has long been a legend about Atlantis in Europe. According to legend, Atlantis is extremely rich, and the people there are Protoss with extraordinary abilities. Its written description first appeared in the dialogue of Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher. “120000 years ago, there was an amazing continent on the distant Atlantic Ocean in the west of the Mediterranean Sea. It was decorated with countless gold and silver and produced a glittering metal – Mountain Copper. It had well-equipped ports and ships, and objects that could fly people,” he wrote After a major earthquake, the continent sank to the bottom of the sea. Some Atlanteans fled by boat and finally settled in China, Tibet and India. The descendants of these Atlanteans became the ancestors of Aryans and Indians respectively. Some Nazi experts claimed that Atlantis civilization did exist and believed that Aryans lost their ancestral power only because they later combined with mortals. Himmler is convinced that once the ancestors of Aryans are proved to be gods, Aryan protoss forces with extraordinary ability can be created by means of racial purification such as selective reproduction.

investigate the physical characteristics of Tibetans

in 1938, Himmler was ordered to send a “German SS seiffer expedition” headed by naturalist Ernst seiffer and anthropologist Berg to Tibet. The team also included botanists, entomologists and geophysicists. The documentary “Tibet secrets” made by these Nazis shows that they were treated by local lords who did not know their purpose. However, this group of sinister SS members did not forget their mission. Berg measured the size of the heads of many Tibetans and compared their hair with hair samples from other ethnic groups; They also judged the purity of their race by the color of their eyeballs; To preserve the data, the Nazis used raw plaster to turn over the faces and hands of more than a dozen Tibetans, and made plaster models of their heads, faces, ears and hands.

during this investigation, the team members also learned from the local population that there is a cave called Shambala, which is said to hide the “axis of the earth” containing infinite energy. Anyone who can find it can get the protection of a biological field, be “invulnerable” and be able to control the changes of time and events at will. In August 1939, the investigation team returned to Germany and was warmly welcomed by Himmler. Himmler presented sever with the “SS honorary sword”. In January 1943, the Nazis established the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology – Sven heding college at the University of Munich. Seiffer was appointed the first president after being recommended by Himmler. Berg was also promoted to a senior SS officer. It can be seen that the Nazi’s first exploration in Tibet was fully affirmed by the Nazi high-level.

search for the “axis of the earth”

at the end of December 1941, the German army was defeated miserably in the battle in Moscow at the heavy cost of losing 500000 people, 1300 tanks and 2500 guns. In the winter of the same year, millions of German troops fell into passivity in the battle of grad. Faced with the bad news, he was at a loss with his general staff.

at this time, Himmler was also thinking hard about how to get rid of the military passive situation. On the one hand, he organized Jianghu warlocks to find the allied fleet by hanging a hammer on the Atlantic map. On the other hand, he thought of the “axis of the earth” in the Far East. After that, Himmler met Hitler and proposed to send a special operation team to Shambala cave in Tibet to find the “axis of the earth” that can control the world, and then send thousands of airborne troops there to build an “immortal army”; At the same time, the “axis of the earth” can be reversed to bring Germany back to 1939, correct its mistakes and restart the war. To this end, Himmler had a secret talk with Hitler for six hours and submitted a 2000 page report to Hitler, in which a map marked the general location of Shambala.

in January 1943, a five member Nazi expedition led by Heinrich Haller secretly set out for Tibet. Haller, a former professional mountaineer, was a staunch Nazi born in Austria. In a mountaineering competition held in Switzerland, Haller won the championship in one fell swoop, fully demonstrating the “excellent quality” of Aryans. He was personally received by Hitler and photographed with him. The journey of Halle and others was not smooth. In May 1943, they were arrested by British forces in India. After several failed prison escapes, Halle and others managed to escape from the prison camp. As Richardson, an official stationed in Tibet by the British Indian governor at that time, adopted a tolerant policy towards the German people, Halle, who pretended to be a German commodity salesman, began his seven-year trip to Tibet. No one can tell where Halle and his expedition went; There are absurd legends that they finally found the “axis of the earth”, but they don’t know how to manipulate it. No one could tell where the three of Haller’s companions had gone, because until the end of the war, Haller’s expedition team consisted only of him and Himmler’s confidant Peter ovschneidt. In 1948, Khalil became the Dalai Lama’s private teacher and political adviser in Lhasa. When Tibet was peacefully liberated in 1951, Halle fled to India in a hurry. In order to avoid trial, he chose to settle in Liechtenstein. Since then, Khalil has maintained close contact with the Dalai Lama for a long time. In 1977, when some insiders revealed Halle’s Nazi identity, At a press conference, the Dalai Lama openly defended his “mentor” and said: “Of course I know Heinrich Haller’s German background, and it was when Germany stood in front of the world as a confessor because of the Second World War. But we were always moved by the ‘lost dog’ and therefore believed that the Germans had been adequately punished by the allies in the late 1940s.” Later, Haller wrote his memoir “seven years in Tibet”, but it did not reveal that he was ordered by Himmler to secretly search for the “axis of the earth” and his true identity as a Nazi.

at present, according to German officials, the Nazis are the first