today’s “Internationale”, its language and expression are quite different from the original. For example, “full of blood is boiling”, in French, “blood” should be “rationality”…

Internationale: a spiritual weapon that denies the far left trend of thought.

Internationale “is” the song of the proletariat all over the world “(Language). It is not only a song, but also a banner and philosophy, It is Marxism in the form of songs. Lenin wrote the famous Eugene baudie on the 25th anniversary of the death of the author of the Internationale. He also attached importance to the international song, and wrote a poem in the war years: “the international elegy is a song, and the hurricane falls from the sky for me.” (butterflies in love with flowers? From Tingzhou to Changsha) over the years, although the historical and realistic factors are complex, we still play (sing) the International Song whenever the party and Trade Union Congress, celebration meeting and other important meetings and activities are held.

in the history of the International Workers’ movement, the Internationale had a wide and profound influence. During the revolutionary war, the Internationale was the war song of the working class and the working people in China; In the period of peace building, the international anthem has always been a political song with equal emphasis on the National Anthem; In the initial stage of reform and opening up, the international anthem also played an important role. As we all know, reform and opening up began with correcting the extreme left mistakes of the “Cultural Revolution”. The ideological power contained in the international song is also a spiritual weapon to deny the extreme left trend of thought. For example, “there has never been a savior, nor does it depend on the Immortal Emperor” to deny personal worship; “Let the mind break through the cage” is to persist in emancipating the mind; “Struggle for truth” is to emphasize the standard of practice; “Who created the human world? It is our working people” to labor to create wealth; “To create human happiness depends entirely on ourselves” to the subject of historical creation… All reflect the ideological brilliance of historical materialism.

the little-known true face of the Internationale

the Internationale was originally a French worker poet and Paris Commune soldier Ou Ren? A long poem written by baudie when the commune failed in 1871. In the second year of baudie’s death, French worker composer Pierre? DiGate composed music for the long poem full of passion. Since then, this song has been sung all over the world. However, few people know the original name of the Internationale. Its French name “L, Internationale” is actually “International Workers’ Association”. “International Workers’ Association” is the world’s first proletarian revolutionary organization with Marx as its soul. At that time, it was referred to as “international” (later referred to as “first international”). This song was later called the Internationale, which is probably related to it. When Qu Qiubai, the early leader of the Communist Party of China, translated the Internationale into Chinese, considering the musical rhythm, it was an important contribution to transliterate the “Internationale” in the song into “inna schunner”. Qu Qiubai once said to Cao Jinghua: “the word ‘International (Indra schunner)’ is almost homonymous in the languages of Western European countries. Now with transliteration in Chinese, it can not only sing, but more importantly, when singing, it can be consistent with the voices of other countries, so that the Chinese working people and the world’s proletarians can respond with one voice and receive the effect of ten thousand tongues and emotional blending.” Since then, different versions have also translated “English Turner schunner” into “international communism” or “communist world”, but people often pay little attention to it as the original meaning of “International Workers’ Association”.

the Internationale has been translated into many languages in the process of dissemination. Due to the historical and cultural differences of various countries, the language and expression of today’s Internationale are quite different from the original. For example, “full of hot blood has been boiling”, in French, “hot blood” should be “rational”; “Don’t say we have nothing”, in French, “nothing” should be “worthless”, etc. In the process of translation, the changes of these words, some become more intuitive, some become more appropriate, and some become more in line with the Chinese context, which are within the scope of understanding. However, the biggest change in the Internationale is not the translation of different languages, but the integrity of its version, which many singers do not know. The familiar Chinese version of the Internationale has three lyrics, which is actually the result of copying the Soviet Union, while baudie’s original work has six lyrics. In December 1900, Lenin, who was engaged in a secret struggle, published the first, second and sixth stanzas of the international song and the lyrics of the chorus in the Mars newspaper. When Qu Qiubai translated the Internationale into Chinese, he referred to the Russian version and translated it from the French version. The early Communist Party organization was a branch of the Comintern, which was largely influenced by the Soviet Union. Therefore, the Internationale also referred to the pattern of the Russian version. Qu Qiubai once disclosed this fact in his translation Description: “the French original has six sections, but only three sections are popular in various countries, and the Chinese translation is limited to this for the time being.” What are the reasons for the deletion of the lyrics of the Internationale? This needs to find the answer from the original lyrics.

on March 24, 2000, the Liberation Army Daily published an article by Mr. Lvyuan, the former deputy editor in chief of people’s literature and a famous literary translator – “the truth of the translation of the international song”. For comparison, Mr. Lvyuan translated baudie’s French original text in “common divisor Chinese”, which was not included in the third, fourth and third versions of the general version The lyrics of the fifth section are as follows:

… (Section III) the state is oppressing / the law is deceiving / taxes are squeezing the unlucky people / the rich do not bear any obligations / the rights of the poor are empty words / the pain of relying on people’s breath is enough / equality should talk about other laws / there is no right without obligation / it says / similarly / there is no right and no obligation / (Section IV) The kings of mines and railways / riding on their heads is frightening / have they done anything else except robbing the fruits of labor / everything created by them has fallen into / these guys’ strong safes / people declare to return everything to them / just want to enjoy what they deserve / (v. 5) the kings anesthetize us with dreams / talk about peace to their own people / talk about violence