The founder of the

Nazi “bridal school” was Gertrude sholtz Klinker, who was then the leader of the “National Socialist women’s Union” in fascist Germany. This ambitious woman, seeing that male Nazi Party members have made “great contributions” to the “head of state”, ponders all day how women should contribute to the “head of state” under the “great situation”, so as to obtain a “sense of existence”.

“the perfect bride” publicity materials

in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, a large number of young women entered the “bride school” specially designed by the authorities, where they were trained as believers and even accomplices to “add bricks and tiles” to the ambitions of the Nazis regime.

in the field, a group of young women are carrying baskets full of flowers, and their smiles are blooming like flowers… Seeing such a black-and-white photo, most people will be infected by the leisure artistic conception it conveys. Who would have thought that these women were students of a “bridal school”, many of whom were only teenagers, but had to receive all kinds of rigorous training such as washing clothes, cooking and taking care of children in less than two months, and finally became the “perfect bride” of Nazi Germany.

the “bridal school” of the third empire was once considered to be just a ridiculous legend. However, with a “instruction manual” appearing in the pile of old papers, this seemingly absurd but disturbing past has finally taken off its veil.

let women contribute to the third empire. The initiator of the

Nazi “bride school” was Gertrude Scholz Klinker, who was the leader of the “National Socialist women’s Union” in fascist Germany at that time. This ambitious woman saw that male Nazi Party members made “great contributions” to Hitler and wondered all day how women should contribute to the “head of state” under the “great situation”, so as to obtain a “sense of existence”.

in 1935, in a speech to Nazi Party members, sholtz Klinker shouted: “you need us, you rely on us! Women should become spiritual nurses of the German people. This is our special mission destined.”

when she said this, a plan was brewing in her mind: organize young women for centralized training, so that they can become talents who “can make better contributions to the Empire”. Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS




, is close to sholtz Klinker. The former, who believed in the “theory of racial superiority”, instigated and launched the “plan to purify Aryan race” in 1935 – to let more “purebred Aryan children” be born, so as to make Germany “a strong and pure country”. Naturally, in the view of Nazi leaders including Hitler and Himmler, the most basic responsibility of German women is to raise “pure Aryan children” for the Empire.

ironically, despite his high position, sholtz Klinker opposed women in politics and publicly declared that “those Communist and social democratic women shouting in the streets and in Parliament are really not what real women should do.”

“what real women should do is mainly to” raise offspring for the Empire “. Therefore, setting up a site to “produce” as many “perfect brides” as possible who are fully competent for family life has been put on the agenda of the Nazi party.

in 1936, Himmler and Scholz Klinker jointly issued a notice: all women who fall in love with or are engaged to members of the SS, as well as other unmarried female Nazi public officials, must participate in the “perfect bride” training.

although he regarded himself as an ascetic, Hitler himself agreed with this action of his opponent. At the meeting of the Nazi party held in Nuremberg in 1936, he specifically mentioned this matter: “women are just a small world, but without this small world, what will our big world look like? How can we survive?”




have been affirmed by the “head of state”, and sholtz Klinker has more energy.

racial concept became the core of training

in 1937, a spacious villa rose on Swan Island in Lake wannis, Berlin. Near the villa is the mansion of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and Hitler’s “Royal architect” Albert Speer.

the first “bride school” established by the Nazis was located in the villa. German media reported at that time that this special building was used to “shape the office girl into a qualified housewife”. According to the relevant information recently found in the federal archives in Koblenz, Germany: “in the two months before marriage, girls are divided into groups of about 20 people. They have to complete all courses to be physically and mentally ready to become a ‘perfect bride’…

standard” perfect bride “training lasts for 6 weeks, The tuition fee is 135 marks (about $625 today). Cooking, ironing, gardening, conservation, interior decoration, animal husbandry… It can be said that as long as the skills required for daily life will not be missed. “Paramilitaries” also have to receive training in maintaining military boots and uniforms and wiping short swords (worn by SS members).

as the basic support project of the “purification Aryan race program”, sholtz Klinker has strict requirements on the identity of women participating in the “perfect bride” training. Their personal files must be subject to repeated review, “dating back to three generations”. As long as they are found to have a little Jewish or Gypsy descent, they will be rejected. In addition, people with physical and mental disabilities are not accepted because they are regarded as “people useless to society” and a threat to “Aryan genetic purity”.

even if they have “noble blood”, it is still not enough to be familiar with home skills. So, such asGirls also learn skills such as how to hold cocktail parties and how to talk about tuti, which help to highlight the “Aryan racial superiority”.




however, these are not the teaching essence of “bride school” – racism and genetics are. Through the “brainwashing” in this aspect, the students will regard themselves as the “engine of ethnic continuity”. Everything they bear is for the strength of the Empire.

