Russian “top secret” magazine not long ago quoted the stories of close friends of Soviet leaders (including guards, translators, drivers, etc.) and disclosed the interesting stories of “playing with water” of, Khrushchev, Brezhnev and others.

cartoon: Soviet leaders in the swimming pool.

according to Stalin’s daughter Svetlana, his father “can’t swim at all”, but this doesn’t hinder his interest in boating in summer and autumn. In 1933, when he was on vacation in Sochi, a coastal city on the Black Sea, he took speedboats to the sea for many times. The book “hunting and politics” compiled by the staff of the Soviet police service details his two distress experiences.

“at noon on September 23, 1933, Stalin and his accompanying guards left old Gagra (Abkhazia port) in the Red Star speedboat At the wharf, two staff members of the action Department of the Political Bureau drove a motorboat to escort. At about 4 p.m., the Red Star sailed into picong port and berthed near the reservoir area of the Abkhaz Fisheries Company. After Stalin and his entourage landed, they had a drink in the primitive pine forest, and then boarded the boat to return to old Gagra. When the Red Star left picong port about half a kilometer, it was found by local border guards and lighthouse t watchers. Lavrov, the leader of a squad of picong border defense brigade, ran to the dock and waved his hat to signal the red star to stop – he wanted to find out why the ship didn’t stop at the dock for registration. ”

The distance between Stalin and Ralph was about 700 meters, but the two speedboats had fired their guns in the direction of red star. Later, they saw that the distance between Stalin and Ralph was about 600 meters, and the two speedboats had fired their guns in the direction of red star Almost unaware of someone shooting for warning, he soon disappeared into the depths of the sea. ”

although Stalin was unharmed, the relevant personnel were investigated and dealt with. The head of the border post with leadership responsibility was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, while Lavrov, the direct “perpetrator”, was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment.

another time, Stalin’s speedboat Red Star suddenly encountered a strong storm and bumped violently at sea for seven hours. According to Stalin’s personal bodyguard, Stalin himself was calm and calm at that time, and all the drivers operated well. Finally, he survived miraculously.

Khrushchev personally tried the American lifeboat

which was different from Stalin. Khrushchev had a little water ability, but his swimming skills were very general. According to his son’s memory, the general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union needed a lifebuoy when swimming to ensure that he did not sink to the bottom. Alexei salinikov, who served as Khrushchev’s bodyguard from 1956 to 1964, also confirmed that Khrushchev must carry a black rubber lifebuoy when swimming in the sea, but not in a relatively safe swimming pool. Moreover, when Khrushchev swam, he never wore any swimsuit or swimming trunks, only black or blue ordinary underpants.

the Soviet media often talked about the following story: in the autumn of 1959, Khrushchev led a delegation to visit China and attended the 10th anniversary celebration of China’s national day. At that time, there were cracks in the relations between China and the Soviet Union. Khrushchev, who once crossed the Yangtze River, was invited to swim in the swimming pool. The latter had no choice but to “make a fool of himself”. The story is told with a nose and an eye. However, salinikov, who was accompanying him on a visit to China at that time, believed that there were many elements of fiction in the story, “Mao Zedong did not come to our hotel at that time, and Khrushchev may not accept the invitation of ‘swimming’ as a guest. It is not difficult to find a reason to refuse. Anyway, it did not happen when I was present.”

Khrushchev’s son Sergei described in detail the story of his father’s personal experiment with the new American lifeboat: “in the spring of 1944, a general gave it to him (referring to Khrushchev) Sent an American inflatable rubber boat. American bomber pilots usually carry this rubber boat to escape after a crash. The father who loved the new invention immediately decided to try it out. So he inflated the rubber boat and put it in a small pool near his father’s apartment. The lifeboat doesn’t look very strong. It’s hard to believe that it can carry five passengers as stated in the manual. My father climbed into the boat with his colleagues from the Ukrainian Council of ministers. It can be seen that they were a little afraid at first, but they soon relieved that the American instructions were not deceptive. Even when his father’s deputy, starrchenko, who was in charge of agriculture (he was the heaviest of the “experimenters”), climbed up, the boat had not overturned. ” “After the experiment, my father was very excited. He wanted to organize the production of similar inflatable boats in Ukraine, but our industrial level was not enough at that time, so we had to give up.”

