on May 8, 1945, the German fascists, the culprit of the Second World War, announced their unconditional surrender. On July 26, the United States, Britain and China issued the “Potsdam Declaration”, urging Japan to surrender quickly and unconditionally, but the Japanese government ignored it.

on August 6 and 9, 1945, in order to force Japan to surrender, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. But it was later discovered that the United States actually dropped three atomic bombs on Japan, including two in Nagasaki alone. One did not explode, and finally disappeared mysteriously.

for half a century, the two nuclear powers of the United States and the Soviet Union have tried their best to avoid this problem, but people have been trying to find out the truth. With the passage of time, the secrets of American atomic bomb research have been gradually understood by the world. The most authoritative material is the Memoirs of retired lieutenant general groves, the organizer of American atomic bomb development and production.

in his report to Marshall on July 24, 1945, groves put forward four targets for atomic bombing of Japan: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Ogata and Niigata. By the end of July, three of these goals had been determined. Groves clearly wrote in his memoir: “Hiroshima is the first goal, Okura is the second goal, and Nagasaki is the third goal”. To this end, the United States has prepared three atomic bombs from the beginning. The US Air Force 509 flight brigade also prepared seven aircraft for throwing the three atomic bombs.

after bombing Hiroshima with an atomic bomb, the United States actively prepared for bombing the other two targets. Groves wrote in his work arrangement: “after the plutonium used in Los Alamos’ fat man ‘(the code name of American implosion atomic bomb) is finally disposed of, it will be transported to Tinian by C-54 special plane, and some other important parts needed by the other two’ fat men ‘will be transported by two B-29 aircraft.” It is certain that two atomic bombs were transported to Tinian air force base before the US bombing of xiaocang and Nagasaki. How did the two atomic bombs





according to some historical records, at 3:49 a.m. on August 9, two B-29 bombers and two reconnaissance planes flew over the runway of the U.S. Tinian air force base and flew towards the bombing. When they reached the sky over the small warehouse, the clouds rolled in the sky and the target could not be seen with the naked eye. As a result, Captain weines piloted the plane, It took 45 minutes to fly back and forth over xiaocang for three times, and finally decided to give up bombing xiaocang and fly to Nagasaki, the second target. It was also cloudy over Nagasaki, but this time the plane could not return with a nuclear bomb, so it temporarily decided to use radar bombing. When the plane was ready to throw bombs, the clouds in the air suddenly dispersed, A clear hole appeared in the sky. When bomber Bihan saw a runway in the valley through the hole, he decisively dropped two nuclear bombs…

. Afterwards, the US Bureau of strategic bombing statistics estimated that about 10000 people were killed and 60000 injured. For this bombing, the United States has remained silent without any explanation. Only groves said when he heard the casualties afterwards: “this figure is much less than what we originally estimated.” This proves that the original estimate of the United States is the death toll of two atomic bombs exploding at the same time, but in fact only one bomb exploded.

at that time, the air defense report of Nagasaki, Japan accurately recorded this situation. The governor of Nagasaki, Japan, addressed the chief of the general air defense headquarters, the local director of Jiuzhou The report of the chief of staff of the Western military control region wrote: “at 10:50 this day, two B-29 aircraft entered northward from the direction of Tiancao in Kumamoto County, invaded the sky over Nagasaki city through the sky over the orange Bay in the west of the Shimane Peninsula, and dropped two new bombs with parachutes at 11:02.”

many people think that the atomic bombs were dropped, but after they landed, many people didn’t think: only one of the two atomic bombs exploded.

due to the explosion of the atomic bomb, it deviated from the target by about 2000 meters. Therefore, compared with Hiroshima, the degree of injury is extremely light, and there are few deaths and collapsed houses. Another unexploded atomic bomb was not damaged. After receiving the report, the Japanese base camp immediately sent someone to take close care of the unexploded atomic bomb. This is a heaven given opportunity. Although Japan was bombed by the atomic bomb of the United States, it was also blessed by misfortune and got an atomic bomb. If conditions permit, Japan can also build its own atomic bomb. However, it is a foregone conclusion that Japan has become a defeated country, and the atomic accelerator of Imperial University has been destroyed by the bombing of American planes, so it is impossible to make an atomic bomb. Later, the Japanese decided to hand over the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union in consideration of national interests.

it is said that when Japan handed over the unexploded atomic bomb to the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union also made some commitments to Japan. Because the Soviet Union had obtained important scientific and technological information from the British scientist farach who had participated in the American atomic bomb test, and the physical object of this unexploded atomic bomb from the Japanese, coupled with the intelligence of the Soviet people, the first explosion succeeded in the Soviet Union’s first atomic bomb at 4:00 on August 29, 1949.

hearing the news, US President Truman was stunned and said to himself: “is this true? Is it true?” Because he knows how difficult it is to successfully develop an atomic bomb. Since the end of 1938, German scientists Hahn and straman bombarded uranium with neutrons and fission occurred, the United States, Britain, France and German scientists who fled to the United States have worked hard for seven years to build the first atomic bomb. For this purpose, the United States spent 500000 people and US $2.3 billion, Such a huge expenditure is obviously unbearable for the Soviet Union, which has just recovered from the war. Because of this, general groves predicted that it would take at least 20 years for the Soviet Union to build an atomic bomb.