the Japanese army in the battle of Nomenkan. The Japanese army suffered heavy casualties because they wore steel helmets with unreasonable design.

helmets, called “iron hat” in Japanese, are commonly equipped with protective equipment by the Japanese invaders. We watched the movie today. If the Japanese soldiers were not wearing fart curtain battle hats or helmets, they almost became the standard image.

and the steel helmets of the Japanese army, although powerful, have brought them trouble more than once.

wearing steel helmets will not only freeze the head, but also become a target.

Japanese military logistics research expert Aoki Xiaozhi specially wrote a book called “army iron hat language” by studying the steel helmets of the Japanese army.

helmets are just helmets to protect the head. What is there to study? Writing a book for this fully shows that the Japanese attach importance to details. Take a closer look at Aoki’s story of the army iron hat. There are many valuable descriptions for the study of the history of the war of resistance against Japan, which are worth reading.

when was the first war in which the Japanese army used steel helmets?

Aoki told us that it was the September 18th Incident. The Japanese army was equipped with steel helmets according to the report of military attache who came to Europe to watch the war in World War I. since then, they have been equipped but have not been used. During the September 18th Incident, because of the Northeast Army’s non resistance policy, the Japanese helmets were basically useless. The real use is the battle between Heilongjiang and General Ma Zhanshan.




in the face of the tenacious resistance of the Mazhan mountain, the Japanese army continued to increase troops, and the two sides launched a series of fierce battles in Jiangqiao, Qiqihar and other places. In this battle, the Japanese army tested a large number of new equipment. Not only the use of helmets was tested, but also armored trains, tanks and other weapons were used. This is also the first time that the Japanese army used tanks in actual combat.

soon, the Japanese army found that there were considerable problems with the standard helmet. That is, the lining of the helmet is too thin. In the cold weather in Heilongjiang, if the Japanese soldiers do not deal with it after sweating, their heads will soon freeze with the helmet, which is dangerous and funny. Inadvertently and forcibly remove the flesh. In order to solve this problem, the Japanese soldiers spontaneously tried to put gauze or cotton cloth on the helmet. Although it didn’t look good, it solved the problem of frostbite, which was also the first big problem caused to the Japanese army after equipping the helmet.

in 1939, during the battle with the Soviet army in Nomenkan, the Japanese army found that a large number of Japanese soldiers, although wearing helmets, were still shot to death in the head during the battle. On the contrary, they did not wear helmets, which was not so high.

this is strange. Did the Soviets use magnetic bullets to fight steel helmets?

inexplicably, the Japanese army sent experts to the front line for investigation, which revealed the truth.

as we all know, helmets protect the head, but it’s not that bullets can’t penetrate. If bullets can’t penetrate helmets, people’s necks can’t stand it. It is mainly defensive shrapnel. For bullets, if the other party’s bullet does not hit the center of the helmet, most of them will slip away because the helmet is an arc. This is the protective effect of steel helmets.

however, in the battle of Nomenkan, most of the Japanese soldiers who were shot in the head were hit by a shot from the Soviet army in the middle of the helmet. The helmet was pierced, and the head inside the helmet was of course in a mess.

then how could the Soviet army fight so accurately? After the study of the Japanese army, it suddenly dawned on us. It turned out that the helmet used by the Japanese army at that time had a big red star in the middle of the front, which was the symbol of the Japanese army. Red was the most striking of all lights, so the Soviet army could find the Japanese soldiers far away and shoot at the red stars. The rifles used by the Soviet army were bulky and had large recoil force, but they also had the advantages of stable trajectory and high penetration.

after the war in Nomenkan, the Japanese soldiers who suffered heavy losses were forced to reduce the red star in front of the helmet.

in the battle of Lushan, the Japanese “military God” wore steel helmets and played cool

about steel helmets, it’s strange. It’s probably the death of Japanese “military God” rice V country five Lang.

fanv Wulang, major general of the Japanese Army (tejin), leader of the 101st wing of the 101st division. For some time during the war, major cinemas in Tokyo, Japan continuously showed the field video of “captain of junshenfan V company”. The old devil looks ferocious, with a broken beard and a broken helmet. He swipes and kills with a war knife. He is very photogenic.




it is said that there are not many opportunities to be a team leader with thousands of people. If you have nothing to do, buckle your helmets and play cool in the front line. Unfortunately, fan V’s life is strange. He doesn’t have to worry about it. Someone urged him to be cool.




come from xiaoxingnan, a famous Japanese war reporter.

it was in the early stage of the battle in Wuhan. On September 3, 1937, a small party went to the front line of Lushan to interview fan v.




the Chinese Army on the front line of Lushan Mountain resisted bravely and skillfully used the terrain to deal with the Japanese army tenaciously. Although the Japanese army is well equipped, Lushan Mountain is the kind of glacier mountain building that they particularly prefer, with magnificent shape and steep roads. The Chinese army moved mortars to the top of the mountain. The Japanese army described the mortars of the Chinese army as “like raindrops falling from the sky”. The result of this battle can be imagined. The Chinese Army facing fan V is the 160th division of the army, which is the only one of the Guangdong Guangdong army that also wears steel helmets. From this feature, we can also understand that it is definitely a elite army. The two sides fought hard in dongguling. Fanv launched 15 attacks in a row, but still failed to win the defense line of the Chinese army and lost soldiers.

therefore, fan V complained a lot during the interview. Normally, the standard deviation from the God of the army is not 1.30. However, the image of fan V is very attractive. Because of the hard work, fan V is very dark, his eyes are full of blood, and his beard has been gone for many days