the Sphinx standing in front of people is indeed extraordinary. It is 22 meters high, 75 meters long, 5 meters wide, 2 meters long nose and 2 meters long ears. It wears the “nemes” crown, engraved with the relief of “Kubera” holy snake on its forehead, and has a long drooping chin. The lion’s body and human face are carved on the same boulder.

in ancient mythology, the Sphinx is a monster born of giants and demon snakes: human head, lion body and bird wings, which are called “Sphinx”. So why did Egyptian pharaoh Khufu carve a huge Sphinx, the Sphinx, in front of his mausoleum?

according to legend, when the pyramid was built, this was a quarry. The quarrymen mined the top hard stones in the site to build the pyramid, but the middle piece of rock contained impurities such as shells and had a loose structure, so it was discarded. After the completion of the pyramid, a hill was left on the quarry. The king came to the construction site to inspect his future mausoleum. Seeing that the mountain stood in front of the tower, it was quite unsightly, and Longyan was immediately unhappy. The talented designer drew inspiration from ancient myths and the shape of mountains. Ingeniously carve the hill into the head of hafra and the body of the lion, integrating the symbol of human wisdom and the bravery of the lion. So the Sphinx, the Sphinx, came into being.

no matter what the legend is, he always leaves an immortal modeling art for future generations. It is the oldest and largest Sphinx in the world.

of course, there are many legends about the Sphinx of havra.

there is a stone tablet between the two feet of the Sphinx of hafra, on which a story is engraved. In the Eighteenth Dynasty, 3500 years ago, it was all buried in sand, and people could not see the statues. 100 years later, a prince was hunting in this area. When he rested, he just sat next to the Sphinx. Of course, he couldn’t see the Sphinx at that time. When he was sleeping, he dreamed that the Sphinx said to him, “if you help me remove the sand from me, I will help you be the Pharaoh of Egypt.” As soon as the prince woke up, he quickly sent someone to clean up the sand buried on the Sphinx. The Prince later became Pharaoh, Thutmosis IV.

later ancient Egyptians believed that the Sphinx was the guardian God of Egyptians.

however, people will ask, the passage of thousands of years has greatly changed the appearance of Sphinx, and the holy snake and drooping long beard on the forehead have disappeared, which is understandable, but why is even the nose in the center of the face missing?

therefore, there are all kinds of emotional legends about the change of appearance – one of the sayings of

: the large-scale construction of pyramids made the broad masses of people angry and launched an uprising one after another. Sphinx became an outlet for people, and its beard and nose were knocked off by workers at that time.

statement 2: five hundred years ago, the Sphinx was once used as a “target” by the Mamluk soldiers of the king of Egypt (near guards of Egypt in the Middle Ages). Maybe it had been “injured” and had a “color” on its nose at that time.

statement 3: the ancient Egyptians were forced to bow their heads to the Sphinx under the threat of the Pharaoh. Some brave people who opposed idolatry destroyed its face with pickaxes. There is also a saying about the nose of the Sphinx: when Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, he was arrogant. Many people bowed down in front of him and came to the Giza pyramids. Only the Sphinx looked east and didn’t bow his head to be a minister. Napoleon was so angry that he ordered the bombardment of the Sphinx. As a result, Napoleon’s soldiers took the Sphinx as a training target, and the nose of the Sphinx was blown down in the test firing.

there is another record that after Napoleon took over Egypt, in order to find the hole of the treasure under the Sphinx, Napoleon ordered the soldiers to dig everywhere, but the soldiers still couldn’t find the hole to enter the treasure house after digging for many days, so Napoleon, who was ashamed and angry, ordered his soldiers to blast the statue of the Sphinx with cannons, So I blew off the nose of the Sphinx.




, regardless of the purpose, in short, Napoleon was angry and shot down in anger.

in fact, these two statements are not true. Although Napoleon is an intruder, from the diary and memoirs left by Napoleon, Napoleon is not just a military man, but will act recklessly. He was interested in history since childhood. He is a person who has great respect for science and culture. In his army, there is a popular saying “let scholars walk in the middle of the team”. And he himself is a very knowledgeable person. When he was young, he was a talented student in mathematics, history and other natural sciences. His research on Egyptian culture is no less than that of famous scholars at that time. When he led his troops to Egypt in 1798, he brought a scientific and artistic investigation team of nearly 200 people. The investigation team was composed of scholars in history, mathematics, architecture, language and archaeology to study the history and culture of Egypt. How can a person with such respect for culture do such blasphemy?

later, after a detailed investigation, scientists gave their own conclusions.

in fact, the first culprit for the serious damage to the Sphinx is nature. Khufu pyramid is located in the west of Egypt. A strong storm carries a large number of sand and stones and constantly hits the pyramid. The sand and stones hit the pyramid with great force and high frequency, so that the sphinx has been completely swallowed by the desert for many times. When Napoleon came here in the 18th century, the sand had flooded the neck of the Sphinx. It was not until the end of the 19th century that Egypt vigorously rectified these quicksand. It took 70 years to clean up the sand around the Sphinx. The nose of the statueIt has been destroyed.

in addition, Khufu pyramid is located in the desert, and the temperature difference between day and night is very large. The nose of the Sphinx will also be damaged by the expansion of heat and contraction of cold, and the rupture of the stone. Another reason for

can not be ignored, that is, the stone of the Sphinx itself is very soft limestone, which can not be as strong as the pyramid. It’s strange that the sun and rain for many years, coupled with the strong sandstorm attack in Western Egypt, have not been damaged.

ancient Egyptians believed that the Sphinx was the guardian God of Egyptians. However, the passage of thousands of years has greatly changed the appearance of Sphinx, and the holy snake and drooping long beard on his forehead have disappeared. It can be understood that why even the nose in the middle of his face has disappeared? To travel to Egypt, if you don’t see the pyramids, you will feel like going back to Baoshan empty handed. Some people may not know about the pyramid of havra, but almost everyone knows about the Sphinx, the Sphinx.