may subvert your cognition when seeing these, but this is the fact. I hope to bring you not only cognition, but reflection! We are often immersed in the beauty of China’s vast territory and abundant resources, but if we forget that the future civilization is the mainstream of the world, we will fall behind the world!

the ancient Greeks knew that the earth was a sphere. The ancient Greek eratostani estimated the circumference of the earth to be 39000 kilometers in BC. China was enlightened after 2000.

glass was invented 5500 years ago. China is still in primitive society. Backgammon was invented 5000 years ago, and China is still in primitive society.

in the compendium of Materia Medica of the Ming Dynasty, it is recorded that shoe sole mud, cesspit mud, rotten straw shoes, foot washing water, dog excrement juice, pig trough dirt, incense burner ash, foot binding cloth, menstrual cloth, dirty underwear, rope for hanging people… Are all drugs. This is compared with the ancient science of other countries, such as Moscow mathematics manuscript “Moscow papyrus” 3800 years ago and Linde mathematics manuscript “Rhind papyrus” 3600 years ago; Compared with Apollonius’s “quick calculation”, “irregular irrational number”, Euclid’s “original geometry”, “phenomenon”, “optics”, “reflective optics”, Papps’s “compilation of mathematics”, Ptolemy’s “optics”, “planetary hypothesis”, “great achievement of astronomy”, parabolic quadrature and other scientific achievements more than 2000 years ago, It is the difference between foot binding “science” and science.

the following are real events

ancient China made benches, but could not make chairs. The chair goes back to the Hu bed introduced in the Han and Wei dynasties. In ancient China, only five tones (“incomplete five tones”) were known, and seven tones came from the West. Punctuation was not invented in ancient China. Ancient China could not even invent arithmetic symbols such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equality. Spring shock absorption has been used in European carriages for many centuries; The carriage of the Qing emperor was cushioned with hemp or cloth. China cannot invent hard pens (pencils, pens, ball point pens), ink bottles and Western ink. Use brush and inkstone, and the ink should be ground now. Since 2000, I can’t take out a pen to write at any time.

more than 4300 years ago, Babylon recorded the formula for making soap. Soap factories were excavated from the ruins of Pompeii, Italy (more than 2000 years ago). Soap is also mentioned in the Bible. China heard about soap 100 years ago. Shoes. Ancient Chinese shoes can’t even be divided into left and right, and the shoes of the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty can’t be divided into left and right.




China’s contribution to science is far lower than the world average.




do not rely on Western science. I’m afraid even the veins and arteries have not been clearly distinguished. The average life expectancy is about the same as that of the Qing Dynasty. Modern medicine is based on the supremacy of anatomy. In ancient China, there was no knowledge system of anatomy. The so-called formula proposed in 5000 is basically 0. The main reason is that reading is for being an official! The content of science and technology books is basically the original manuscript of foreigners. The contribution to science is far lower than the world average. Electric light, telegraph, telephone, radio, film, television, keyboard, computer, Internet, copy, fax machine, electric fan, air conditioner, washing machine, car, train, aircraft, submarine, satellite (Russia), spacecraft (Russia), space station (Russia), periodic table of elements (Russia), rocket (Russia), helicopter (Russian), Robots… Great inventions are foreign or western. Not even a Chinese keyboard was invented. It is impossible for China to invent computers by itself and enter the information age. The concepts and inventions of electronic computer, photon computer, quantum computer, biological computer and DNA computer have nothing to do with China.

the so-called Chinese inventions are basically not true

Pythagorean theorem. About 100 BC, China’s Zhoubi Suanjing recorded the Pythagorean theorem: 3 strands, 4 strings and 5 strings. In 1800 BC, Babylon recorded 15 groups of Pythagoras, the largest of which was (18541127093500). In the 6th century BC, ancient Greece put forward the Pythagorean theorem, a square = b square + C square. What China “invented” is the simplest Pythagorean number that others have already discovered, which is not a theorem at all. Binary. Some people say that China invented binary system. The evidence is that China invented gossip. Binary has two values 1 and 0. Binary 0 is 0. Binary 1 is 1. Binary 2 is 10. Binary 3 is 11. Binary 4 is 100. It’s true that China doesn’t even have the concept of binary system.

modern progress is the result of the infiltration of Western civilization.

calendar – the Chinese lunar calendar was formulated by German Tang ruowang according to the ancient Greek calendar in BC. At that time, zamaludin, a Persian, formulated the “Hui calendar” and “perpetual calendar” with reference to the Islamic calendar. China’s “time service calendar” and “Datong calendar” are formulated with reference to the Islamic calendar. Map – the world map of Babylon in the sixth century BC is the oldest world map. In the Yuan Dynasty, zamaludin, a Persian, used Arab mapping technology to produce the first national geographic map in Chinese history, the unified annals of the Yuan Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, Matteo Ricci, an Italian, made the first world map in Chinese history, the complete map of Kunyu. Geometry – China began to systematically study plane geometry in the Ming Dynasty and solid geometry in the Qing Dynasty. The textbook is the original geometry brought by Matteo Ricci, an Italian, and the work of Euclid in ancient Greece BC. Ricci took people to translate Euclid’s original geometry and other books. Many Chinese geometric terms, such as point, line, surface, plane, right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, curve, vertical line, parallel line, diagonal, triangle, quadrilateral, polygon, center of circle, circumcision, geometry, week and so on, are created by them. The mathematics level of Chinese middle schools is “very high”, but few mathematical formulas are made by Chinese. Mr. Qiu Chengtong, a master of mathematics, believes that the mathematical level of the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Israel, Japan and even Switzerland exceeds that of China.