Profumo was invited to take his wife to a villa owned by his friend Astor for the weekend. At that time, there were many celebrities in the villa, and it is said that there was Ayub Khan, then president of Pakistan. During the party, Profumo came to the swimming pool. At this time, a beautiful and sexy girl came ashore naked from the swimming pool. Profumo’s eyes were immediately attracted.

scandal heroine Christine Keeler.

protagonist of the scandal Profumo.

[Global Times comprehensive report] the arrest of the deputy speaker of the house of Commons on suspicion of sexual assault on two men has become an explosive news in the field of British public opinion in the past two days. It is also a coincidence that the 50th anniversary of the British Army’s “rich and Mo” scandal occurred during the cold war. A few days ago, the British National Portrait Gallery showed a sketch portrait, with the portrait of the heroine who had an affair with Profumo on the front and the portrait of an unidentified woman on the back. The woman is considered to be the witness of the first meeting between the male and female protagonists in the scandal. The Portrait Gallery has publicly solicited information about the woman.

war heroes fall into the trap

John Profumo, the hero of the “Profumo incident” which caused a sensation in the 1960s, came to London from Italy. Profumo was a legendary battle hero in World War II. He traveled to North Africa and Italy. In 1944, he led an armored brigade to participate in the Normandy landing and had a fierce and bloody battle with the German army in France. When




were still in the army, Profumo began to go into politics. In 1940, he returned home between wars to participate in a by election and was successfully elected as the youngest member of the house of Commons at that time. The first thing Profumo did after becoming a member of Parliament was to unite more than 30 conservative members to force Prime Minister Chamberlain to step down and let him take over. Since then, good political contacts and World War II hero status have made Profumo’s career smooth. In 1960, he was appointed secretary of the army by Prime Minister Macmillan at the age of 45; Previously, in 1954, Profumo married a female film star two years younger than him.

in the eyes of outsiders, Profumo’s life is perfect. He has fame, power and a beautiful wife. Everything goes well, but all this is broken on a restless summer night.

on July 8, 1961, Profumo was invited to take his wife to a villa owned by his good friend Astor for the weekend. At that time, there were many celebrities in the villa, and it is said that there was Ayub Khan, then president of Pakistan. During the party, Profumo came to the swimming pool. At this time, a beautiful and sexy girl came ashore naked from the swimming pool. Profumo’s eyes were immediately attracted. After the woman drifted away, Profumo, who was out of his mind, inquired about her identity everywhere. Finally, an orthopedic doctor named Stephen ward told Profumo that the woman’s name was Christine Keeler, 19, and she was a model.

Ward is an orthopedic doctor who serves British celebrities. His customers include Churchill and Eden (British Foreign Secretary). Ward’s private life is very debauchery, and he also likes to introduce the young and beautiful girls around him to the upper class to make a profit. Keeler’s appearance at the party was his arrangement, and profu was unexpectedly “hooked”.

drug traffickers fight, the prime minister resigns,

Keeler fascinates Profumo, and the two begin to meet and have relations several times. Soon, cabinet secretary general Brooke came to the door and asked Profumo to terminate the relationship with Keeler. It turned out that Profumo’s extramarital affair was mastered by MI5 from the beginning. Originally, although this “peach affair” was not on the table, it did not attract too much interest from then Prime Minister Macmillan and other senior executives. The problem is that MI5 found Keeler’s background very complex.

Keeler was born in 1942. He made his debut at the age of 15 and worked as a model in a shop in London; At the age of 17, she gave birth to a baby boy who lived only six days because of premature delivery. The child’s father was a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Then she worked as a song and dance girl in a club in London. It was at this club that she met and lived with ward. But Keeler has always claimed that her relationship with ward is like a brother and sister. In fact, while having a relationship with Profumo, Keeler also maintained improper relations with a number of men. On the night when Profumo first saw Keeler, Keeler left the villa with yevgeni Ivanov, military attache of the Soviet embassy in Britain. Ivanov was actually a Soviet spy, and MI5 had been trying to plot against him.

Profumo was surprised when he learned about the complex background of his little lover, and immediately wrote to Keeler to interrupt all contact between the two. However, his political future was ultimately implicated.

there are two drug dealers in Keeler’s courtiers. Keeler wanted to break off relations with one of the drug traffickers named ajikumbi. As a result, the latter was furious and rushed to Keeler’s apartment, aimed at the door lock and fired several shots. Keeler also offered to terminate the relationship with another lover, Jamaican drug dealer elous Gordon. Gordon reacted more violently, raised his axe at Keeler and cut him, and detained the latter for two days. In order to vent his anger on Keeler, edgy comby ran to fight Gordon, who had 17 stitches sewn in the hospital. Ajikombi knew he had made a big mistake and asked Keeler to find a lawyer for himself. Unexpectedly, Keeler refused and claimed that he would testify against him if he went to court. In a rage, ajikumbi came to Keeler’s house again and fired several shots at the door. Then he was arrested by the police. The dramatic love triangle of




attracted the attention of the British media, and the tabloid editors were crazy with excitement. As the story goes deeper and deeper, the British war Secretary shares the story of a mistress with Soviet spiesThe British people were shocked when it surfaced.

in the face of crazy media reports, Profumo testified in the house of Commons in March 1963 and claimed that there was nothing wrong with his relationship with Keeler. But in May, under the pressure of public opinion, Profumo admitted that he had lied and resigned on June 5. The scandal of the Secretary of the army also dealt a heavy blow to the prestige of Macmillan’s cabinet. A few months later, Macmillan resigned as prime minister on the grounds of poor health.

male and female protagonists have their own endings. The lover of

resigned, the prime minister fell, but Keeler became famous at one stroke. As the scandal raged, a Danish film company decided to prepare for the film Keeler scandal. To build momentum for the film, Keeler took a nude photo for public release. In the photo, she is naked and sits upside down on a chair, the back of which covers all important parts of her body. “Keeler scandal” was not allowed to be released in the UK, but since then the incident has been put on the screen and theater several times, such as the controversial film “scandal” in 1989. In 2001, Keeler published his autobiography “the final truth: my story”, which put forward many amazing conclusions. For example, Rogge Hollis, the head of MI5 at that time, was actually a Soviet spy, and Stephen ward ran a spy network.

Profumo resigned and worked as a volunteer in a charity, first cleaning the toilet and then raising funds for the charity center. His reputation was gradually restored and he was awarded the order of the British Empire in 1975. In 1995, he was also invited to attend the 70th birthday dinner of the wife of the former prime minister. In 2006, Profumo died at the age of 91.

the worst ending is “matchmaker” ward. After the exposure of the sex scandal, ward was arrested by the police on charges of “introducing prostitution”. One by one, his old friends appeared in court against him, including Keeler. After the last day of the trial, ward swallowed a large amount of sleeping pills in the detention center. On August 3, 1963, he left the world with shame. Interestingly, ward is also a talented artist who has painted for the British royal family and many celebrities. The portrait of Keeler in the exhibition of the British National Portrait Gallery comes from his handwriting, and the portrait of an unknown woman on the back is also painted by him. Keeler explained in 1975: “this is me, but I don’t know who the girl on the back is – she was just picked up by us at a station.” Keeler said ward asked her to find some girls for the party that night, and she met the woman on the way. The woman is believed to be still alive and is about 70 years old.