in fact, at the beginning of admission, the students were required to swear eternal allegiance to Hitler and senior officials of the Nazi party “until death”; And promised to raise the next generation “in accordance with the concept of the National Socialist German workers’ Party (i.e. the Nazi party)”. After the training of




expires, the “bride school” will assess and issue the qualified person with the certificate of “tree of life” in Germanic legend. At the time of marriage, all guests must be Nazis or loyal to the Nazis. Instead of going to church, the new couple took an oath of allegiance to the “head of state”. As for those who fail to pass the examination, only “return to the furnace” for repair, otherwise they will never be able to enter the palace of marriage.

double seduction of spirit and material

in order to build momentum for the “perfect bride” plan, the Nazi biweekly magazine for women, “N.S. – Frauen warte”, has repeatedly published pictures of female students in the “bridal school”: in one picture, a group of students are walking in the field, wearing skirts of moderate length, In another photo, the students gathered around the sewing machine to learn how to mend their pants. In addition, there are photos of them raising livestock, cutting vegetables and Playing Accordion. Young women who are not deeply involved in the world are easily captured by the “beautiful atmosphere” emitted by these publicity photos. In May 1942, the magazine wrote in the tone of a prospective student: “my fiance wrote that as the girlfriend of a SS member, I should attend the ‘bride school’ so as to establish friendship with more peers.” In addition to the “money” and “spkds” of the Nazi offensive, the “spekds” also promoted the spirit of the “spekds”. In the act on encouraging marriage, the authorities stipulated that graduates of the “bride school” could receive a 1000 mark loan provided by the state, and then pay back 14% of the loan for each child born thereafter. In other words, if there are enough four children, even if the money is fully subsidized by the state, the mother will be awarded the bronze “Germanic mother” Cross Medal by the government; Those who have six or seven children will be awarded the Silver Cross (sholtz Klinker himself has six children); Those who give birth to eight or more are gold medals.

the outbreak of World War II did not disrupt the pace of the “perfect bride” plan. By 1940, nine “bridal schools” opened in Berlin alone, with branches in Tubingen and Oldenburg. At this time, the “bride school” no longer only accepts the girlfriends or fiancees of SS members. As long as they are German women who meet the “theory of racial superiority”, they can sign up for the training.

Julia Torre, head of the Department of history at the University of St. Thomas in Canada, has made an in-depth study of the status of women in Germany during the Nazi rule. She believes that the “perfect bride” was not invented by the Nazis, “they just took a concept from Stuttgart in 1917”. At that time, the first World War was coming to an end, the German people were miserable, children were malnourished and infant mortality soared, but women had to work in factories all day and earn a meager salary to support their families. In order to improve the situation, a “mother’s school” aimed at training women to do housework more efficiently came into being in Germany. On the eve of World War II, the Nazi Party repackaged the idea to control women’s thoughts and make it better serve their ambitions.

are victims and perpetrators.

after the Soviet German war in 1941, more and more German men took to the battlefield, and the problem of labor shortage became prominent. Hitler, who advocated that “the basic function of women is to raise offspring for the Empire”, had to bow to reality and allow more women to enter the factory. Even so, the “bride school” was not immediately closed across the board. Although the scale has shrunk, the data collected by historians show that the school has adjusted the teaching content, such as the courses of operating machine tools and steel furnaces. The last “bridal school” was not closed until May 1944. At this time, it was only one year before the collapse of the Nazi regime.

for Himmler, one of the initiators, the collapse of the “bride school” also left him with one less pastime – from time to time, he was seen standing stealthily among the bushes on Swan Island, watching the students of the “bride school” dance.

as for Scholz Klinker, she used an alias to hide after the war. She was finally found out and spent several years in prison. She was released in 1953 and moved to a village in western Germany. This woman did not “cut” with Nazism until her death. In 1978, she also published a book “women in the Third Reich”, which whitewashed the fascist ideology and the role of women in the Nazi regime. It was not until March 1999 that sholtz Klinker died at the age of 97.

it is often said that war is the chess game of ambition. The German people tied to the war machine by Hitler, especially the weak women, are considered to be simple victims. However, if we carefully examine the historical data, we will find that this understanding is not rigorous.

there is a history professor named Wendy Lowe at Claremont McKenna college in the United States, who specializes in the history of the Nazi genocide. In his new book, Hitler’s nemesis, which just came out this summer, he recorded that during World War II, Erna Petrie, the wife of a 23-year-old SS soldier, found six nearly naked Jewish children lying on the roadside dying while shopping. Erna knew very well that the six little guys escaped from the train bound for the death concentration camp. therefore, she “calmly” took the children home, fed them, then took them to the woods and shot them one by one.

such a cruel act is not alone. Hitler’s nemesis revealed that at least thousands of German women were directly involved in genocide during World War II, and ILMA grace, nicknamed “beautiful beast”, was the most notorious. Many camp survivors described her as “involved in any shocking crime” while serving as a guard in Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen concentration camps. Because of her heinous crimes, grace was sent to the gallows when the Nazi regime perished.

this is the true face of history. As the New York Times pointed out in its report, the Nazi killing machine was undoubtedly dominated by men. But no one can deny that after being instilled with fanatical ideology, German women are no longer as kind and kind as people usually think. Their enthusiasm in this collective crime is much higher than previously thought.