The prince of Troy abducted the Spartan Queen Helen

– the Trojan War in 1200 BC.

traveled 40 kilometers southward from the important town of chanakala at the southern end of Turkey’s Dardanelle Strait to the ruins of the ancient city of Troy – the battlefield of the Trojan War described in Homer’s immortal epic Iliad in the 9th century BC.


the Trojan site is located at the foot of the gentle castle, with wide flat land in the West and the turbulent Dardanelle Strait in the north. Here, the mountains are green and flowing water C ō ngc ō Ng, with citrus and olive trees all over the mountains and farmhouses dotted with red tiles and white walls, it is a typical rural scenery in the Aegean region of Turkey.

in today’s world, there are probably not too few people who know the “Trojan horse plan”. Even the name of a powerful computer virus is also called “Trojan horse”. The Trojan War took place more than 3000 years ago, roughly equivalent to the period of China. Because it is too old to leave reliable written records, future generations can only study it according to legends and archaeological data. This cruel war, which lasted for 10 years, was for a beautiful queen named Helen from beginning to end. When many people first read the story of the Trojan War, they thought that Westerners were so romantic that they could launch a war that lasted for 10 years for a woman. The combination of real historical events and wonderful myths and legends adds a lot of mystery to the legendary Trojan War.

it is said that one side of the Trojan War is the alliance of the ahayyad countries (Mycenae, tylins, Thebes, etc.) led by King Agamemnon of Mycenae on the Greek peninsula, and the other side is the small kingdom Troy on the peninsula of Asia Minor (now Turkey), The battlefield is in the northwest of Asia Minor, along the helespan Strait (today’s Dardanelle Strait) and the Aegean Sea.

it is said that Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Leda and grew up in the palace of stepfather tyndarios, king of Sparta. She was the most beautiful woman in the world at that time and attracted a large number of suitors. The Spartan king chose Menelaus, the son of Atreus and the brother of Agamemnon, the king of Argos, as his son-in-law and succeeded him to the throne.

one day, after Menelaus, king of Sparta, went out to visit, the beautiful queen Helen lived alone in the palace. She had a very monotonous and boring life and felt very lonely. At this time, she heard that Paris, the son of Priam, king of Troy on the other side of the Aegean Sea, was about to lead a powerful warship to Sisera. With female curiosity, she wanted to see the prince and his armed entourage. So she set off for Sisera to prepare for a heavy sacrifice in the temple of Artemis. She went into the temple and Paris just finished the sacrifice. When he saw the dignified queen come in, he was surprised and envied. He held his hands high and prayed to heaven. He couldn’t help falling down. The handsome prince is a playboy who is greedy for women. He could hardly control himself because he felt as if he had seen Aphrodite, the God of love he had seen when grazing on the pasture. He had long heard that Helen was beautiful and moving. He felt that the woman sent to him by the goddess of love was more beautiful than the legendary beauty Helen. He thought that the beauty promised to him by the goddess of love must be a virgin, but he didn’t expect that she would be someone else’s wife. Now, the queen of Sparta is standing in front of him. She can compete with the goddess of love. At this time, he understands that this is the beauty given to him by the goddess of love. He wanted to get her, his father’s entrustment, and the plan of the expedition was immediately thrown out of the sky. He felt that the purpose of leading thousands of soldiers on the expedition was to get Helen. While Paris was meditating silently, Helen was also looking at the handsome prince from Asia. He has long hair and wears a golden robe shining in the East. He is tall and very moving. Suddenly, the image of her husband disappeared from consciousness and was replaced by this young and energetic foreigner. Paris was deeply branded on Helen’s heart.

after the sacrifice, Helen returned to the palace of Sparta. She tried to erase the image of the exotic prince from her heart and forced herself to miss Menelaus, her husband who was still staying in piros. Soon, Paris came to Sparta with several attendants and lived in the palace. Queen Helen warmly received the visiting Prince according to etiquette. Prince Paris spoke in a gentle and pleasant way, and his eyes were burning with passion. He played the piano well again, and the sound was so beautiful that Helen was intoxicated that she couldn’t control herself. Paris saw Helen trembling and forgot her father’s entrustment and the mission of this trip. She only had the charming promise of the goddess of love in her heart. He summoned the heavily armed soldiers who came to Sparta with him, promised to meet any of their conditions, and persuaded them to help him. Then he led them into the palace, plundered all the wealth of the Greek King, robbed the beautiful Helen and returned to Troy by boat. Helen is resisting on the surface, but she is not unwilling to go with him at the bottom of her heart. The king of aemenis is the brother of aemenis. It is said that both brothers are descendants of Zeus, the grandson of plaops and the son of Atreus. This is a noble family. In addition to ruling Argos and Sparta, they also dominate other kingdoms of Peloponnesus. Many monarchs of Greece are their allies. Menelaus was furious when he heard the news that his wife had been robbed, and felt that it was a great humiliation. He immediately left piros, rushed to Mycenae and told his brother Agamemnon.

