On August 15, 1945, Japan will announce its unconditional surrender.

However, in Japan, the young officers who opposed surrender tried to overthrow Yuren’s decision to surrender by means of a coup, especially to kill several subordinate ministers around Yuren.

At 4 a.m. that day, more than 30 people of the so-called “national kamikaze regiment” Death Squadron led by Captain Sasaki, commander of the police force, galloped from Yokohama to Tokyo in the dark of night by truck.

The gang were murderous and threatened to kill the “rebels” of the country.

Their first goal is the prime minister Suzuki guantaro.

After the “national kamikaze regiment” arrived at the prime minister’s office, Sasaki ordered to set up two machine guns, aim at the prime minister’s office and start shooting.

After a while, Sasaki rushed into Sasaki’s house.

When they came to the duty room, the guard had already escaped.

In the corridor, they saw a guard who supported them.

The guard told Sasaki that Suzuki was not at the prime minister’s house, but at Maruyama’s home.

Sasaki gratefully held each other’s hand and said that Japan would not surrender and Japan would not be betrayed.

Then Sasaki asked someone to bring gasoline.

He shouted, “burn, burn, burn the prime minister’s house!” Several soldiers poured gasoline on the carpet.

Sasaki took out his lighter, lit his handkerchief with gasoline and threw it into the carpet.

The fire roared and burned, and the prime minister’s office was swallowed up by the fire in an instant.

At this time, the group of “national kamikaze” death squads jumped into the truck and rushed to the private house of Maruyama Suzuki.

A rapid ringing of the telephone woke up Suzuki Zhao, who was sleeping soundly.

He was the son of prime minister Suzuki.

Suzuki Zhao grabbed the phone and asked angrily, “who? Call in the middle of the night?” From the microphone came the voice of Yamaguchi, the security officer of the prime minister’s house: “the situation is urgent.

A group of rebels attacked the prime minister’s house, used machine guns, grenades and set fire to the prime minister’s house.

Now they are driving to the prime minister’s private house in a truck.

Tell the prime minister to leave the private house quickly.

It’s dangerous! They’re coming, leave quickly!” Suzuki Zhao was surprised and couldn’t care much.

He rushed into his father’s room and pulled up his parents.

Before he could even put on his clothes, he hurried downstairs and called the driver to run to the car parked in the alley.

But the more chaos, the more mistakes, the car couldn’t start, and the driver was so anxious that he was sweating.

Suzuki knew that the rebel truck would arrive here soon.

He jumped out of the car and called several guards on duty to help push the cart.

With the help of more than 10 guards, the car finally started.

Suzuki’s car just drove on the highway.

A large truck came up.

The soldiers on the truck held their guns and waved wildly.

Suzuki nervously asked his family to turn their faces to avoid being recognized.

Sasaki’s “national kamikaze regiment” death squads passed Suzuki’s car.

Suzuki escaped.

Although the land minister Anan has repeatedly warned the young officers in the army province to exercise restraint and not violate the holy rebellion, how can the crazy officers listen to the weak advice? A group of young officers colluded.

They wanted to use force to remove the main surrender faction in the cabinet and force the emperor to accept their request to continue the war.

If you want to enter the palace and achieve such a goal, you must first obtain the support of general Takeshi guanmori, head of the close guard division, because he is responsible for the guard task of the palace area.

If we don’t get Mori’s support, we have to confront him.

In that case, the action will fail.

At more than 1 a.m. on the 15th, zhongzuo inouda, who participated in the rebellion, came to general Mori’s residence to persuade the general to support their action.

General Mori Takeo did not promise him that he had vowed to obey the emperor’s judgment, so he could not disobey it.

At this time, minefield was called to another office by the chief of staff of the guard division.

At this time, the rebel officers, Captain yutaro Uehara and Major Lieutenant Kenji, came here and had a dispute without saying a few words with general Takeo mori.

General Mori Takeo and his brother-in-law Bai shizhongzuo present were shot and killed.

As it was, the coup of the rebel officers had to be brought forward.

Major Zhongjian immediately began to issue the 584th strategic order of the Royal Guard division.

After affixing the seal of the division head, he quickly issued the order.

By this time, the palace had been surrounded and occupied by rebels.

At this time, the rebel officers had lost their senses.

They rushed into the palace and searched everywhere for the recording of Emperor Hirohito’s surrender edict.

However, they didn’t succeed.

Looking for a recording in such a big palace was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

At 5:10 a.m., senior general tanaka of the eastern Japanese Army decided to personally go to the guard division to quell the rebellion.

He led his aides and others to the headquarters of the guard division.

He had learned that the troops occupying the imperial palace were the second wing of the guard division, so he first came to the first wing of the guard division.

At this time, all the officers and soldiers of the first regiment were fully armed and ready to drive to the palace.

When they saw the car of senior general Tanaka coming, the commander of the regiment, Dazuo Watanabe, hurried over and stood at attention and saluted.

Tanaka asked, “who gave the battle order to the first regiment?” Watanabe replied, “it’s major shihara.

” “Where is he now?” “It’s in the next room.

” “Pass him in!” Ishihara’s face was pale and his lips were closed.

He came to Tanaka.

“How dare you!” Tanaka roared, “as an officer of the Imperial Army, you dare to disobey the holy order!” Then he ordered, “catch him and hand him over to the military court!” Ishihara stood upright.

He understood that the coup had failed.

He was the first rebel officer arrested.

After arresting Ishihara, Tanaka immediately called the captain of the second regiment who had occupied the palace and ordered him to meet him immediately.

Tanaka’s car drove straight in front of the closed black gate.

At this time, the gate had been opened.

When Tanaka came, Bahe had been waiting here.

Bahe saw Tanaka’s car coming and hurriedly ran over to salute Tanaka.

Tanaka solemnly ordered Bahe: “the 584 order is false.

General Mori is dead.

From now on, I personally command the Royal Guard division.

Now, I order you to lead your troops to evacuate the palace immediately.

” “Yes.

” Ba he immediately brought out the soldiers who were still searching for the recording.

The time is approaching noon, and the emperor’s edict will be broadcast.

At this time, on the lawn outside the palace, Major Lieutenant General Ishihara pointed his pistol at his temple and pulled the trigger.

Not far from him, Zhongjian shaozuo raised his sword high and stabbed it into his stomach.