May is a busy farming season.

In the fields of northern France, hard-working farmers are working hard.

However, the sudden news of defeat broke this vibrant scene.

The front line reported that the French army was defeated by the British army.

At this time, the hundred year war between Britain and France was going on in France.

King John II of France was captured by the British army.

The British authorities took this opportunity to ask France for a huge ransom.

In order to redeem the king, the crown prince collected money wildly and collected ransom everywhere, which made the citizens of Paris miserable and finally triggered a riot.

The prince fled in a hurry, but at the same time, the prince also ordered the assembly of troops to blockade the city of Paris, and the citizens of Paris are facing the crisis of food shortage.

At a time when the people were at a loss, a man named jiyom Carl stood up.

He is a farmer with a lot of military experience and a little famous in Paris.

He mobilized the people to fight in simple and understandable words.

“Brothers, who made a mess of our France? It’s those evil Englishmen! They burned our village, killed our people, and asked us to compensate them for their money.

But the crown prince and those nobles are not good things.

They don’t dare to play hard in front of the British, so they only know how to bully our people.

Only by destroying them can we all be happy Live a happy life.

Brothers, take up the weapons in your hands and kill them all with me until the last one! ” The excited people shouted with one voice: “destroy all nobles until the last!” Soon, the number of people participating in the uprising reached more than 100000.

Under the leadership of gium, they concentrated their efforts to attack the houses of the nobles everywhere, killed them and their families, and scared the nobles to flee Paris with their wives and children.

The rebel army pursued all the way, which not only made the nobles have no place to hide, but also absorbed many urban poor along the way, and the team continued to grow.

The panicked nobles gradually woke up, and they also united against the rebels.

At this time, the prince’s brother-in-law, King Charles II of Navarra, known as the “villain”, took the opportunity to send troops to suppress the uprising.

Charles II had long coveted the throne of his father-in-law, the king of France, and he himself had many manors in France.

Charles II led the crackdown, so that those British feudal lords who were fighting with France, at the request of their French relatives, also sent troops to “intervene”.

“According to the report, more than 300 ladies fled to Motown, including the crown princess.

” “OK, come on! Gather your men and horses and go to Motown.

” The rebels soon came to Motown.

The poor in Motown immediately opened the gate and let the rebels in.

The princess took all the ladies and hid in a castle surrounded by a river.

The rebels quickly surrounded the castle.

The ladies saw the rebels with sticks and rags through the window.

They immediately panicked and shouted like crazy: “Zachary is coming, Zachary is coming!” “Zachary” means “hillbilly”.

It is a cheap name for farmers by feudal nobles.

Just then, a feudal lord of England came to Motown with a large number of soldiers.

They heard the screams of women and immediately ran to fight the rebels.

The British soldiers were well-trained with sophisticated weapons in their hands.

Before long, the rebels could not resist and kept retreating.

When the rebel army was in chaos, a group of French nobles and knights suddenly ran out of the rear.

They raised their swords and killed the rebel army unprepared.

The rebel army, suffering heavy casualties, retreated all the way to the river.

The British soldiers and French nobles chased and killed all the way.

Finally, they forced all the remaining rebels into the river and drowned.

In one day, 9000 insurgents died.

Jiyom was very sad after hearing the news.

Just as he was preparing to take people to attack Charles II, Charles II first came to Melo village, where the rebels were stationed.

Jiyom quickly concentrated his troops and arranged them into a circular position with combat vehicles.

A strong 3000 people led the formation, and the rest were on standby.

Soon, Charles II’s army attacked them, but Charles II never thought that the rebel army was not so vulnerable.

The most powerful rebel army rose up in the front, and the ring chariot array in the middle formed a solid barrier.

Behind the barrier, feather arrows and stones flew together, and the French knights retreated and lost.

When Charles II saw this, he frowned deeply.

Suddenly, he smiled and came up with a treacherous plan.

One day in June 1358, the noisy battlefield was suddenly very quiet.

Gium was so strange that he came to the front of the position to check the situation.

Seeing that the enemy didn’t mean to retreat, jiyom was deeply puzzled.

Just when he was puzzled, two insurgents came to him with a knight.

As soon as the knight saw jiyom, he immediately knelt down and begged for mercy: “please don’t kill me.

I came to deliver the letter on the order of King Charles of Navarra!” “Letter? What letter?” The knight took a letter from his arms and handed it to gium.

Jiyom opened the letter.

It turned out that the letter was written by “villain” Charlie.

He said that in order to avoid more deaths and injuries, he wanted to invite jiyom to negotiate.

They were willing to promise all the conditions of the rebel army, so as to show their sincerity to solve the problem peacefully.

After reading the letter, gium held an emergency meeting.

Several rebel generals agreed that they should not believe the rhetoric of “villains” to prevent being deceived.

But after gium thought for a moment, Said: “In this situation, it’s no good for anyone to drag on.

I don’t want to see my brothers sacrifice again.

If the problem can be solved peacefully, why should my brothers die in vain? Since my brothers have given their lives to me, I have to be responsible for every brother.

I think I’d better go.

After all, Charlie is the king of a country.

I think he won’t mess around.

” With that, gium followed the knight to the barracks of Charles II.

Who would have thought that as soon as Guillaume entered Charlie’s camp, he was caught by several heavily armed guards.

Gyoum struggled and shouted, “I’m here to negotiate.

Why did you catch me!” “Haha, negotiation? Jiyom, you are too naive.

You don’t think about who you are and why you negotiate with me.

They say you are brave and resourceful, but in my opinion, you are a stupid man.

I make a small plan,.