What can hardly be avoided from first to last?

, France is the first to come to Europe. Many people make complaints about going to France. Because when you go there, you don’t know when the vehicles will stop. What strikes you is that even when protests are inevitable, why can they carry out the spirit of revolution from beginning to end in this country? Recently, serious riots broke out in France. More than 100000 French people took to the streets to make trouble. Many shops and banks were shot and smashed by protesters. The reason for this large-scale harassment was that the government raised the oil price by 0.065 euros (about 0.5 yuan). It’s so funny that the French should fight so much for this 50 cents. The riot is reminiscent of the French Revolution and the Paris Commune Revolution. In the modern European Revolution, the French have always been at the forefront. France can be called the birthplace of the modern revolution in the European continent, and Paris, the capital of France, can be called the old revolutionary base. At that time, the French Revolution not only spread the fire to the whole European continent, but also affected the United States on the other side of the ocean. If the French Revolution ignited the fuse of the European bourgeois revolution, then the French Paris Commune uprising was the first shot of the socialist revolution. Whether it is the bourgeois revolution or the socialist revolution, the French are the forerunners of the European Revolution. Many people can’t help wondering why France is always at the forefront of the European Revolution when fighting for 50 cents?

first of all, before the rise of Germany, France had always been one of the most developed regions in the European continent, with a high level of capitalist development, strong bourgeois power and sharp contradiction with feudal centralization. Therefore, the French bourgeoisie was very dissatisfied. They demanded the abolition of feudal land ownership, Abolishing feudal privileges and opposing autocratic rule set off the enlightenment thought movement, and a large number of representatives of enlightenment thought emerged. With the spread of enlightenment thought, the French are full of enlightenment thoughts such as equality, freedom and fraternity. However, the feudal ruling class in France has great power. It is very difficult for the bourgeoisie to transform France through improvement, so they can only choose revolution. After the success of the British bourgeois revolution and the American independence movement, France bore the brunt and became the center of the bourgeois revolution in the European continent. It broke out a vigorous revolution and became the export of the revolution in the European continent. The French Revolution made a lot of noise and swept all over France. However, the French ruling class was unwilling to fail, and the feudal monarchies in Europe were afraid that the revolution would affect the country, so they united to suppress the French Revolution. As a result, the French evolved from a domestic revolution to a revolution sweeping Europe against European feudal forces. As a result, the more the two sides fight, the more intense the fight and the larger the scale. In the great revolution, the French military genius and the French army pushed back the European anti French coalition, controlled more than half of the European continent and became the overlord of the European continent. In this way, the French brought their revolutionary thought and revolutionary fire to the whole European continent. Although the French failed in the great revolution, the great revolution brought endless glory and revolutionary tradition to the French. It is this revolutionary glory and revolutionary tradition that makes France have a revolutionary spirit. In 1871, under the influence of the socialist trend of thought, due to dissatisfaction with the government and living conditions, the revolutionary French launched the Paris Commune uprising and established the first socialist regime in the world. After the failure of the Paris Commune uprising, the French still did not stop. They always did something from time to time. If they were in trouble, they would take to the streets to protest or strike, express their dissatisfaction and strive for some interests for themselves. In this way, revolution and protest have become a tradition and habit of the French. In modern times, due to the continuous decline of France, the discontent of the people has been fermenting, and the domestic contradictions are also very acute. This problem is still very serious until now. After macron took office, the French economy has not been very prosperous and the unemployment rate remains high. In order to cope with the severe economic situation and alleviate the financial pressure, the French government has reduced a large number of subsidies, which has led to serious dissatisfaction among the French people. The French government raised oil prices this time, which led to the outbreak of contradictions. Dissatisfied French people took to the streets, triggering serious riots and protests. Of course, in addition to reflecting the recession of the French economy and the growing discontent of the people, the factors behind the riots that push the United States cannot be ignored. Due to the recession of the French economy, the French government tries to divert the attention of the domestic people through tough ways. After the start of the trade war this year, macron took a very tough attitude in the face of the aggressive trade war offensive of the United States, and even angrily resented Trump’s decision to withdraw from NATO and engage in a European coalition. Americans are naturally not happy with the clamor of the French, so they began to clean up France. Under the pressure of the United States, total, a French oil giant, was forced to withdraw from Iran, leading to a rise in French oil prices. Macron had no choice but to raise oil prices. He also tried to raise fuel taxes. This naturally aroused the dissatisfaction of the French. Under the incitement of the United States, the French “revolution” was in full swing and the French government was in a mess. In fact, the United States is not just teaching France a lesson. The United States also wants to take the opportunity to mess up France and make France yield to the Americans. It’s really hard for the EU now. One of the three leaders of the EU wants to leave Europe and one is civil strife, leaving Germany with a hard support. If France falls, life in Germany will be difficult. As soon as Germany has a problem, the EU will exist in name only. It won’t be long before it will honestly follow the United States. Playing with Americans, France is still a lot worse. Who let him have less capital than the United States. If France knows how to catch up with Britain and Germany, the United States may be able to restrain. If we continue to fight alone, we will soon have to let the United States lie down. Friends familiar with history might as well boldly imagine what France will be like after 2020, or whether there will be a major change in the European continent after a long time.