Kim Il Sung died suddenly. On the eve of his death, he was still reviewing a document on the reunification talks with South Korea. After reading it, he signed the document and wrote date. Judging from Kim Il Sung’s handwriting, the handwriting is correct and there is no sign of serious illness.

on April 25, 1994, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il received representatives of the air force of the Korean people’s army. This is his last public appearance.

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Kim Il Sung is the founder of the Korean workers’ Party and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and has been in power for nearly half a century. His sudden death triggered a political earthquake in North Korea. North Koreans are crying, which can really be described by the words “grief and desire”.

in Kaesong Panmunjom, North Korea, I saw a special monument. The monument is not towering, but a horizontal rectangle. On the monument is a line of Korean calligraphy that I can’t understand. Below the calligraphy is a line of Arabic numerals: “July 7, 1994”.

the commentator explained that the line of Korean calligraphy was the signature of Kim Il Sung.

originally, this is Kim Il Sung’s masterpiece.

Kim Il Sung died suddenly. On the eve of his death, he was still reviewing a document on the reunification talks with South Korea. After reading it, he signed the document and wrote date. Judging from Kim Il Sung’s handwriting, the handwriting is correct and there is no sign of serious illness.

Kim Il Sung was still worried about the reunification with South Korea at the last moment of his life. In order to commemorate Kim Il Sung, this monument was specially built in Panmunjom, which is closest to South Korea.

Kim Il Sung died in the early morning of the next day after signing his last signature in his life. His death day, July 8, 1994, became an important day in North Korea’s history. In the words of North Koreans, from this day on, North Korea has entered the era of Kim Jong Il.

in 1994, Kim Il Sung was 82 years old. Kim Il Sung has always been dedicated and has good physical quality, so he has never felt that he is old and still working at full load. He has to work more than ten hours a day. At that time, Kim Jong Il, as Kim Il Sung’s successor, was unable to work normally due to illness.

that summer, Kim Il Sung’s schedule was full.

at that time, US President Clinton accused North Korea of testing nuclear weapons and demanded that North Korea unconditionally accept the inspection of special personnel of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which made the situation on the Korean Peninsula tense. In order to ease tensions, former US President Carter expressed his willingness to visit North Korea and hold talks with Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung immediately expressed his welcome.

on June 12, Carter flew from the United States to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The United States has no diplomatic relations with North Korea. As a former president of the United States, Carter crossed the military demarcation line from South Korea to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, in a private capacity. On June 16, Carter met with Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang.

Carter stayed in Pyongyang for three days. Kim Il Sung held long talks with Carter every day and was busy reviewing documents in the evening. On the last day, Kim Il Sung’s talks with Carter, together with a banquet, lasted for six hours, and Kim Il Sung only rested for 20 minutes. Kim Il Sung’s wife, Kim Sheng AI, discovered this situation and once warned that Kim Il Sung should not be allowed to go around like this, because he is old after all.

Carter’s visit plunged Kim Il Sung into a new round of busy work. Carter conveyed the important proposal of the South Korean side and invited Kim Il Sung to visit Seoul. The news made Kim Il Sung very excited. If he can successfully visit Seoul, it will be the first meeting between the heads of the north and the south of the Korean Peninsula. His visit to Seoul will become an ice breaking trip recorded in history.




after seeing Carter off, Kim Il Sung convened a meeting of North Korean Prime Minister Jiang Chengshan and others to discuss the plan of the North South Summit and relevant meeting documents, so as to prepare for this important work. He called the South Korean government and agreed to hold a preparatory meeting for the North South Summit in Panmunjom on June 28.

then Kim Il Sung went to the countryside to inspect the summer harvest. The poor summer harvest has worried Kim Il Sung because the food problem has been stuck in North Korea’s neck. However, Kim Il Sung found that the phenomenon of falsely reporting grain output in various places was very serious, which made Kim Il Sung very angry.

after checking the summer harvest, Kim Il Sung took a special train to Xichuan, and then took a bus from there to Miaoxiang mountain villa in the outer suburbs of Pyongyang. Miaoxiang mountain is like Lushan Mountain in China. It is particularly cool in summer. Miaoxiangshan villa has become Kim Il Sung’s summer office.

when Kim Il Sung arrived at Miaoxiang mountain villa, it was late at night on July 7, 1994.

after Kim Il Sung read and signed the document on the unification talks with South Korea, the secretary came to report on his work. The Secretary reported the most unfortunate news to Kim Il Sung: General Zhao Mingxuan, 75, died of illness. Zhao Mingxuan followed Kim Il Sung from the age of 14 and forged a deep friendship. This sudden bad news greatly stimulated Kim Il Sung. This is the third general who has died in a row in a month!

Kim Il Sung inquired about the cause of General Zhao Mingxuan and learned that it was cerebral hemorrhage. Fenghuo hospital is the best hospital in Pyongyang, but the president is afraid of being responsible and does not dare to conduct craniotomy for General Zhao Mingxuan, but only adopts conservative treatment. Kim Il Sung was very angry and wanted to call the president of beacon hospital overnight to ask for clarification. With excessive fatigue and excessive stimulation, Kim Il Sung suddenly fell to the ground. The staff around him were in a mess. The health doctor rushed to the hospital at the news. After examination, it was concluded that it was an acute heart attack. Previously, Kim Il Sung has never been found to have heart disease. Because of this, there is no quick acting heart saving pill in the portable medicine box of the health doctor.