if you have some very bad news to tell your boss, you might as well imagine the dramatic scene that took place at the Xiayan mountain space defense operations center in Colorado in 1979. On that day, the radar screen of the operation center showed that 2200 Soviet missiles were flying towards the United States. According to the emergency plan, President Carter will order the launch of intercontinental missiles after confirmation.

the government conducted bacteriological tests on uninformed civilians; Intelligence services recruit telepathologists as spies; The US general plotted to attack China’s nuclear facilities; Politicians secretly build “doomsday shelters”; Intercontinental missiles must be launched within seven minutes… Such appalling scenes are not Hollywood blockbusters. With the end of the cold war, a large number of declassified documents show one secret after another in the cold war to the world.

target: San Francisco

in the memory of most Americans, the greatest threat during the cold war was the nuclear war launched by the enemy country, but Americans did not know that the danger they really experienced came from the top secret test of the US military.

at the beginning of the cold war, the US military believed that in addition to nuclear weapons, the enemy might also use some weapons of mass destruction that attracted little attention; An enemy country is likely to use submarines or small speedboats to release biological agents to important cities along the coast of the United States. Through the declassified documents, people were surprised to find that in order to assess the possible consequences of biological weapon attacks, the US Navy released a cloud containing bacteria to San Francisco in 1950. The military said the gas was “harmless”. However, the historical records at that time indicated that shortly after that, a pandemic broke out in San Francisco, and one of the patients died. In 1966, the US Department of defense ordered the army to conduct another similar test on the New York subway. The results and impact of this test have not yet been published.

plan B

in the 1950s, the White House was very nervous about “red” China’s preparation to develop nuclear weapons by itself. Senior US political officials are racking their brains to stop China’s nuclear program. To this end, in 1963, Maxwell Taylor, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, was ordered to formulate a plan for unconventional war – Plan B. The core content of the plan is a secret attack on the nuclear weapon test base in Northwest China. The operation will be carried out by bombers or special destruction forces composed of 100 Kuomintang soldiers.

once the whimsical Plan B was put forward, it was fiercely opposed by the US State Department. On October 16, 1964, China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb, and plan B went bankrupt.

“telepathic force”

in the early 1970s, the CIA began a secret operation codenamed “grill flame” at the Stanford Research Institute. The public was vaguely informed that the CIA was trying to recruit so-called “telepathists” to conduct remote sensing reconnaissance on the former Soviet Union. The CIA said that they had never provided any useful information for the superhuman sensing ability of “telepathists”. The CIA therefore has another laughing stock. Documents declassified 20 years later proved that the research institution of Stanford University has actually been secretly studying the over the horizon radar that can detect the intercontinental missile launch of the former Soviet Union. The microwave frequency used by this radar is exactly the same as the so-called brain wave frequency. Oswaldo g. Villard, who was in charge of radar research, recalled that one day he suddenly found himself inexplicably in charge of operation grill fire. It turned out that the real purpose of the CIA’s farce of “telepathic force” was to divert the attention of the KGB and cover up this top secret radar research and development plan.

blue Gemini program

it is well known that NASA’s “Gemini” manned space program is another important manned space program after Mercury’s manned orbit flight program. Little known is that there was also a “blue Gemini” plan launched at the same time. The Pentagon wants to use NASA’s orbital flight plan to send astronauts into space as scouts. At first, NASA had a strong interest in cooperation with the Ministry of defense. Declassified documents showed that the US Department of defense allocated as much as $100 million to NASA for this purpose, but NASA retreated when the military began to explain its activity plan in detail. Finally, under the fierce opposition of the US State Department, the “blue Gemini” plan came to an end.

doomsday Hotel

in the early 1970s, there were many rumors about the “doomsday Hotel”. This mysterious “Hotel” is said to be in an obscure corner of Washington. It is the last refuge of American leaders in the outbreak of the world nuclear war.

at that time, when testifying in Congress, U.S. military officials acknowledged the existence of such a facility. Its official name was “Mount wege”, and the exact location was a state secret. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the Pentagon released the address of Mount wege, a mysterious sanctuary in bereville, 75 miles from Washington. Today, mount wege has been transformed into the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In 1995, it was found that there was a similar “doomsday Hotel” in Greenland Brill, a white sulfur resort in West Virginia. The facility is now open to visitors. But people have reason to believe that there must be a more mysterious “doomsday Hotel” somewhere in the United States.

the nuclear explosion of the former Soviet Union

after the end of the cold war, the Russian government publicly admitted that a serious plutonium reactor explosion accident had occurred at the Mayak comprehensive test site in the Southern Ural mountains in 1948. The historical records of the former Soviet Union show that the radioactive dust leaked by the accident is five times the sum of the radioactive substances produced by 500 surface nuclear tests, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and the winskel nuclear accident in the UK. For the public, the Russian government’s statement may be a major piece of news, but it is difficult to understandSecret documents show that the matter is actually just old news for the US government. The “technology application center”, a special monitoring organization of the US air force, detected the big bang soon after the event. For some reason, the Americans kept the secret for 50 years.

seven minutes before the end of the world

if you have some very bad news to tell your boss, you might as well imagine the dramatic scene that took place at the space defense operations center in Shayan mountain, Colorado, in 1979. On that day, the radar screen of the operation center showed that 2200 Soviet missiles were flying towards the United States. According to the emergency plan, President Carter will order the launch of intercontinental missiles after confirmation. In the meantime, the Pentagon has only seven minutes to make a decision. Fortunately, a few minutes later, the officer on duty found that it was just a false alarm. A careless officer mistakenly put a training tape into the machine. The missile on the radar is just some analog signals. After




, the US air force immediately removed the training center from the operation center; Another consequence of the incident is that the Pentagon is always worried that its detectors will make strange mistakes again at some time.

Moscow’s “ghost army”

in the 1980s, the United States carried out the largest arms construction in history. The US Department of defense published research reports everywhere, saying that the Soviets surpassed the United States in almost every military field. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, it was found that the Pentagon was actually competing with a ghost army in its own fantasy. According to a large number of unfrozen CIA documents, many of the new equipment of the former Soviet Union that worried the US Defense Department did not exist at all. Just one example: Pentagon analysts mistakenly took a modified T-72 tank as the latest T-80 tank. In 2001, the commander of the US strategic command, General Han bigg, had to admit at a press conference: “in the 1980s, the Soviets did not actually transform their troops on a large scale like ours.” (Qian chengcan)