Troy is an ancient city in northwest Asia Minor.

At the end of the 12th century BC, the ancient Greeks once expedited here to fight the Trojans for 10 years.

The story of the Trojan horse took place in this war.

The Greeks believed that all the major events in the world were arranged by God.

They also painted the Trojan War with a strong mythological color, saying that the war was caused by God, and God also participated in it.

According to legend, pelus, the king of ancient Greece’s photia, married Thetis, the daughter of the goddess in the sea, and many gods on Olympus were invited.

The party was very lively.

Suddenly, a goddess stormed in and threw a golden apple on the table with a line engraved on it: “to the most beautiful goddess”.

The apple is thrown by the “quarrel goddess”.

King Peleus did not dare to invite her, but she came.

Moreover, it immediately caused an endless quarrel.

All the goddesses want to win the golden apple and think they are the most beautiful.

So Zeus ordered the goddesses to go to Troy and invite a shepherd boy named Paris to judge.

In order to get the golden apple, each goddess promised Paris the greatest benefit: Hera promised to make him a king.

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, promised him to become the smartest man.

Aphrodite, the God of love and beauty, vowed to give him the most beautiful girl in Greece as his wife.

Paris is not an ordinary shepherd, but the son of Priam, the Lord of Troy.

He didn’t want wisdom or to be a king.

He only wanted the most beautiful girl to be his wife, so he gave Aphrodite the golden apple.

The most beautiful woman in Greece is Helen.

She is the queen of Menelaus, the king of Sparta in ancient Greece.

Nevertheless, Aphrodite helped Paris abduct Helen.

The king of Sparta was so angry that he vowed to cross the sea to attack Troy and recapture Helen.

He agreed with his brother Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, to mobilize 100000 troops and more than 1000 warships to attack Troy, and Agamemnon served as the commander of the Greek coalition army.

But Troy is a very strong city.

The Greeks besieged it for nine years and didn’t fight it down.

In the 10th year, the Greek general Odysseus came up with a clever plan.

One day, the Greek allied forces suddenly set sail and left the sea near Troy, leaving only a huge Trojan horse on the beach.

The Trojans thought that the Greeks had no intention of fighting and withdrew their troops home, so they ran outside the city to watch the excitement.

They gathered around the big Trojan horse in surprise and couldn’t figure out what it was for.

Some people advocate taking it into the city as booty, while others suggest burning it or pushing it into the sea.

While talking about it, several shepherds sent a captured Greek.

He said to the Trojans, “this trojan horse was dedicated by the Greeks to Athena.

They deliberately left it, and it is estimated that you will destroy it.

In this way, it will arouse the anger of the gods.

But if you pull the Trojan horse into the city, Troy will be protected by the gods.

In order to prevent this, the Greeks built the horse very huge, so that you can’t pull it into the city.

” These words moved the king of Troy.

He ordered the prisoner to be released and ordered the Trojan horse to be taken into the city.

“Wait! Are you crazy? Why do you believe this liar?” Raokon, the priest, ran down from the mountain and shouted, “go and dry the branches and burn the Trojan horse, burn it!” Laocoon ran to the Trojan horse, raised his spear and threw it at the Trojan horse.

He only heard a terrible sound from the Trojan horse.

At this time, the frightened people suddenly saw two giant snakes darting out of the sea and pouncing on raokon’s two sons.

The father rushed to rescue them, but the two snakes entangled the father and son.

Laocoon and his son fought desperately with the giant snake, but they were soon strangled to death.

The giant snake calmly drilled into the foot of the statue of Athena and disappeared.

Everyone was far away and scared to death, but the Greek prisoner was sneering at himself.

It turned out that he was a spy left by the Greeks.

At this time, he took the opportunity to incite and said, “whoever wants to destroy the gift to the goddess will be punished.

” Someone echoed, “no, God punished laocon who insulted God.

” So people no longer hesitated.

They quickly put wheels under the Trojan horse and pulled the horse to the city.

The Trojan horse was too big to enter the city gate, so we had to push down a section of the city wall.

The Trojans respectfully placed the Trojan horse near the temple of Athena.

The city of Troy was liberated and the treasures offered to God were obtained.

People all over the city thought it would be safe from now on.

They celebrated the victory with joy, singing and dancing, drank barrels of wine, and then staggered home to rest, leaving only a few people to guard the gap in the demolished wall.

Night came, and lights flashed in the night fog of the vast sea.

This is a Greek warship.

They left in a hurry, just a deceptive trick, and now they are driving back to Troy.

Seeing the light, the released spy sneaked to the Trojan horse and tapped it three times.

This is the agreed code.

The heavily armed soldiers hiding in the Trojan horse jumped out one by one.

Although hidden in the belly of the Trojan horse for most of the day, the joy of success conquered hunger and thirst.

They quietly touched the gate, wiped out the garrison in their sleep and quickly opened the gate.

The Greeks who landed from the warships rushed in like a flood, and the city of Troy, which had not been captured for 10 years, was easily occupied.

The whole city was plundered and burned to ashes.

Helen was also brought back to Greece by her husband.

Later, an oral sentence became popular in some countries.

“Beware of gifts from the Greeks.

” This means that we should be vigilant to prevent the enemy from dressing up and sneaking into their barracks.

This paragraph enlightens us that in life, the front enemy is not terrible, but the disguised enemy and the hidden enemy.

In order to protect ourselves from harm, we must always be vigilant.

In the face of unexpected harvest, we should carefully judge and think about whether it is a trap or not, which may not bring potential harm to ourselves.