on May 8, 1972, the Boeing 707 of Belgian Airlines flight 571, loaded with 99 passengers and 10 crew members, roared from Brussels Airport. In the cabin, the passengers are resting quietly or talking happily, and the stewardess is busy bringing drinks and refreshments to everyone. The destination of this flight is Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

on May 8, 1972, the Boeing 707 of Belgian Airlines flight 571, loaded with 99 passengers and 10 crew members, roared from Brussels Airport. In the cabin, the passengers are resting quietly or talking happily, and the stewardess is busy bringing drinks and refreshments to everyone. The destination of this flight is Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

in the afternoon, when flight 571 was flying over Yugoslavia, two Arab men stood up and strode into the cab. Before Captain Levi could react, a cold pistol was aimed at his forehead. A rough looking hijacker named Abu sanina forced captain levy to shout into the cabin. Two minutes later, Captain Levy’s low voice sounded in the cabin loudspeaker: “ladies and gentlemen, our friends patronize the plane, two men and two women, with guns and bombs. They asked for the flight to land at Tel Aviv’s Lott airport, and we have agreed to their request.”

there was a commotion in the cabin. The passengers were stunned and looked pale. They were overwhelmed by the sudden disaster. The hijackers claimed to be members of the Palestinian “Black September” organization. The purpose of the hijacking was to ask the Israeli authorities to release the imprisoned members of their organization. If Israel does not comply with this request, they will send the plane and passengers to the West.

Abu sanina is a famous “hijacking expert”. He commanded a hijacking operation four years ago, robbed a flight to Algeria, forcing the Israeli government to release some imprisoned “Fatah” members. Three months ago, he hijacked another Lufthansa flight and forced the federal government to spend $5 million in ransom. The hijacking was the third operation commanded by the “expert”. This time he decided to have a more exciting one – instead of robbing the plane to Arab countries, he ordered the plane to land at the airport in the Israeli capital.

there are three of his accomplices on the plane, a man and two women. While sanina controlled the cockpit, the other three occupied key positions on the plane and controlled the passengers. They seized the passports of all the hostages on board and found 67 Jews out of 99 hostages. They rushed the Jews to the back of the plane and took care of them, while the others sat in the front row.

Captain levy immediately called the command tower of Lott Airport (now Ben Gurion Airport) and told them about the hijacking. The command tower immediately agreed to the emergency landing of flight 571. Guided by the command tower, the passenger plane landed smoothly and slid slowly to the apron. At this time, the sunset has set, and night falls quietly in the airport full of terror.

Lott airport has long been on emergency alert, and heavily armed soldiers surrounded the runway. Israeli Defense Minister Dayan, transport minister Peres, chief of general staff Elazar and air force commander Hoder rushed to the scene and began to negotiate with the hijackers. At the same time, a military direct telephone line was also set up from the tower to the office of prime minister Mrs. Meir. Israel’s leaders have decided never to compromise with terrorists. The anti hijacking plan adopted by Dayan and others is: first, make the plane unable to take off, and then try to delay time. After all aspects are ready, launch a raid at the right time.

hijackers read out the list of 170 people detained by the Israeli government by radio and demanded that the Israeli government immediately restore their freedom; At the same time, they asked to fill up the plane with oil and let them fly safely to Cairo. The hijackers set the deadline at 5:30 on the 9th and claimed that as soon as the time came, they would detonate the plane immediately.

the Israeli government immediately agreed to refuel the aircraft. Several mechanics approached flight 571, but they didn’t really refuel the plane, but emptied all the remaining gasoline in the fuel tank, and drove nails into the front wheel of the plane to release the air in the tires.

after midnight, the hijackers seemed to realize that something was wrong. They immediately installed a time bomb on the plane. Captain Levi acted as if nothing had happened and chatted with the hijacker. Several people talked about everything from the design and manufacture of aircraft to Hollywood strippers, from the ecological balance of the world to the miraculous effects of beauty cosmetics. The mood of the hijackers gradually stabilized. They gave up the idea of blowing up the plane immediately and calmly waited for the scheduled time.

while the captain is dealing with the hijackers, the preparations for armed rescue are being carried out nervously. Eighteen paratrooper commandos with excellent shooting skills have rushed to the airport to assemble. In a hangar hundreds of meters away from the hijacked plane, there happened to be a Boeing 707 aircraft under repair. Commandos used the aircraft for simulation training. The commandos, dressed in white mechanic clothes and holding high-precision pistols and daggers, were carefully familiar with the facial features of each hijacker to ensure that they could recognize them at a glance. The task of the commandos is to end the battle within one and a half minutes and no heavy casualties. What arduous and demanding requirements this is!

at 3 a.m., someone proposed a clever plan to Dayang, that is to make the hijackers believe that their companions have been released, so as to relax their vigilance and commandos can take the opportunity to take the offensive. Dayan immediately adopted the proposal. He found some Arabic speaking soldiers posing as released prisoners and stood side by side by the window of the airport building, deliberately letting the hijackers see the scene. Then, use the tractor to tow flight 571 to the takeoff position of the runway and tell the hijacker toPut the released people on a plane and fly them to Cairo together. After an Israeli soldier in prison uniform broadcast to flight 571 in pure Arabic, the hijackers were very excited. They hugged each other and thought that the Israeli authorities had really made concessions.

the sky will be bright and the rescue work has reached the last minute. Just then, the hijacker asked for breakfast. The time for action has finally come. The 18 commandos immediately took two cars and closely followed the Red Cross’s food delivery vehicle to approach the plane under the guise of transporting the released and overhauling the machine.

two cars slowly approached the cabin opening. The commandos suddenly jumped out of the car and rushed into the cabin. They shouted in Hebrew: “lie down!” Most Israeli hostages instinctively lie down. A bunch of men didn’t respond to the hijacker. A female hijacker was also seriously injured. Another female hijacker shouted, “stop fighting, I surrender!” Immediately fell to the ground by commandos. The whole battle ended in only 90 seconds, setting a record for the shortest time in the anti hijacking operation.

six passengers and two commandos were injured in the battle. Two female hijackers were eventually sentenced to life imprisonment (there is no death penalty in Israel).

this soul stirring anti hijacking incident soon spread all over the world. The 50 year old captain Levi made special contributions to the incident. Levi is an Englishman with rich flying experience. He did not panic and react freely in emergencies, and tried his best to keep the hostages and the plane safe. Afterwards, the Israeli government held a grand consolation banquet for him to show appreciation.