At lunchtime on September 21, 1941, Rustenburg, East Prussia.

Hitler’s base camp seemed to embody the eagerness and schadenfreude of the whole Germany.

Bottles of French champagne are filled in small silver buckets filled with ice.

The waiters put pieces of bread with caviar, ham and salmon on plates, and the glasses are filled with brandy, whisky and gin.

Hitler’s face is red, and even his voice seems to be much softer than usual, He began his famous “chamber speech” at the dinner table: on the morning of June 22, the world’s largest battle began.

Everything went according to plan.

We besieged Leningrad on the north wing, occupied Kiev on the south wing, and captured Smolensk in the center.

We have opened the door to Moscow! Suddenly, Hitler patted the table with his hand, and with a bang, several colorful wine glasses on the ambassador of power’s table fell down, and the wine in them spilled all over the table.

Hitler continued: “I have decided that the target of our next attack is Moscow! Moscow will be destroyed and completely erased from the earth before winter!” With that, all the German officers here lost no time to get up and hold up their glasses.

There was a crash of glasses and laughter in the room.

On September 30, Hitler personally signed a military action plan to attack Moscow, which was code named “typhoon”.

September should be the best season for the people of Moscow.

The forests in the suburbs of Moscow are plated with a layer of golden yellow.

The maple leaves among the green pines in the Cangshan mountains are red and the mountain fruits are yellow, just like a beautiful picture with colorful colors presented to people.

However, this beautiful autumn in 1941 could not bring joy to the people of Moscow as usual.

At this moment, fascist chariots are rumbling eastward, a violent “typhoon” is blowing towards Moscow, and the war to defend Moscow is about to begin.

Moscow is the largest city and political, economic, military, cultural and transportation center of the Soviet Union.

It is located in the middle of the Eastern European Plain and on both sides of the Moscow river.

It is connected with the Volga River.

Its strategic position is extremely important.

In 1812, Napoleon occupied Moscow and burned the city.

The Russian army and people led by the famous general Kutuzov defeated Napoleon and forced him to retreat in a hurry.

After the October Revolution, the Soviet government moved the capital from Leningrad to Moscow on March 10, 1918.

Now, the fascist mob is approaching Moscow, and this great city will be severely tested.

The preparation of the fascist German army can be described as comprehensive and thoughtful.

As usual, they intend to break through the Soviet defense system with the strong assault force of the tank heavy army group, and coordinate with the soldiers to encircle and eliminate the main forces of the Soviet Army defending Moscow in the Vyazma and Bryansk regions.

Then the infantry divisions began to attack Moscow from the front, while the tanks and motorized groups circuitous Moscow from the north and South wings.

On September 30, the tank cluster of the German central group army under the command of goodrian was like a curved bow with strong sharp arrows, and the steel arrows pointed directly at Bryansk and Vyazma.

From Ukraine to Moscow, Guderian’s troops made rapid progress.

One day in October, he and his troops advanced 80 kilometers.

Within three days, they occupied orer, 200 kilometers east of the Bryansk front.

The progress was so rapid that when German tanks rumbled into the city of orer, passengers on the tram waved to them.

These passengers mistook them for Soviet armored forces.

After occupying orer, the German army quickly cut off the Bryansk orer highway, captured karachev in one fell swoop, and then made a detour to Bryansk.

On October 6, Bryansk was captured by the German army.

At the same time, the German 9th and 4th group armies launched fierce attacks in the direction of duhovhina and roslavli with the third and fourth armor clusters respectively.

They came fiercely, sweeping like a destructive hurricane.

The German army quickly broke through the Soviet defense position and rushed to Vyazma from the north and south.

Guderian’s second tank group army, together with the southward German second group army, surrounded the Soviet 13th group army and the first part of the third group army south of Bryansk on October 7, and surrounded part of the Soviet 50th group army north of Bryansk.

On October 13, although the three besieged Soviet group armies resisted bravely, most of them were annihilated, some retreated to the mozaysk line, and some launched guerrilla warfare behind the enemy.

So far, the first phase of the “typhoon” plan has been completed, and the first line of defense in Moscow has been washed through a terrible gap by the German steel torrent.

From October 13, fierce fighting began in almost all important battle directions leading to Moscow: Kaluga, 160 kilometers southwest of Moscow, fell on October 13.

Then Kalinin, only 150 kilometers away from the capital, was seized.

Borodino, only 100 kilometers from Moscow, was also fatally hit by the German army.

Moscow is in great danger.

The smooth progress of the first stage made Hitler feel that the victory of the eastern campaign was just around the corner.

Hitler could no longer contain his excitement.

He thought that the capture of Moscow was just a discovery.

Therefore, on October 7, Hitler signed a special order of the Supreme Command: bauk was not allowed to accept Moscow’s surrender, even if he voluntarily surrendered.

The German army did not need to enter Moscow, but only needed shelling and bombing to destroy it.

In addition, Hitler felt that artillery fire alone was not enough.

He also needed to add a large number of incendiary bombs and high explosives.

Until Moscow was razed to the ground, he could relieve his deep hatred for Bolshevism.

The German fascists deliberately tried to land their bad luck on Moscow, and now it is indeed frantically attacking her! Moscow – this great city really holds the breath of the world.