so they named her limo. The anecdote of her birth may be like we tell the characteristics of Lin mo. she is like the sea. The crying of ordinary people is like the waves raised by the sea. The waves are insignificant on the sea. However, for fishermen and tourists sailing to the sea, it is the loss of life and property. Therefore, People who go to sea are particularly afraid of the temper of the sea, or an accidental sneeze, which is an accident. Therefore, the scene of Limmer’s birth may indicate that the girl is a God who returns the sea to peace. When Lin Mo grew up, she really showed that she was unusual. She was smart since childhood. When other children were still playing with mud and not familiar with the world, she entered a private school. Moreover, she could never forget it. Even the teacher marveled that the girl would not be below most men in the future. However, Lin Mo is not keen on fame and wealth. When she grows up, she sees that nearby fishermen and farmers are devastated and hurt by diseases. She can’t bear it and is determined to become a great doctor. After that, she began to study medical skills and seek medical advice everywhere. With her wisdom, she soon became a doctor with superb medical skills. She ran all year round to treat people suffering from illness, alleviate their pain and relieve their worry of being disturbed by disease. Because he is in the coastal area, Lin Mo often sees or hears fishermen lament the moodiness of the sea, “waves often appear when the wind is calm, which makes many people who sail to the sea lose their lives”. Lin Mo was very sorry for this, so she began to learn how to detect the joys and sorrows of the sea through astronomy and meteorology. She communicated with the sea with her childlike heart, explored the meteorological changes under the variation of the stars with her smart eyes, and conveyed the hopes of all people to the heaven and the sea with her benevolent heart. In this way, Lin Mo has become a wise woman who can predict the weather. In addition, her previous merits of selflessly helping patients have made people more admire and love her. However, people are not as good as heaven. The sea is so vast. Where can ordinary people do it? Shipwrecks often occur in some places, and many people on the journey are in danger of their lives. Lin Mo couldn’t bear it. She had amazing water ability, so she led everyone to support many people trapped in shipwrecks. The sea is ruthless, and every wave has unlimited destructive power. Lin Mo has experienced countless thrills, but these difficulties can not stop her love to help others. It is said that in a sea disaster, Linmo was swallowed by the waves in order to protect others. After that, no one saw her elegant figure again. Hearing the news, everyone was devastated. How could such a benevolent Bodhisattva be willing to take her life? Therefore, everyone agreed that Lin Mo returned to heaven and became the sea god to defend everyone. Therefore, they spontaneously held sacrificial activities, called Lin Mo “Mazu”, and built a “Mazu Temple”. Local people also go to worship on New Year’s and festivals. They place Mazu statues in their homes and pray to Mazu from time to time. When they want to go to sea, they always silently recite “Mazu bless”. In this way, they can often turn bad luck into good luck. Later, the story became a legend. From to the Qing Dynasty, emperors of all dynasties praised her 36 times, from “madam” to “heavenly Concubine”, “Queen of heaven” to “heavenly virgin”. Every spring, on the day of Mazu’s birth, believers from all over the world flock to the streets. Mazu belief is one of the most representative folk beliefs in China. She also spread all over the world with the footprints of the Chinese people. The fundamental purpose of overseas Chinese sacrificing Mazu is not to forget their ancestors and roots. Mazu was originally a god of maritime protection. Later, when her functions gradually expanded, people believed that Mazu could help them overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, whether it was businessmen, craftsmen, dystocia or other diseases. Therefore, overseas Chinese also built temples to offer sacrifices. It can be said that the legend of Mazu and the belief of Mazu have always been a unique culture led by Southern Fujian of China, which has been spread to the world. Now, it has been listed in the world intangible cultural heritage of the United Nations. From the story of Mazu, we see aA great woman who has always sacrificed her own interests for the people. When she was a mortal, she was not proud of her intelligence, but infinitely dedicated her selfless love. Although there are many fabricated elements in legends and myths, her spirit of great love is really beyond the reach of ordinary people. Otherwise, how can it spread so widely.