Agamemnon invited the kings and princes of many small countries in Greece to a meeting. At the meeting, it was unanimously decided to unite to destroy Troy by force. Agamemnon was elected the commander of the Greek coalition army. Before long, the Greeks organized an army of 100000 people and 9000 warships, and under the leadership of Agamemnon, they went on an expedition to the sea.

the Greek allied fleet arrived at the coast of troada and landed, quickly attack the Trojans. So the war caused by Helen, the most beautiful queen, began.




the Greek allied troops marched under the fortified city. After 9 years of siege, they still could not attack Troy, and both sides suffered great casualties. During this period, although Paris, the culprit, was killed by a poisonous arrow, neither of the belligerents could see the end of victory. Finally, the hero Odyssey designed to let Mycenae soldiers board the warship and create the illusion of withdrawal. One morning, the warships of the Greek coalition army suddenly set sail and left. The normally noisy battlefield became silent. The Trojans thought the Greeks had withdrawn and returned home. They ran outside the city and found a huge Trojan horse left on the beach.

the huge Trojan horse was welcomed into the Trojan horse

the Trojans were surprised to surround the Trojan horse. They didn’t know what the Trojan horse was for. Some people want to pull it into the city, and some suggest burning it or pushing it into the sea. Just then, some shepherds caught a Greek who was bound to the king of Troy. The Greek told the king that the Trojan horse was used by the Greeks to sacrifice Athena. The Greeks estimated that the Trojans would destroy it, which would cause the wrath of the gods. But if the Trojans pulled the Trojan horse into the city, it would bring God’s blessing to the Trojans. Therefore, the Greeks built the Trojan horse so huge that the Trojans could not pull it into the city. The king of Troy believed this and ordered all the soldiers to pull the Trojan horse into the city, but the Trojan horse was so big that it was higher than the city wall, so the Trojans had to tear down a section of the city wall. That night, the Trojans celebrated their victory with joy. They danced and sang, drank barrels of wine, and didn’t go home to rest until late at night, dreaming of peace.

late at night, there was silence. The heavily armed Greek soldiers hiding in the Trojan horse jumped out one after another. They quietly touched the gate, killed the garrison in their sleep, quickly opened the gate and set fire everywhere in the city. A large number of Greek troops hiding nearby flooded into Troy. The 10-year war is finally over. The Greeks plundered the city of Troy and burned it to ashes. Most men were killed, most women and children were sold as slaves, and Troy’s treasures were loaded into Greek warships. Helen was also brought back to Greece by Menelaus.

the cruel war of 10 years, the tragic outcome of losing both sides, originally for a beautiful queen. However, Helen was not necessarily the only factor in the Greek War. This is only the superficial cause of the war. In fact, the war has profound economic reasons.

in the 1990s, an international investigation team composed of more than 80 archaeologists found a lot of evidence in the excavation of the ancient city of Troy, indicating that the 10-year Trojan War described by Homer in the epic Iliad is not a fiction, but a real historical event. The city of Troy is much larger than originally estimated, enough to withstand the 10-year siege of the Greeks and launch the wars described in the epic. Archaeologists such as




also found that the reason for the outbreak of the Trojan War was the important strategic position of Troy. The kingdom of Troy is located in the Dardanelle Strait, in the center of the land link between Asia and Europe, and controls the throat of the shortcut to trade between Europe and Asia from the Aegean Sea to the rich black sea. Troy made use of this superior geographical location to obtain huge commercial benefits. Relying on its unique conditions, it dominated itself, controlled the shipping industry and Commerce in this area and became a hegemon. The Mycenaeans on the Greek peninsula had long been indignant and jealous. They tried to destroy Troy, replace it by themselves, and expand their power on the east coast of the Aegean Sea. They just suffered from the lack of appropriate excuses and opportunities to wage war. The prince of Troy abducted Helen, Queen of Sparta, which provided a wonderful excuse for Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, to wage war.