from Germany’s invasion of Poland to Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, from the d-japan and “protruding war” to the war of Iwu Kima to Bataan Island, these battles, large and small, have become the subject of many books on World War II. However, in the history of World War II, there are many amazing, puzzling and fascinating events, but these stories are rarely described. Now, William brewer, a renowned historian, has compiled all the stories into a book for readers. There are strange coincidences, accurate premonitions, unexpected emergencies and so on. All these events are involved in the process of strategy and tactics and high-level decision-making in the war. They are all fascinating highlights in the war.

suspicious advertisements

on December 7, 1941, after Japan secretly attacked Pearl Harbor and dragged the United States into the world war, the United States became extremely sensitive to Nazis and Japanese spies. Many people believe that spies and saboteurs are hiding around them, and they have drilled into the core of the country like bugs in apples.

in Gaston, Texas, a militia saw the flashing lights in a house. Thinking that someone was passing information to an enemy invisible at sea, he fired into the house and almost killed an old lady who changed a light bulb; In Missouri, farmers waited at every intersection with shotguns and shotguns. They stopped every passing car and got on the bus for inventory; The governor of North Carolina ordered the police car to be painted black (he believed that the black police car was not easy to be found by the enemy at night and was not easy to be the target of attack). He even ordered the police to arrest any suspicious person without authorization. He explained: “if not, the police can’t do anything even if they see the saboteurs blowing up the bridge.”

the governor of Oregon declared a state of emergency. When someone asked him what kind of emergency it was, he said he didn’t know; In derison, Texas, the mayor and the city council met to discuss buying a heavy machine gun to deal with enemy spies. Just then, an overly excited man broke into the conference hall and lied that New York had been bombed. His behavior led the mayor to decide immediately that he should buy two machine guns instead of one.

local governments everywhere organize militias to prevent possible sabotage and subversive activities. Many of them don’t even know which end of the rifle the bullet will come from, but they are guarding what they think are military facilities, such as bridges, roads, railways, bridges, reservoirs, docks, tunnels, dams and other public facilities. Few of them have received military training. A woman driving across a bridge in San Francisco Bay was shot and injured because she didn’t hear the warning of the militia; In the Lake Michigan area, overly nervous guards shot and killed a duck catcher and wounded his companions because they mistook the two men for subversives.

FBI agents conducted systematic investigations across the country, identified thousands of people they thought were subversives and blacklisted them (as of July 1942, the FBI had detained 9405 people). In addition to the daily heavy work, FBI agents have to deal with thousands of reports from all over the country about enemy spies and subversives.

during this period, an advertisement published in the new Yorker magazine attracted the attention of the FBI because of the special words used. The ad, published 16 days before Pearl Harbor, was for a new dice game called “death twin”. Hundreds of nervous and even hysterical citizens reported the matter to FBI officials.

in fact, it includes two advertisements. The smaller one is published in the magazine on November 22, 1941, which is called suspense advertisement in the industry. It includes the following words: “Hi! Pay attention! Be careful!” Under this heading, there are two dice, one is white and the other is black. The reader can see three sides of each dice. The three numbers on the white dice are 12, 24 and XX (double stars); On the black dice are 0, 5 and 7. Write a sentence on the dice: please look at the advertisement on page 86.

on page 86, the same title is printed in large size: “Hi! Attention! Be careful!” Under the advertisement, there are still those big words: “death double stars”. Under these words, there is a pattern of an eagle.

after the Pearl Harbor incident, there was more and more speculation about this advertisement. Many people believe that German or Japanese spies published the advertisement in the new Yorker magazine to inform other spies lurking in the United States that war is about to break out. The numbers 12 and 7 on the dice of




can be understood as month (December) and date (7th), on which the war broke out; The numbers 5 and 0 can be regarded as the time of attack; XX (the Roman numeral indicates 20) can be considered as the latitude of the attack target. No one knows the meaning of the number 24, but it may be the code of the enemy spy who posted the advertisement. There is a picture on the top of the 86 page advertisement, which is interpreted by many as three planes (bombers) sweeping across the vast sea and rushing towards the target – possibly Pearl Harbor, and the picture of the bomb exploding on the water increases the credibility of this explanation. Bright searchlights cut through the night sky, and bullets left dazzling lights in the air (suggesting that Japan originally planned to launch an attack at night, which may have changed after the advertisement was published).

many people believe that the “death twin” refers to Nazi Germany and Japan, and the double headed eagle looks like the symbol of the third empire.

FBI agents found through investigation that the advertisement was published by a company called emperor trading company (a fake company). A white man paid for advertising in the office of the new Yorker in cash, but heNo name, no address. What’s more strange is that the man considered by the FBI to be a suspect died suddenly a few weeks later.

is this advertisement in the new Yorker magazine used by crafty German or Japanese spies to inform their allies that Japan is going to sneak into Pearl Harbor? After the Pearl Harbor incident, the FBI has been busy investigating other related events, and they can’t give a satisfactory explanation for this advertising incident.