Brezhnev Kissinger takes a ride

Brezhnev, general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, likes swimming and swims well. His personal photographer, Vladimir Musa Aryan, told an interesting story: “when Brezhnev was convalescing in the Crimean Peninsula, he had to swim for two hours at a time. The bodyguards accompanying him were too cold and took turns to get on board to warm up But Brezhnev could carry it. He didn’t wear a life jacket until he was old. When German Chancellor Brandt visited, Brezhnev invited him to the swimming pool. The latter was reluctant and pleaded that he didn’t bring swimming trunks. Brezhnev said, “I’ll lend you your swimming trunks,” so they went to the swimming pool together. After the news reached West Germany, the people were greatly dissatisfied: Brandt took a bath with the general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union! ”

Brezhnev also likes to surf in a speedboat himself. Victor sukhoderev once recalled a scene in zavedovo (the leader’s leisure resort on the outskirts of Moscow) in May 1973: “a small speedboat was parked on the dock, and Brezhnev sat in the driving position with confidence. Kissinger (later served as US Secretary of state) sat next to him. The mechanic and I sat in the back row.””As soon as the speedboat started, I knew that this was undoubtedly another masterpiece of Soviet designers. Brezhnev operated freely: sometimes driving at high speed, sometimes stopping and turning abruptly, splashing water and passing through the reeds from time to time. In short, it felt very thrilling? Kissinger also recorded this special journey in his memoirs. But somehow, he denied it was Brezhnev Leonev himself took the helm. In fact, Brezhnev often drives a boat in person and takes his guests for a ride on the sea. ”

Michael Yang and kosikin drowned

in the early 1960s, Michael Yang, chairman of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet Union, almost drowned. His personal guard, Peter isayev, recalled: “At that time, Migao Yang and I were on vacation in Kerim, southern Soviet Union. Migao Yang had many grandchildren. They all loved to swim in the children’s bathing beach, where the water only reached the waist of adults. There were two large reefs to separate it from the deep-water area. Once, although there was a wind storm on the sea and the wind reached force 6, Migao Yang was still in high spirits and decided to swim with his grandchildren 。 I arranged for two security guards, klukov and liankov, to take charge of security. ”

“Migao Yang played up and unknowingly came to the edge of the bathhouse. At this time, a big wave hit, throwing Migao Yang out of the gap between the two reefs and into the sea. The deep-sea area is full of reefs, which is very dangerous. Klukov and liankov, who were guarding the side, quickly caught Migao Yang, but due to the strong wind and waves, the three people sank together.”

“I was at the dock at that time. When I heard the news, I came quickly and saw that three people were being dragged into the depths of the sea. I grabbed a lifebuoy and threw it about 15 meters (maybe further) , right next to kreukov. In this way, all three people grabbed the lifebuoy. I went diving and immediately sent liankov to the adult bath to get a small boat. He and khryukov guarded migyang and waited for rescue. Soon liankov came by in a small boat. I asked, ‘Anastas Ivanovic, are you on board?’ Michael Yang repeatedly refused. He grabbed the boat and didn’t loosen the lifebuoy. In this way, we crossed the reef and returned to the dock. ”

in the summer of 1978, Soviet leader kosikin also had a thrilling encounter. When he was young, kosikin was a good athlete in rowing and won the championship in grad. Even in his seventies, he still insists on physical exercise and even plays volleyball. However, the favorite sport is rowing. And rowing is not an ordinary small boat, but a professional single rowing used by professional athletes. Nikolay yegorov, a staff member of the Soviet national guard, recalled that kosikin rowed a professional rowing boat called “Schiff”, so it was difficult for the accompanying security personnel to keep up. He has to row once and the guard has to row three times. Cosikin was complacent that others could not catch up.