In a comfortable and elegant hotel, many diplomatic envoys and dignitaries are often gathered.

Czechoslovakia’s minister in Berlin, the capital of Germany, Javier mastner also frequented here.

On the surface, he is a diplomat, but behind his back, he is an agent.

For more than a year, it has been secretly engaged in the criminal activities of invading Czechoslovakia.

Especially in the sudetek region, the sudetek German Party colluded with the Nazi party inside and outside, echoed each other from a distance, sang one song, threatened the Czech government and demanded autonomy.

At this time, the Czech government is eager to understand the current situation and development trend of Soviet German relations.

If the Soviet Union is on the side of Germany, it means that Czechoslovakia will not get the support of the Soviet Union in the conflict with Germany.

Therefore, the Czech government ordered mastner: “at all costs, find out the trend of Germany and the Soviet Union!” He drank wine alone.

“Don’t worry, dear sir, forget all your troubles!” A young lady named beryl came to him and pretended to be very concerned.

“What are you thinking? Mastner.

” Beryl asked coyly again, “maybe we’re the last time.

” “What happened?” Masters inside the face of women’s words, puzzled asked.

“I’m really worried.

” she whispered.

“Everyone expects sue to be reconciled.

Don’t have any accidents.

” beryl looked mysterious and stopped talking.

“We seem to be alone for a while.

” Masterner was anxious to unveil the mystery of the woman.

“You finally agreed.

” Beryl slowly got up and raised her glass, with an imperceptible joy on her face.

“The Germans are in contact with an anti group in the Soviet Red Army, and Berlin wants internal strife in the Soviet government.

” Beryl hinted at master in an ambiguous way.

Mastner was shocked by the incident, but he tried to hide his panic.

“Honey, this is top secret information.

I hope you keep your mouth shut!” Beryl said with a serious manner and put her arms around master’s stiff neck.

Masterner may not be able to imagine that the woman who lost his soul was actually acting under orders.

Although beryl is only 24 years old, she is already a member of the Gestapo and a secretary of the German Foreign Ministry.

Heydrich has instructed her to inadvertently disclose Tukhachevsky’s top secret information to master.

The next day, czechoslovak president Benes learned the news.

He hurriedly summoned Alexander drovsky, the Soviet ambassador to Prague, and eagerly informed the contents of the mastner report.

Three days later, the French government held a diplomatic reception in Paris.

During the dinner, French Prime Minister dalaidi informed the Soviet ambassador portkin of the information received by France: “Mr.

ambassador, France is very worried that Moscow may change its political policy.

According to reliable information, the Nazi armed forces are reaching an agreement with some Soviet Red army generals to overthrow Stalin!” “This is a lie, Mr.


Don’t be gullible!” Porter King remained silent.

However, there was a palpitation in his heart.

Ten minutes later, porterkin returned to the embassy and reported to Moscow by urgent telegram.

It turned out that these were smoke screens deliberately released by Heidrich in order to increase the credibility of intelligence.

The ugly plan is being implemented smoothly, and Moscow is moving towards a trap step by step.

Berenz came to Prague under a pseudonym and contacted Czech President Benes through German immigrant Bermy.

When he proposed to sell the “special volume” of Tukhachevsky’s rebellion, Benes believed it and immediately telegraphed Stalin.

Soon, Benes’s liaison officer made direct contact with Heidrich’s representative, and Moscow’s plenipotentiary yerov also flew to Berlin.

In order to make the plot more realistic, Hitler asked the Soviet Union for 3 million rubles.

However, the Soviet Union paid not only a huge amount of rubles, but a more sensational and heavy price.

In May 1937, Tukhachevsky was dismissed from the post of deputy national defense people’s Committee and appointed commander of Volga military region.

This extremely abnormal relegation has not only aroused all kinds of speculation from the outside world, but also Tukhachevsky himself has a premonition of an ominous omen.

People can’t imagine how the Red Army marshal who accompanied Stalin in his military uniform on May day lost Stalin’s trust so soon.

A few days later, Tukhachevsky and his wife Nina evgenyevna came to Moscow Kazan railway station to bid farewell to his comrades in arms.

“Marshal, please take care!” “Everything will pass.

” The comrades in arms and subordinates who came to see him off sincerely held his hand, as if injecting the strength to overcome everything into the respected marshal.

“Thank you.

” Tukhachevsky tried his best to keep calm, but his spirit was destroyed and his eyes were eclipsed.

Between hands and feet, a morbid state of exhaustion due to aging.

Tukhachevsky took his wife’s arm and hobbled up the platform.

On June 4, the Volga coastal military region held a political work conference.

Tukhachevsky sat on the rostrum, his brow frowning, his face pale and tired.

At this time, he was making a report on the tasks and current work of military training, which was the last report in his life.

With a burst of thunderous applause, Tukhachevsky got up slowly and bowed deeply to the audience.

As soon as the meeting was over, marshal Tukhachevsky was immediately arrested.

At almost the same time, the expanded meeting of the Soviet Revolutionary Military Commission was held in Moscow.

Stalin publicly exposed the “counter revolutionary military fascist organization” in the Red Army and called for the complete smashing of the “counter revolutionary conspiracy” among soldiers.

That month, Pravda published the news that eight military generals including Tukhachevsky were arrested and handed over to the Military Commission for trial.

Everything went on suddenly and quickly.

The next day, Tukhachevsky and Yakir, commander of the Kiev military region, ubolevic, commander of the Belarus military region, parimankov, deputy commander of the Volga military region, Kolk, President of the Red Army Military Academy, feridman, Minister of cadres of the Red Army, as well as two commanders of the army, edeman and putner, were all executed for committing “espionage and treason”.

Gomarniko, a comrade in arms of Tukhachevsky and deputy national defense people’s Committee, shot himself when the personnel of the Ministry of internal affairs went to arrest him.