in fact, you don’t have to blush because you’re wearing autumn pants. You know, the predecessor of autumn pants was once synonymous with fashion. In the west, the tradition of wearing two layers of trousers can be traced back to the 8th century. At that time, Westerners abandoned Roman robes and put on trousers in order to ride horses conveniently.

“Henry VIII

last weekend, Chengdu took off its skirt in a misty and rainy fashion. Many people reluctantly chose to stay at home, push the window, drizzle into their eyes, and lie down behind closed doors to listen to the wind and waves. Although the temperature dropped by less than 3 ℃, it made people sad and wanted to wear autumn pants. Autumn pants, I do not know when, has become synonymous with cold – there is a kind of cold called “forget to wear autumn pants”. The beginning of winter has passed, and the temperature in Chengdu has begun to decline. The majority of young men and women are also facing difficult choices again: style or temperature? Mother keeps nagging about her autumn pants. Do you wear them or not? Autumn pants, what is it? Perhaps this is a problem that we have never paid attention to. What you don’t know is that the problem looks simple, but it’s much more complicated than wearing autumn pants or not.

various appellations of autumn pants

chill cool? Or me more cool?

“autumn pants? In my hometown, when I was a child, we called it cotton wool pants. Now, we all call it me more cool.” Zhang Xiaotao, a post-90s Shanghai native, said her northern classmates transliterated autumn pants into chill cool. In the northeast, autumn pants are called thread pants or panties, and they are called sanitary pants.

of course, in English speaking countries, people do not use the image of “chill cool”. In English, autumn pants are called long underwear or long johns. Literally, long underwear is quite understandable, but why are autumn pants still called long johns?

there are two versions of this. One is that in the late 19th century, there was an American boxer named John L. Sullivan. The world heavyweight champion, the last unarmed champion in the history of boxing in the world, likes to wear bare upper body and long underwear when going to the boxing ring. In 2004, a British etymologist named Mitchell quinning proposed that the word John in the English long johns of autumn clothes should be related to John L. Sullivan. Another saying is that in Derbyshire, England, there is a famous factory manufacturing autumn clothes, named after Sullivan, and its product is long John.

the men’s Breeches worn by King Henry VIII of England are the prototype of

some netizens summarized the autumn pants as follows: “Autumn pants are the bulky underpants that the majority of post-80s and post-90s teenagers will wear in late autumn in order to avoid their mother’s nagging. For older people, autumn pants are the warmest layer of protection in low temperature and severe cold.”

originally, it was normal to wear autumn pants when it was cold. But in 2008, a female editor in chief of a magazine who hated autumn pants gnashing her teeth said in a TV interview: “I don’t wear autumn pants, and I don’t allow people around me to wear autumn pants!” This matter caused an uproar on the Internet and triggered a long discussion on autumn pants among many netizens. Some trendy men and women called on everyone to resolutely not wear autumn pants, rather than “forget to wear autumn pants”.

in fact, you don’t have to blush because you’re wearing autumn pants. You know, the predecessor of autumn pants was once synonymous with fashion. In the west, the tradition of wearing two layers of trousers can be traced back to the 8th century. At that time, Westerners abandoned Roman robes and put on trousers in order to ride horses conveniently.

if we must study the earliest prototype of autumn pants, we have to mention Henry VIII, king of England in the 15th century. The king, who incorporated Wales into England and married six times, likes to wear a kind of men’s Breeches best. These trousers are usually made of wool and are tight and legged. Henry VIII often wore them with the popular pointed shoes at that time. I have to say that this kind of collocation looks strange, but it is fashionable.

with the development of time, Henry VIII’s favorite men’s Breeches began to differentiate. Its decorative part has become a very popular leggings, also known as legging. The gorgeous colors and patterns make people forget that it is also a kind of autumn pants.

autumn pants in modern society are often slightly elastic, with the main purpose of keeping warm. They are officially originated in North America. You should know how important it is to keep your body temperature and warmth in a place where the cold air of the Arctic Ocean goes south unimpeded. In winter, people in North America will wear one-piece underwear to keep out the cold. Its style is to wrap people’s upper and lower bodies and tighten their wrists. We can simply understand it as a set of seamless autumn clothes and trousers, or one-piece pants that girls are still wearing.

in the 20th century, a Canadian named Frank Stanfield invented modern style autumn pants and applied for a patent. He became the father of modern commercial autumn pants and opened the road of mass production and sales of autumn pants.

since then, autumn pants have become a necessity for people’s life in cold winter.

John L. Sullivan

various arguments about autumn pants. Foreigners do not wear autumn pants. Their reasons are not up to

. Some netizens posted about their painful experience of not being able to buy autumn clothes and autumn pants in the United States. After this sad lesson, they began to investigate whether foreigners wear autumn pants or not. If so, Who is wearing it?

curiosity killed the cat. It doesn’t matter if the netizen doesn’t check it. It’s a surprise to check it. According to his incomplete statistics and analysis, he came to a conclusion: in Japan, autumn pants are worn by Obasan; stayOnly Korean grandparents wear it; In Britain, only “worthless” people will wear it; In France, only farmers in the 1950s wore them.

of course, it is only a one-sided view that autumn clothes and trousers cannot be bought in foreign countries. In the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, the heating system was not as perfect as it is now. Many families still need to light a stove indoors for heating. At that time, they would also wear autumn clothes and trousers or one-piece trousers indoors, and someone would wear a nightcap when sleeping. Their bathing frequency is also far lower than now, because preparing hot water is not a small trouble. In addition, their hair will freeze after bathing, and they don’t take a bath and change clothes every day. This is a little similar to China in the past. Families rely on coal stoves for heating, collective bathhouses for bathing, and folk customs such as “no shaving before February 2” and “no bathing in the first month”.

with the development of the times, the heating system in European and American countries is becoming more and more perfect and developed, and European and American people no longer need to wear autumn pants to keep warm. Even in Russia and Nordic countries, which are colder than the United States, fewer and fewer people wear autumn pants. A pair of boots and a knee length coat are enough to cope with the short walk between the building and the car. This kind of dress is also convenient for people to wear and take off in the alternating environment of cold and heat.

secondly, for Westerners with strong hair, wearing autumn pants often feels uncomfortable. Because the growth direction of human leg hair is downward, while tight and close fitting autumn pants should pull the hair upward when wearing. It may be difficult for Chinese people with sparse body hair to experience such discomfort, but you can understand such discomfort as: there is a pair of pure wool pants in your autumn pants.

in addition, the pursuit of fashion is also an important reason for people to gradually give up autumn pants. After all, autumn pants completely submerge people’s strong, beautiful and sexy calf arc in a bloated area. Nowadays, influenced by fashion trends, Chinese young people stand on the opposite side of autumn pants and say “no” firmly in the face of their mother’s nagging that they must wear autumn pants in winter.

as for whether others should wear autumn pants, Mao Xiaojing, 25, concluded: “if you are cold, please don’t pull me together. However, I still hope the color of your autumn clothes is not too cold.”